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Gemstone List: A Complete Gemstones List with Images

Gemstone List: A Complete Gemstone Type List
Gemstone List: A Complete Gemstones List with Images

A complete list of precious and semi-precious gemstones: Showing over 200 gemstone varieties, our gemstone index will help you find the perfect colored stone for your jewelry, collecting and crystal healing needs.

List of gemstones A-Z with pictures


Gemstones starting with the letter A

  • Actinolite Cat's Eye

    Actinolite Cat's Eye Gemstones

    Actinolite is a rare translucent variety of chatoyant actinolite. It is an amphibole silicate that is sometimes mistakenly called "cat's eye jade".

    Actinolite Cat's Eye Information

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  • Agate

    Agate Gemstones

    Actinolite is a rare translucent variety of chatoyant actinolite. It is an amphibole silicate that is sometimes mistakenly called "cat's eye jade".

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  • Agate Geode

    Agate Geode Gemstones

    Agate Geodes are a form of chalcedony quartz that forms in concentric layers in a remarkable variety of colors and textures within rock cavities or vugs with internal crystal formations.

    Agate Geode Information

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  • Albite

    Albite Gemstones

    Albite is a type of feldspar with a white to grey color which is often cut into cabochon gemstones.

  • Alexandrite

    Alexandrite Gemstones

    Alexandrite is one of the rarest of all colored gemstones and is famed for its color change from green in daylight to red under incandescent light.

    Alexandrite Information

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  • Almandine Garnet

    Almandine Garnet Gemstones

    Almandine garnet the most common garnet, is dark-brownish or purplish-red. Garnet is very popular for its excellent hardness and brilliance.

    Almandine Garnet Information

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  • Amazonite

    Amazonite Gemstones

    Amazonite is a gemstone variety of green microcline, a feldspar mineral. It is named after the Amazon River in Brazil, although no deposits have been found there.

    Amazonite Information

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  • Amber

    Amber Gemstones

    Amber, the fossilized, hardened resin of the pine tree, is one of the few gemstones of organic origin. Most amber is found in the Baltic, where it formed about 50 million years ago.

    Amber Information

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  • Amblygonite

    Amblygonite Gemstones

    Amblygonite is an incredibly rare gemstone that is usually pale yellow, but can also be found in a very beautiful mint blue/green color.

    Amblygonite Information

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  • Amethyst

    Amethyst Gemstones

    Amethyst is the most precious gemstone within the quartz group. Amethyst ranges in color from pale lilac to deep reddish-purple.

    Amethyst Information

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  • Amethyst Geode

    Amethyst Geode Gemstones

    Amethyst Geode is a trade name for violet quartz that forms within rock cavities and is often traded under names such crystal clusters or crystal plates.

    Amethyst Geode Information

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  • Amethyst Geode Slice

    Amethyst Geode Slice Gemstones

    Amethyst Geode Slice combines an outer shell of pure rock with the interior of Amethyst crystal with its characteristic color from lilacs with pink undertones all the way up to raspberries with hints of red and blue.

    Amethyst Geode Slice Information

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  • Ametrine

    Ametrine Gemstones

    Ametrine is a form of quartz that occurs in bands of yellow and purple, a combination of the colors of amethyst and citrine.

    Ametrine Information

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  • Ammolite

    Ammolite Gemstones

    Ametrine is a form of quartz that occurs in bands of yellow and purple, a combination of the colors of amethyst and citrine.

    Ammolite Information

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  • Andalusite

    Andalusite Gemstones

    Andalusite is a strongly pleochroic gem, which means that it can display different colors when viewed from different angles.

    Andalusite Information

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  • Andesine Feldspar

    Andesine Feldspar Gemstones

    Andesine Feldspar is a variety of labradorite that has a reddish with traces of green and yellow color; the most valuable color range from red to honey-red.

    Andesine Feldspar Information

  • Andesine Labradorite

    Andesine Labradorite Gemstones

    Supplies of andesine-labradorite are quite recent, with the mineral found in a range of colors, including red, yellow, champagne and green.

    Andesine Labradorite Information

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  • Andradite Garnet

    Andradite Garnet Gemstones

    Andradite Garnet is the most lustrous of the garnets and comes in many colors most famously green and black but the term Andradite is not often used when describing gems, usually broken down into further groups or types, including the highly prized Demantoid garnets.

  • Apatite

    Apatite Gemstones

    Apatite, a stone seldom found in jewelry stores, is beloved by collectors for its many different colors and forms.

    Apatite Information

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  • Aquamarine

    Aquamarine Gemstones

    Aquamarine is best known for its breathtaking range of blue colors and belongs to the same family as emerald (beryl). Aquamarine is colored by trace amounts of iron.

    Aquamarine Information

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  • Aragonite

    Aragonite Gemstones

    Aragonite is highly priced by mineral collectors and is usually white or colorless, but impurities can create a wide range of pale colors including pink, blue, purple, red and more.

  • Aventurine

    Aventurine Gemstones

    Aventurine is a type of green quartz often used for carvings and cabochons.

    Aventurine Information

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  • Axinite

    Axinite Gemstones

    Axinite is a group of brown to violet-brown or reddish-brown minerals that sometimes occur in gem quality. Axinite is distinctive for its strong vitreous luster.

    Axinite Information

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  • Azotic Topaz

    Azotic Topaz Gemstones

    A new high tech enhancement process using thin film deposition has created this new-look topaz.

    Azotic Topaz Information

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  • Azurite

    Azurite Gemstones

    Azurite is an intense blue gem that gets its bright azure blue color from copper, and is related to malachite, which is also a copper carbonate mineral.

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Gemstones starting with the letter B

  • Barite

    Barite Gemstones

    Barite is very soft so rarely cut into gemstones. It generally has a white or colorless color.

  • Benitoite

    Benitoite Gemstones

    Benitoite is an extremely rare and valuable gemstone with a bright blue color that is only found in California.

    Benitoite Information

  • Beryl

    Beryl Gemstones

    Beryl is one of the most important gem minerals. The most famous beryl is emerald, but other beryl varieties include aquamarine, heliodor and morganite.

    Beryl Information

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  • Black Opal

    Black Opal Gemstones

    Black Opal is the most valuable opal variety. Its dark body color can range from dark to black and acts as the base for the spectrum of colors it can exhibit.

    Black Opal Information

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  • Bloodstone

    Bloodstone Gemstones

    Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a green gemstone dotted with bright red spots of iron oxide.

    Bloodstone Information

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  • Boulder Opal

    Boulder Opal Gemstones

    Boulder opal is the second most prized form of opal, after black opal. The name is derived from the fact that boulder opal is found embedded in ironstone boulders.

    Boulder Opal Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter C


Gemstones starting with the letter D

  • Danburite

    Danburite Gemstones

    Precious coral is a species of coral that grows in rocky seabottoms. Coral exhibits a range of warm reddish-pink colors ranging from salmon pink to deep-red.

    Danburite Information

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  • Demantoid Garnet

    Demantoid Garnet Gemstones

    Demantoid garnet is the rarest and most valuable of the garnets. Found in green to emerald green, demantoid garnet is scarce and is typically only seen in small sizes.

    Demantoid Garnet Information

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  • Dendritic Agate

    Dendritic Agate Gemstones

    Dendritic agate is a whitish-gray or colorless chalcedony with fern-like inclusions known as dendrites. The inclusions look like plant material, but they are actually iron or manganese.

    Dendritic Agate Information

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  • Dendritic Chalcedony

    Dendritic Chalcedony Gemstones

    Dendritic chalcedony is a whitish-gray or colorless chalcedony with fern-like inclusions known as dendrites. The inclusions look like plant material, but they are actually iron or manganese.

    Dendritic Chalcedony Information

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  • Diamond

    Diamond Gemstones

    Diamond, the hardest known natural material, is a transparent carbon crystal. Diamond is famed not only for its superb hardness, but also for its high refractive index and dispersion.

    Diamond Information

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  • Dolomite

    Dolomite Gemstones

    Dolomite ranges from pure white to brownish-white and sometimes pink-colored. Gemstone quality dolomite can be difficult to find due to their cleavage and low hardness, 3.5-4 on Moh’s scale. They are therefore usually preferred as a collector’s stone.

  • Druzy Amethyst

    Druzy Amethyst Gemstones

    Druzy Amethyst are small amethyst crystals that form inside or on the surface of various types of rock. Layers of crystal in various shapes and colors fill cavities in volcanic rock and when left whole or sliced make very interesting gemstone pieces.

    Druzy Amethyst Information

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  • Druzy Azurite

    Druzy Azurite Gemstones

    Druzy are small mineral crystals that form inside or on the surface of various types of rock. Layers of crystal in various shapes and colors fill cavities in volcanic rock. Druzy Azurite is an interesting dark blue version.

    Druzy Azurite Information

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  • Druzy Citrine

    Druzy Citrine Gemstones

    Druzy Citrine is small mineral crystals formed inside or on the surface of various type of rock. Layers of pale yellow to deep orange crystals fill cavities in volcanic rock creating this beautiful crystal.

    Druzy Citrine Information

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  • Druzy Variscite

    Druzy Variscite Gemstones

    Druzy Variscite is an attractive green crystal formed inside or on the surface of various type of rock. The colors range from light pale-green to emerald-green.

    Druzy Variscite Information

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  • Dumortierite Quartz

    Dumortierite Quartz Gemstones

    Dumortierite quartz is an unusual quartz that is intergrown with the mineral dumortierite. The inclusions of dumortierite give it a deep blue color that is unique in the world of quartz.

    Dumortierite Quartz Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter E

  • Ekanite

    Ekanite Gemstones

    Ekanite is a very rare gemstone primarily found in Sri Lanka. Ekanite is one of very few gems that are naturally radioactive so jewelry use isn't recommended.

  • Emerald

    Emerald Gemstones

    Emerald is the most precious stone in the beryl group. The wonderful green color of emerald is unparalleled in the gem world.

    Emerald Information

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  • Enstatite

    Enstatite Gemstones

    Enstatite is a rare gemstone that belongs to the pyroxene group of minerals. It is typically brown-green with a vitreous luster and is a collector's gem.

    Enstatite Information

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  • Epidote

    Epidote Gemstones

    Epidote is actually a group of closely related minerals, but in the gem trade, the name typically refers only to the gem-quality green variety of the mineral epidote. Epidote occurs in all shades and tones of green, with yellowish-green or pistachio color being most typical and most desirable.

    Epidote Information

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  • Euclase

    Euclase Gemstones

    Euclase is a rare Beryllium Silicate with beautiful blue color. The most important source of gem quality euclase today is from Ouro Preto, in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil.

  • Eudialyte

    Eudialyte Gemstones

    Eudialyte is a rare, reddish-toned crystal that sometimes has black and white inclusions. It is mostly found in Russia, but other mining locations are Brazil, USA, Norway, Madagascar and even Greenland.


Gemstones starting with the letter F


Gemstones starting with the letter G

  • Garnet

    Garnet Gemstones

    The most famous type of garnet is the dark red Pyrope Garnet. However, garnets come in almost all types of colors and have many different varieties such as Demantoid Garnet, Mali Garnet, Tsavorite Garnet and many more.

    Garnet Information

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  • Gaspeite

    Gaspeite Gemstones

    A recent discovery (1966), gaspeite is a very rare nickel carbonate mineral named after the place in Eastern Canada where it was first described.

    Gaspeite Information

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  • Golden Beryl

    Golden Beryl Gemstones

    Golden Beryl is a truly gorgeous cousin of the Beryl family. Golden Beryl has excellent clarity, a great sparkle and durability. Golden Beryl gets its golden hues from the presence of iron during formation.

    Golden Beryl Information

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  • Goshenite

    Goshenite Gemstones

    The colorless precious beryl is known as goshenite. It is named after the small town of Goshen in Western Massachusetts where it was first described.

    Goshenite Information

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  • Grandidierite

    Grandidierite Gemstones

    Grandidierite is a rare greenish-blue gemstone named after Alfred Grandidier. It is often listed as one of the top 10 rarest gems in the world.

    Grandidierite Information

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  • Grossularite Garnet

    Grossularite Garnet Gemstones

    Grossularite (or grossular) garnet is a calcium-aluminium garnet. The name grossular is derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry, grossularia.

    Grossularite Garnet Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter H


Gemstones starting with the letter I

  • Idocrase

    Idocrase Gemstones

    Idocrase is also known as vesuvianite, since it was originally found on Mt. Vesuvias. The color is normally green, but it can also be brown, yellow, blue or purple.

    Idocrase Information

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  • Imperial Topaz

    Imperial Topaz Gemstones

    The most sought after of all natural topaz is called imperial topaz. Its rich golden color with reddish and orange overtones is generally not enhanced by any kind of treatment.

    Imperial Topaz Information

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  • Iolite

    Iolite Gemstones

    Pleochroism is very pronounced in iolite and is seen as three different color shades in the same stone; violet, yellow-gray and blue.

    Iolite Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter J

  • Jade

    Jade Gemstones

    Jade can refer to two separate gems, nephrite and jadeite, with nephrite being the more common type. It occurs in a range of colors with the most famous being green. Imperial jade is the most sought after and valuable type and it is only found in Burma (Myanmar).

    Jade Information

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  • Jadeite

    Jadeite Gemstones

    Jadeite is found in most colors, including pure white, pink, brown, red, orange, violet, blue, black and a range of greens.

    Jadeite Information

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  • Jasper

    Jasper Gemstones

    Jasper is usually considered a type of chalcedony, however, scientists put it in a group by itself because of its grainy structure.

    Jasper Information

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  • Jet

    Jet Gemstones

    Jet is an organic material composed of fossilized wood that has a charcoal black color.

    Jet Information


Gemstones starting with the letter K

  • Kornerupine

    Kornerupine Gemstones

    Kornerupine is a rare transparent to translucent, typically brownish-green collector's gem. It was named after Danish naturalist, artist and explorer, Andreas Nikolaus Kornerup.

    Kornerupine Information

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  • Kunzite

    Kunzite Gemstones

    Kunzite is the pale pink-violet to light-violet species of the mineral spodumene. Kunzite is named in honor of the mineralogist George F. Kunz.

    Kunzite Information

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  • Kyanite

    Kyanite Gemstones

    Kyanite is a layered crystal with a vitreous to almost pearly luster that is usually found in a sapphire-like blue color.

    Kyanite Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter L

  • Labradorite

    Labradorite Gemstones

    Labradorite is a member of the plagioclase feldspar group and displays a distinctive schiller in lustrous metallic tints.

    Labradorite Information

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  • Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

    Lapis lazuli has been used for thousands of years in jewelry and ornamental objects. The unique deep blue color has never lost its attraction.

    Lapis Lazuli Information

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  • Larimar

    Larimar Gemstones

    The blue variety of pectolite has become known as Larimar. A very rare mineral, it has only been found in the Dominican Republic, where it was first discovered in 1974.

    Larimar Information

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  • Lazulite

    Lazulite Gemstones

    Lazulite is a rare gem type that has a stunning azure-blue to deep blue color that is normally cut into cabochon gems.

  • Legrandite

    Legrandite Gemstones

    Legrandite is a very soft gemstone with intense lemon yellow color that is most used as collectors stone.

  • Lepidolite

    Lepidolite Gemstones

    Lepidolite is a lilac-gray or rose-colored lithium-bearing mineral of the mica group. It is one of the major sources of the rare alkali metals rubidium and caesium.

    Lepidolite Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter M


Gemstones starting with the letter N

  • Nephrite Jade

    Nephrite Jade Gemstones

    Nephrite is one of two distinct mineral forms classified as jade (other being jadeite). Nephrite is more common than jadeite and although it is slightly softer than jadeite, it is considered tougher due to its denser structure.

    Nephrite Jade Information

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  • Nuummite

    Nuummite Gemstones

    Nuummite is an opaque metamorphic rock with an iridescent play of color. Its chief constituent minerals are gedrite and anthophyllite.

    Nuummite Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter O

  • Obsidian

    Obsidian Gemstones

    Obsidian is naturally occurring volcanic glass. It is formed when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools without crystal growth.

    Obsidian Information

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  • Omphacite Jade

    Omphacite Jade Gemstones

    Omphacite jade belongs to a large family of rock-forming pyroxene mineral silicates, the most famous being jadeite. Omphacite jade can range in color from light to dark-green or black-green. It is sometimes referred to as inky black jade.

    Omphacite Jade Information

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  • Onyx

    Onyx Gemstones

    Onyx is the black form of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline form of quartz.

    Onyx Information

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  • Opal

    Opal Gemstones

    More than any other gem, each opal is unique. No other stone has such rich and varied folklore. Opals are also the most delicate gems commonly worn.

    Opal Information

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  • Opal Doublet

    Opal Doublet Gemstones

    An opal doublet consists of a slice of natural opal glued to a black backing, which causes the color to become more vibrant.

    Opal Doublet Information

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  • Opal in Matrix

    Opal in Matrix Gemstones

    Opal in Matrix is a beautiful multicolored stone with a black base color. Since it is often discovered and mined in Honduras is has earned the name Honduras Black Opal. The stone displays its remarkable color properties which are essentially tiny flecks of opal that shine naturally brilliant colors.

    Opal in Matrix Information

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  • Orthoclase

    Orthoclase Gemstones

    Orthoclase is a transparent yellow feldspar resembling citrine quartz or yellow beryl, found primarily in Madagascar.

    Orthoclase Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter P

  • Paraiba Tourmaline

    Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstones

    Paraiba tourmaline is a rare copper-bearing gem with a vivid neon blue color. First found in Brazil in 1989, similar material has since been found in Africa.

    Paraiba Tourmaline Information

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  • Peanut Wood

    Peanut Wood Gemstones

    Peanut wood is a variety of petrified wood, where the shape and structure of the wood is pre- served when the original organic material is replaced by quartz.

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  • Pearl

    Pearl Gemstones

    Pearls are products of bivalve mollusks (mainly oysters and mussels). They are built up of nacre, which is mainly calcium carbonate in the form of aragonite crystals.

    Pearl Information

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  • Peridot

    Peridot Gemstones

    Peridot belongs to the forsterite-fayalite mineral series. It is an idiochromatic gem, meaning its color comes from the basic chemical composition of the mineral itself, rather than impurities.

    Peridot Information

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  • Pezzottaite

    Pezzottaite Gemstones

    Pezzottaite is a very rare gem type that is often mistaken for red beryl. The color range from raspberry red to pinkish purple. It has so far only been found in Afghanistan and Madagascar.

    Pezzottaite Information

  • Pietersite

    Pietersite Gemstones

    Pietersite is a breccia aggregate of hawk's eye and tiger's eye, with swirling colors of blue, rusty red, gold and brown.

    Pietersite Information

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  • Prasiolite

    Prasiolite Gemstones

    Prasiolite is a green variety of quartz ranging in colors from very light green to lush mint green.

  • Prehnite

    Prehnite Gemstones

    Prehnite, a form of calcium aluminum silicate, has a vitreous to pearly luster. Affordably priced for its size, prehnite makes distinctive and interesting jewelry.

    Prehnite Information

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  • Proustite

    Proustite Gemstones

    Proustite has magnificent red color rivaling that of top quality rubies. It is very soft (2-2.5 on Moh's hardness scale) so usually only used as collector's stones.

  • Psilomelane

    Psilomelane Gemstones

    Psilomelane is a group name for hard black manganese oxides. Psilomelane is sometimes erroneously called black hematite, despite not being related to true hematite, which is an iron oxide.

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  • Psilomelane Dendrite

    Psilomelane Dendrite Gemstones

    Psilomelane is a group name for hard black manganese oxides. Psilomelane Dendrite are gems that have fern-like inclusions known as dendrites.

  • Pyrite

    Pyrite Gemstones

    Pyrite tends to be a pale yellow to a brassy yellow or gold color although some can be dark gray or almost black. It is not a very expensive gemstone and can be found in quite substantial sizes.

    Pyrite Information

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  • Pyrope Garnet

    Pyrope Garnet Gemstones

    Pyrope garnet is the most famous of the red garnets. Its dark, blood red color often resembles the color of ruby.

    Pyrope Garnet Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter Q


Gemstones starting with the letter R


Gemstones starting with the letter S


Gemstones starting with the letter T


Gemstones starting with the letter U

  • Uvarovite Garnet Drusy

    Uvarovite Garnet Drusy Gemstones

    Uvarovite is a very rare member of the large and varied garnet family. It is a type of striking emerald-green garnet that occurs as very small crystals and also as a coating of very tiny crystals on the surface of a matrix (host rock), known as drusy or druzy.

    Uvarovite Garnet Drusy Information

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Gemstones starting with the letter V

  • Variscite

    Variscite Gemstones

    Variscite is a relatively rare type of phosphate mineral. High quality specimens are used as gemstones and for carvings. Variscite is colored by traces of chromium.

    Variscite Information

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  • Verdite

    Verdite Gemstones

    Verdite is light to dark-green serpentine rock that is often spotted or variegated. Most specimens come from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

    Verdite Information

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  • Vivianite

    Vivianite Gemstones

    Vivianite is lush blue to blue green gem, it is very fragile and soft with a hardness of 1.5-2 on Moh's hardness scale so rarely cut into gemstones.


Gemstones starting with the letter Z

Gemstone Typelist - Chart
  Gemstone Type Gemstone Hardness
1 Actinolite Cat's Eye 5.5 - 6
2 Agate 6.5 - 7
3 Agate Geode 6.5 - 7
4 Albite 6 - 6.5
5 Alexandrite 8.5
6 Almandine Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
7 Amazonite 6 - 6.5
8 Amber 2 - 2.5
9 Amblygonite 6
10 Amethyst 7
11 Amethyst Geode 7
12 Amethyst Geode Slice 6.5 - 7
13 Ametrine 7
14 Ammolite 4 - 4
15 Andalusite 7.5
16 Andesine Feldspar 6 - 6.5
17 Andesine Labradorite 6 - 6.5
18 Andradite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
19 Apatite 5 - 5
20 Aquamarine 7.5 - 8
21 Aragonite 3.5 - 4
22 Aventurine 7
23 Axinite 6.5 - 7
24 Azotic Topaz 8 - 8
25 Azurite 3.5 - 4
26 Barite 3 - 3.5
27 Benitoite 6 - 6.5
28 Beryl 7.5 - 8
29 Black Opal 5.5 - 6.5
30 Bloodstone 6.5 - 7
31 Boulder Opal 5.5 - 6.5
32 Calcite 3
33 Carnelian 6.5 - 7
34 Cassiterite 6 - 7
35 Cat's Eye Apatite 5 - 5
36 Cat's Eye Aquamarine 7.5 - 8
37 Cat's Eye Augite 5.5 - 6
38 Cat's Eye Beryl 7.5 - 8
39 Cat's Eye Diaspore 6.5 - 7
40 Cat's Eye Moonstone 6 - 6.5
41 Cat's Eye Opal 5.5 - 6.5
42 Cat's Eye Scapolite 5.5 - 6
43 Cat's Eye Tourmaline 7 - 7.5
44 Cavansite 3 - 4
45 Chalcedony 6.5 - 7
46 Charoite 4.5 - 5
47 Chocolate Opal 5.5 - 6.5
48 Chrome Diopside 5 - 6
49 Chrome Tourmaline 7 - 7.5
50 Chrysoberyl 8.5
51 Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye 8.5
52 Chrysocolla 2 - 4
53 Chrysoprase 6.5 - 7
54 Cinnabar 2 - 2.5
55 Citrine 7
56 Citrine Geode 7
57 Clinohumite 6
58 Color-Change Diaspore 6.5 - 7
59 Color-Change Fluorite 4 - 4
60 Color-Change Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
61 Color-Change Sapphire 9
62 Coral 3 - 4
63 Crocoite 2.5 - 3
64 Cuprite 3.5 - 4
65 Danburite 7 - 7.5
66 Demantoid Garnet 7 - 7.5
67 Dendritic Agate 6.5 - 7
68 Dendritic Chalcedony 6.5 - 7
69 Diamond 10 - 10
70 Dolomite 3.5 - 4
71 Druzy Amethyst 7
72 Druzy Azurite 3.4 - 4
73 Druzy Citrine 7
74 Druzy Variscite 4 - 5
75 Dumortierite Quartz 7 - 8.5
76 Ekanite 4.5
77 Emerald 7.5 - 8
78 Enstatite 5.5
79 Epidote 6 - 7
80 Euclase 6.5 - 7.5
81 Eudialyte 5 - 5.5
82 Fire Agate 6.5 - 7
83 Fire Opal 5.5 - 6.5
84 Fluorite 4
85 Fossil Coral 6.5 - 7
86 Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
87 Gaspeite 4.5 - 5
88 Golden Beryl 7.5 - 8
89 Goshenite 7.5 - 8
90 Grandidierite 7 - 7.5
91 Grossularite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
92 Hackmanite 5.5 - 6
93 Hambergite 7.5
94 Hawk's Eye 6.5 - 7
95 Hematite 5.5 - 6.5
96 Hemimorphite 5
97 Hemimorphite Druzy 5 - 5
98 Hessonite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
99 Hiddenite 6.5 - 7
100 Howlite 3 - 3.5
101 Hyalite Opal 5.5 - 6.5
102 Idocrase 6.5
103 Imperial Topaz 8
104 Iolite 7 - 7.5
105 Jade 6 - 6.5
106 Jadeite 6 - 6.5
107 Jasper 6.5 - 7
108 Jet 2.5 - 4
109 Kornerupine 6.5 - 7
110 Kunzite 7
111 Kyanite 6 - 7
112 Labradorite 6 - 6.5
113 Lapis Lazuli 5 - 6
114 Larimar 4.5 - 5
115 Lazulite 5.5 - 6
116 Legrandite 4.5
117 Lepidolite 2.5 - 3
118 Malachite 3.5 - 4
119 Malaya Garnet 7 - 7.5
120 Mali Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
121 Maw-Sit-Sit 6 - 7
122 Melanite 6.5 - 7.5
123 Moldavite 5.5
124 Moonstone 6 - 6.5
125 Morganite 7.5 - 8
126 Moss Agate 6.5 - 7
127 Moss Opal 5.5 - 6.5
128 Mother of Pearl 2.5 - 4.5
129 Mystic Quartz 7
130 Mystic Topaz 8 - 8
131 Nephrite Jade 6 - 6.5
132 Nuummite 5.5 - 6
133 Obsidian 5 - 5.5
134 Omphacite Jade 5 - 6
135 Onyx 6.5 - 7
136 Opal 5.5 - 6.5
137 Opal Doublet 5.5 - 6.5
138 Opal in Matrix 5.5 - 6.5
139 Orthoclase 6 - 6.5
140 Paraiba Tourmaline 7 - 7.5
141 Peanut Wood 6.5 - 7.0
142 Pearl 2.5 - 4.5
143 Peridot 6.5 - 7
144 Pezzottaite 8
145 Pietersite 6.5 - 7
146 Prasiolite 7
147 Prehnite 6 - 6.5
148 Proustite 2 - 2.5
149 Psilomelane 5 - 6
150 Psilomelane Dendrite 5 - 6
151 Pyrite 6 - 6.5
152 Pyrope Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
153 Quartz 7
154 Quartz Cat's Eye 7
155 Quartz With Hedenbergite 7
156 Quartz With Marcasite 7
157 Rainbow Moonstone 6 - 6.5
158 Rainbow Pyrite 6 - 6.5
159 Realgar 1.5 - 2
160 Rhodochrosite 4 - 4
161 Rhodolite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
162 Rhodonite 5.5 - 6.5
163 Rose Quartz 7
164 Rubellite Tourmaline 7 - 7.5
165 Ruby 9
166 Ruby in Fuchsite 2 - 3
167 Ruby-Zoisite 6.5 - 7
168 Rutile Quartz 7
169 Rutile Topaz 8
170 Sapphire 9
171 Sardonyx 6.5
172 Scapolite 5.5 - 6
173 Scolecite 5 - 5.5
174 Selenite 2
175 Seraphinite 2 - 4
176 Serpentine 2.5 - 5.5
177 Shattuckite 3.5
178 Sillimanite 6.5 - 7.5
179 Sillimanite Cat's Eye 6.5 - 7.5
180 Smithsonite 5
181 Smoky Quartz 7
182 Snowflake Obsidian 5 - 5.5
183 Sodalite 5.5 - 6
184 Spectrolite 6 - 6.5
185 Spessartite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
186 Sphalerite 3.5 - 4
187 Sphene 5 - 5.5
188 Spinel 8
189 Spodumene 6.5 - 7
190 Star Diopside 5 - 6
191 Star Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
192 Star Lemon Quartz 7
193 Star Moonstone 6 - 6.5
194 Star Rose Quartz 6.5 - 7
195 Star Ruby 9
196 Star Sapphire 9
197 Star Sunstone 6 - 6.5
198 Strawberry Quartz 7
199 Sugilite 6 - 6.5
200 Sunstone 6 - 6.5
201 Tanzanite 6.5 - 7
202 Tashmarine Diopside 5 - 6
203 Tiger's Eye 6.5 - 7
204 Tiger's Eye Matrix 6.5 - 7
205 Topaz 8
206 Tourmaline 7 - 7.5
207 Tremolite-Hexagonite 5 - 6
208 Tsavorite Garnet 6.5 - 7.5
209 Turquoise 5 - 6
210 Uvarovite Garnet Drusy 6.5 - 7
211 Variscite 4 - 5
212 Verdite 3
213 Vivianite 1.5 - 2
214 Zircon 6.5 - 7.5
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