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Green Chrome Diopside Gemstone Heart Chrome Diopside ID: 691509

7.24ct Chrome Diopside Gemstone Details:

ID: 691509
Weight: 7.24ct
Size: 13 x 12.9 mm
Clarity: VS
Content: 1 pc
Shape: Heart Concave Cut
Color: Green
Treatment: Untreated
Origin: Brazil
Type: Natural Chrome Diopside Gem
Short Description of Chrome Diopside ID: 691509

1 piece of Untreated Chrome Diopside from Brazil for sale. Natural Heart Concave Cut Chrome Diopside gem in size: 13 x 12.9 mm. Chrome Diopside gemstone in Deep Green color.

Price: $ 665.88
Item in Stock
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At first sight, Chrome Diopside could easily be mistaken for one of the top green gemstones such as tsavorite, tourmaline or even an emerald. However this sparkling deep green gemstone can be snapped up at a fraction of its rival stone's prices.

Chrome Diopside Colors

If you guessed that this gemstone gets its color from the presence of Chromium then go straight to the top of the class.

The green color can range from a bright grassy green to a deep forest green and usually has excellent clarity. The green color is so intense that they can often be 'too green' and appear almost black. Especially larger stones need to be cut quite shallow.

Read more about gemstones colors here

Chrome Diopside Species

Diopside is a type of pyroxene mineral which is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. It comes in two types of gemstone – Chrome Diopside, which includes chromium to give it its rich green color, and Black Star Diopside with its characteristic asterism.

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What are the spiritual benefits of Chrome Diopside?

Chrome Diopside is a relative newcomer to the world of crystals and gemstones so it has not built up a huge reputation for its spiritual powers however it does have some interesting influences:

  • Promotes Love of Nature
  • Environmentalism
  • Compassion and Care
  • Encourages Reconciliation

See our detailed article on gemstone meaning and uses

Chrome Diopside and the Chakras

As a deep green gemstone, Chrome Diopside is ideal for use in unblocking the Heart Chakra which deals with aspects of life such as love, compassion and unity.

Find more details on Chakra gemstones here

Chrome Diopside Price

The price of Chrome Diopside, like nearly all gemstones, is determined by its color. They are all green in color but the ideal example is not too light so as to appear washed out and not too dark to appear black. Probably the best description of the color would be between emerald green and forest green.

Gem quality Chrome Diopside has excellent clarity but they are rarely found much bigger than a carat or two. This is both because of the nature of the gemstone and also because the larger stones will nearly always appear too dark.

The lack of fine colored large stones means the price can rise dramatically as they get bigger. Chrome Diopside gemstones under a carat will range from $17 - $40 per carat while any Chrome Diopside over 2 carats could reach $50 to $150 per carat.

For more details please refer to our full Chrome Diopside Info page here

Chrome Diopside Treatments

As far as we are aware Chrome Diopside is not enhanced by any artificial treatments other than cutting and polishing.

Chrome Diopside History

The mineral diopside was described in the 1700s and Black Star Diopside has been much loved in India for centuries but Chrome Diopside has a much more recent history.

It was discovered in the frozen mountains of Sakha in Siberia as recently as 1988. The timing could not have been better as this coincided with the break-up of the Soviet Union and pretty soon this lovely green gem was being sold to European gemstone dealers.

Where is Chrome Diopside found?

The vast majority of Chrome Diopside is found in Siberia in northern Russia although small amounts have been discovered in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

What jewelry is Chrome Diopside suitable for?

Chrome Diopside is rated at 5 to 6 on Mohs hardness scale which makes it quite soft for use in jewelry. Earrings, necklaces and brooches are no problem and their availability as matching lots make them ideal for these jewelry items. Rings may not be the best idea unless in protective settings for occasional wear.

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