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GemSelect, a trusted Gemstone Industry Leader

GemSelect has been deeply embedded in the natural gemstones industry since 2003. We are proud of our long standing relationships with customers, institutions, organizations and companies working in the gemstone field. Natural gemstones have been our passion and business for a very long time, and we have gained invaluable knowledge and trust in the gemstone industry. Below you will find a list of well known companies and organizations that have worked closely with GemSelect for almost two decades.

Organizations we work with

International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA)

Gemselect has been a member of ICA for many years. ICA is one of the most trusted and well known worldwide organizations in the colored gemstone industry.

International Colored Gemstone Association

Please use this link to see our current membership certificate.

Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (TGJTA)

Proper business registration and trade certification allows us to be a member of the TGJTA.

Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association

Click here to see our current membership certificate.

Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Traders Association (CGA)

Our company (SETT Company Ltd.) GemSelect is located in the heart of the gemstone-city Chanthaburi. Naturally we are a member of the CGA and represent the Chanthaburi natural gemstone trade.

Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Traders Association

See the most recent membership certificate right here.

D-U-N-S Dun & Bradstreet

We are listed in the world's leading business registration platform D-U-N-S. All our business details can be verified in the DUNS database.

D-U-N-S Dun & Bradstreet

See the most recent membership certificate right here.

Genuine Customer Reviews on 3rd party websites

3rd party review websites are outside of the influence of the seller, buyers can leave honest reviews which cannot be altered by the seller at all. Those reviews are the best indicator of the store you can find. Especially review sites like BizRate where customers need to have a real transaction on the sellers website in order to leave a review are invaluable for fair an honest reviews.


Bizrate only collects reviews from real customers who actually buy products or services on a website. Reviews are 100% genuine on BizRate.

BizRate, Certified Customer Reviews

To see GemSelect's customer reviews on BizRate please click here.


ReviewCentre represents impartial customer evaluations and pricing comparisons for goods and services.

ReviewCentre Customer Reviews

Click here for GemSelect's customer review on Trustpilot


There is no registration required to use the Trustpilot review site. By sharing your experiences, you can influence others to make wiser decisions and push businesses to improve.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Click here for GemSelect's customer review on Trustpilot


ResellerRatings is a website that allows users to rate and review online merchants, and online merchants can participate to interact with reviewers and collect feedback from customers after a transaction.

ResellerRatings Customer Reviews

To view our store ratings please click here

Gemstone Laboratories working with GemSelect

Gemselect only sells genuine, natural gemstones and we are proud to offer certification from globally well-respected gemological laboratories.

Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS)

AIGS is since 1978, the top gemological school and lab in Asia. The AIGS Lab offers a wide selection of gemstone and jewelry analysis reports to the public as well as the gem and jewelry industry.

Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences

American International GemLab (AIG)

AIG is an international laboratory with expertise in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating gemstones and jewelry.

American International GemLab

International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA GemLab)

ICA-GemLab is a gemological laboratory specializing in treatment detection and origin determination of colored gemstones.

International Colored Gemstone Association

Burapha Gemological Laboratory (BGL)

The BGL GemLab is part of the Burapha University and located here in Chanthaburi, Thailand. It is highly specialized in testing all types of gemstones for treatments of any kind.

Burapha Gemological Laboratory

GemSelect on Social Platforms

Stay in touch with Gemselect through our multiple social media platforms.

GemSelect Facebook

Find interesting articles, videos, special offers and more on our Facebook page.

GemSelect facebook

GemSelect Instagram

We post interesting and new items almost daily on our Instagram channel. Click on the image below to see our Instagram presence.

GemSelect Instagram

GemSelect Pinterest

Find a large variety of quality images of natural colored gemstones on our Pinterest channel. We upload almost daily new images.

GemSelect Pinterest

Trusted Web-Security Partners

We take website security very serious; GemSelect has been using SSL technology for many years, long before it was required by the leading internet providers. Your trust in our company is the most important objective of our business.

GeoTrust by DigiCert

GeoTrust is a globally-recognized provider of TLS/SSL certificates—now powered by DigiCert, the industry-leader in high-assurance website security.

GeoTrust by DigiCert

To see our current GeoTrust validation status, please click the image below.

GemSelect uses trusted Payment Providers

One of the cornerstones of an online business is its ability to process payments securely. GemSelect has partnered with strong industry leaders for global payment processing. We can accept payments in multiple ways; online, wire transfer and Western Union.


The quickest and safest way to send and receive money online or make a payment is through PayPal. To begin accepting payments, create a merchant account.



Thailand's Kasikornbank, often known as KBank or the Thai Farmers Bank, is the 2nd biggest bank in Thailand as of 2023.


Western Union

Western Union delivers your funds swiftly and reliably, whether you need to send money to neighbors or relatives over the world.

Western Union

Bangkok Bank

The Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited is the largest commercial bank in Thailand. Our company maintains accounts and solid relationships with the Bangkok Bank.

Bangkok Bank
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