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"The Most Colorful Mineral in the World"

Fluorite may not be very well known in the world of jewelry but it has been popular amongst collectors for decades who appreciate the brilliant colors and interesting crystal structure.

Fluorite Colors

There are a few candidates for the most colorful gemstone including garnet and tourmaline but Fluorite may have them all beat. Fluorite can be found in a range of colors from colorless white all the way to black with delightful blue, green, and yellow shades in between.

Purple is probably the most favored color in Fluorite but even the pink, brown and orange hues have their fans. There are some Fluorites that display multiple colors in a single stone and an amazing color-change version that will jump from blue to purple under different light sources.

Read more about gemstones colors here

Fluorite Species

Fluorite is a mineral form of calcium fluoride (CaF2) and has many industrial uses including being used as a flux in steel and aluminum processing and added to the water supply to help prevent tooth decay.

When Fluorite has just the right combination of clarity, color and size it can make a very interesting gemstone or collector's piece.

Fluorite has picked up a few unofficial trade names for any varieties that have particular colors or patterns such as:

  • Antozonite - Fluorite with a peculiar odor.
  • Blue John - A banded purple and white variety of fluorite from Derbyshire, England.
  • Chlorophane - Fluorite which can emit a bright green to blue-green light when heated.

What are the spiritual benefits of Fluorite?

Fluorite has earned the nickname, 'The Genius Stone' because it can boost our mental abilities.

Its other virtues include:

  • Clears Negative Energy
  • Enhances Willpower
  • Brings Self-Love
  • Improves Focus and Concentration

See our detailed article on gemstone meaning and uses

Fluorite and the Chakras

Fluorite could be the perfect gemstone for the Chakras. Each of the main seven Chakras are linked to a particular color and Fluorites can be found to match each of them – here are some of the more common:

  • Yellow Fluorite - Solar Plexus Chakra - helps liver, stomach and gallbladder problems
  • Green Fluorite - Heart Chakra - soothes feelings of jealousy and eases grudges
  • Blue Fluorite - Throat Chakra - improves communication and helps with throat and thyroid issues
  • Violet Fluorite - Third Eye Chakra - increases decisiveness and faith
  • White Fluorite - Crown Chakra - cures headaches and migraines

With its blue and purple color combination Color Change Fluorite can help with two Chakras – the Throat Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra. Multi-colored Fluorite can also help two or more Chakras.

Find more details on Chakra gemstones here

Fluorite Price

Like most gemstones, the price of Fluorite is dependent on the 4Cs – color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color is the most important with deep and vivid colors the most sought after.

Most Fluorite that is considered worthy of being a gemstone is usually found with excellent levels of clarity and they are available in large carat weights.

Facet cuts are not very common so this can add a premium to the price but all-in-all, Fluorite is a very affordable gemstone – even the rare and stunning Color Change Fluorite can be bought at a fraction of the cost of other color change gemstones despite the brilliant color.

Simple Fluorite cabochons with bright colors and excellent clarity will range from $2 - $5 per carat while Color Change Fluorite with bright blue and purple colors, excellent clarity and a distinct color shift will range from $20 to $40 per carat even for large carat sizes well above 10 carats in weight.

The original 'Blue John' Fluorite with its multiple colors in the same stone found only in England can reach significant prices but the mines are just about exhausted although some similar colored gemstones have been found in China recently at much more affordable prices.

Fluorite Treatments

Fluorite is not enhanced by any artificial treatments that we are aware of.

Any enhancing treatments our Fluorite gemstones receive will always be fully disclosed.

Fluorite History

Fluorite has a varied and colorful (excuse the pun) history, although not so much as a gemstone, more for its scientific and industrial use.

Fluorite was originally used as a flux that was added to ores when extracting metals - the name fluorite comes from the Latin 'fluere' which means 'flow' in reference to the way metal would flow nicely when melted with fluorite added in the smelter.

The word fluorescent got its name from fluorite as gemstones from certain locations can flash with a brilliant blue light.

Early scientists who experimented with fluorite discovered how volatile this element can be and were often injured or killed. Ferdinand Moissan finally succeeded in isolating pure fluorine (the gas form of fluorite) in 1886 and was rewarded with poisoned lungs and having the diamond substitute Moissanite named after him! Fluorite gemstones are completely safe.

From the 1700s onwards, Blue John Fluorite was used to create vases, candlesticks, bowls and cups in England and can fetch large sums at antique auctions to this day.

Where is Fluorite found?

Fluorite deposits are found throughout the world with the most significant finds located in Brazil, India, France, Germany, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia and the United States.

Blue John is mined in limited quantities in Derbyshire, England but a similar Fluorite gemstone has been discovered in China.

What jewelry is Fluorite suitable for?

Fluorite is rated at 4 on Mohs hardness scale which makes it very soft for use in jewelry. Jewelry pieces such as pendants and earrings can use Fluorite as they are less like to be knocked or bumped during wear but rings should have protective settings and only worn occasionally.

Fluorite gemstones can make great additions to any mineral collection or be used for their spiritual powers.

Certified Customer Reviews
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
Excellent shape for the jewelry I'm designing. Appears to have good color and will look nice.
Posted By Gemman in November, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
Very easy to use
Posted By Seba in January, 2022
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I was very satisfied with my gemstone purchase. Definitely recommend this store. Good customer service. Thank you.
Posted By Cherbear in April, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I highly recommend GemSelect. I have never had a bad experience with any of my purchases. Any stone I have ever purchased had looked just like the photo or better in real live and thats a huge plus.
Posted By Tim in April, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I order from GemSelect when I want quality gems, complete disclosure, easy ordering and fast delivery. They are 100% reliable. They also have the largest selection of gemstones I know, including all colors, shapes and sizes in both faceted gems and cabochons. Their pearls are gorgeous and again, you know what you are getting. I would highly recommend GemSelect for your gemstone and pearl purchases.
Posted By Gail in March, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I have ordered from Gem Select before. I was trying to order again but did not find a good selection of rubelitte. I ended up ordering from another company. I told a lot of my clients about your wide selection of amethyst. They could not believe it. These clients have been with me forever. The stones I am buying are for them. They will NEVER believe I went out and bought them stones like this. It would not be possible without you. StarLanka did not have a good selection of amethyst. I guess different companies carry different things.
Posted By Boots in January, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
Great online buying experience, best value for gems that I have ever found from any online seller, great customer service, GemSelect is the only gem dealer I purchase from. Thank you Phill
Posted By Phill in August, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings
Gem Selects is a great place to buy loose gems and seems to have a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and color as well as reasonable prices. Though I only dabble in making earrings this is my purchase from here and I love the pieces I have bought - 6 pairs of various gems. I am sure I'll be back.
Posted By TranquilityCea in October, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
My interaction was what I expected, but I have purchased from GemSelect in the past.
Posted By SR Long in October, 2021
Source: Bizrate
Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings
I have bought unset jewels from GEMSELECT several times in the past few years and have always been pleased. I will buy from them again.
Posted By Billy in November, 2021
Source: Bizrate

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