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Moonstone Ring Information

GemSelect Moonstone Rings
About Moonstone Rings Back to Top

The special thing about moonstone rings is the sheen that appears to be emitted from deep within the gemstone. This mysterious and ethereal quality is known as adularescence and is what makes moonstone rings unique. Moonstone gets its name from this billowy light that is comparable to the full moon seen through a misty shroud of cloud. Moonstone rings have been worn by both men and women for hundreds of years, in styles including moonstone cameo rings, platinum moonstone and diamond rings, and steampunk-style silver moonstone rings. With moonstone, almost anything goes, even moonstone engagement rings and star moonstone rings for men. Mystical moonstone rings are not like any other gemstone ring, and their unique, otherworldly appearance captures the imagination and attracts love and lore.

Moonstone Ring History Back to Top

Moonstone ring history dates back to the ancients, when moonstone was connected with moon gods. Moonstone was featured in Art Nouveau jewelry, in naturalistic designs by René Lalique, Louis Comfort Tiffany and other famous Art Nouveau designers. Additionally, moonstone featured in some of the fabulous designs by Russian Master Jewelers, Fabergé. Yet, moonstone rings were worn before this, as was revealed by the "Cheapside Hoard" discovered in London in 1912 during demolition work in an area that was an important jewelry manufacturing center in the 1500s. The Hoard, which now belongs to the Museum of London, consisted of a collection of gems and jewelry that was thought to have been hidden around the mid-1600s, including a moonstone frog cameo ring and other moonstone cabochon rings. Thus, it can be assumed that moonstone rings have been popular for hundreds of years. During the Hippie Movement, moonstone rings became popular once again, when the aura of mystique surrounding moonstone, along with its name made it one of the ring stones of choice.

Moonstone Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Moonstone rings of the rich and famous include many worn by a large number of stars on the red carpet, including Julia Roberts, Drew Barrymore, Sophia Bush, Sasha Pieterse of "Pretty Little Liars", Sally Nugent, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and many others. Quite fittingly, star of "Twilight, New Moon", Kristen Stewart wore a moonstone ring to the movie premiere. Other celebrities have been presented with non-traditional moonstone engagement rings. These include Anna Paquin of "True Blood", who wears a gothic-style moonstone engagement ring from co-star Stephen Meyer.

Moonstone Ring Designs Back to Top
Mocha Moonstone Silver Ring with Gold Detail
Mocha Moonstone Silver Ring with Gold Detail
Click to enlarge image

Moonstone ring designs mainly include moonstone cabochon rings, since cabochons show off the adularescence of moonstone the best. However, faceted moonstone rings can also be found. Since moonstone has been worn for hundreds of years, moonstone ring designs may take almost any form, both vintage and modern. Art Nouveau moonstone rings, carved Art Deco moonstone rings and contemporary moonstone halo rings are available both online and in brick and mortar jewelry stores around the globe. A moonstone ring by James W. Currens, known as the "Empress Ring", won the AGTA Spectrum "Best of Show" award in 2010. The ring contains a 15.58-carat, pear-shaped moonstone surrounded by color change garnet, moonstone and diamond accent stones.

Moonstone Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

An important thing to mention in a moonstone ring buying guide is that there are several varieties of moonstone, some of which are more highly valued than others. In general, moonstone rings that display the most sheen are most treasured. Rainbow moonstone is not actually a "true" moonstone; rather it is labradorite that has adularescence, which caused it to be known as "moonstone", and then the name stuck. Moonstone rings with the highest transparency and a blue sheen are the most treasured, along with cat's eye and star moonstone rings. The prices of moonstone rings will also depend on the precious metal and side stones used, along with the craftsmanship that goes into the design.

How to Wear Moonstone Rings Back to Top

A guide on how to wear moonstone rings really depends on the ring design. Moonstone is one of those gemstones that can be easily dressed up or down, and worn with diamonds and sapphires or set into blackened silver for a more casual style. The various colors of moonstone make it versatile for rings, since it may be any color from white to cream, peach or mocha, making it suitable for both cool and warm-toned individuals, both male and female. Also, the various colors of moonstone, including white, cream, peach, mocha, pink, gray and blue, makes it possible to wear moonstone rings with virtually any other color. While some turn their noses up at moonstone rings, passing them off for lacking value or being too "New Age", others appreciate the beauty of moonstone jewelry. Thus there are a number of moonstone estate and heirloom rings that have achieved prices in the tens of thousands at auction, especially Art Nouveau moonstone rings and Art Deco moonstone rings. This proves that moonstone rings are perfectly suited for formal occasions as well as casual wear.

Moonstone Ring Meanings Back to Top

Moonstone ring meanings relate to Hindu lore that moonstone is a sacred stone comprised of solid moonbeams. Due to this and its name, moonstone has a long-standing association with the light of the moon. According to legend, a moonstone held in the mouth during a full moon allows the future to be revealed. Others say that moonstone rings promote hormonal balance, fertility and arouse passion; a good reason for wearing a moonstone engagement ring. Moonstone is the State Gem of Florida, not because it is found there, but because of the 1969 landing on the moon and Kennedy Space Center, so moonstone rings may be proudly worn by Florida natives. Additionally, moonstone is the June birthstone and the zodiac stone for Pisces.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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