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: Blue Green Tourmaline
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ID: 4171921 pcs
thumb image of 9.8ct Octagon / Scissor Cut Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 417192)
9.84 ct Tourmaline
26.7 x 7.4 mm
$ 1475.99
Item in Stock
ID: 4747041 pcs
thumb image of 1.5ct Carved Leaf Cabochon Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 474704)
1.49 ct Tourmaline
9 x 8.3 mm
$ 14.90
Item in Stock
ID: 4747051 pcs
thumb image of 1.6ct Carved Leaf Cabochon Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 474705)
1.64 ct Tourmaline
9.1 x 6.8 mm
$ 16.40
Item in Stock
ID: 4729332 pcs
thumb image of 28ct Carved Leaf Cabochon Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 472933)
28.02 ct Tourmaline
21.2 x 16.4 mm
$ 280.20
Item in Stock
ID: 4753091 pcs
thumb image of 3.1ct Carved Leaf Cabochon Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 475309)
3.08 ct Tourmaline
17 x 7 mm
$ 30.80
Item in Stock
ID: 4743121 pcs
thumb image of 2.4ct Carved Leaf Bluish Green Tourmaline (ID: 474312)
2.36 ct Tourmaline
11.6 x 8.8 mm
$ 23.60
Item in Stock
ID: 4463131 pcs
thumb image of 1.9ct Octagon Step Cut Blue Green Tourmaline (ID: 446313)
1.92 ct Tourmaline
14.9 x 4 mm
$ 134.40
Item in Stock
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ID: 4727221 pcs
thumb image of 7ct Carved Flower Cabochon Green Blue Tourmaline (ID: 472722)
6.97 ct Tourmaline
16.1 x 14.6 mm
$ 69.70
Item in Stock
ID: 4727181 pcs
thumb image of 12.5ct Carved Leaf Cabochon Greenish Blue Tourmaline (ID: 472718)
12.50 ct Tourmaline
20.6 x 20.5 mm
$ 125.00
Item in Stock
ID: 4727171 pcs
thumb image of 3.9ct Carved Leaf Greenish Blue Tourmaline (ID: 472717)
3.88 ct Tourmaline
16.4 x 12.2 mm
$ 38.80
Item in Stock
Blue Green Tourmaline
Green tourmaline is often referred to as verdite or when chromium-bearing, as chrome tourmaline. Blue tourmaline refers to two rare varieties of tourmaline: Paraiba tourmaline and indicolite tourmaline. Pure blue tourmaline is incredibly rare as most blue tourmaline gems have a green secondary hue. Tourmaline gems that don't quite qualify as either indicolite or Paraiba are most often traded simply by their color description, ranging from blue-green to green blue, and from greenish blue to bluish green. Usually these tourmaline gems are very affordable, especially considering the hefty prices that true Paraiba tourmaline and Indicolite demand

Paraiba tourmaline is considered to be the most valuable variety of tourmaline and was named after the source of its original discovery in Paraiba, Brazil. Paraiba tourmaline gets its neon blue-green color from traces of copper. Technically, the term 'indicolite' is used to describe any other form of blue tourmaline. Indicolite can range from light to deep-blue. Any blue tourmaline is considered to be very rare and anything weighing more than 1 carat is extremely rare. Tourmaline is both hard (7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale) and durable, making it ideal for gemstone jewelry. It can be found in various cuts, shapes and sizes. Tourmaline is also October's birthstone.

Tourmaline is a stone that occurs in many different colors; almost every color of the rainbow. Another unique characteristic of tourmaline is that it can be electrically charged by changes in temperature or pressure. Tourmaline generally has a high level of clarity, has very few inclusions and is quite durable, with a hardness of 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, all of which make tourmaline a very attractive buy. Large sizes are affordable as well. From this page, you can filter the results further by using the left-hand menu. By using the top menu, you can search by origin, carat weight, size, price and other factors, to enable you to find the exact tourmaline gemstones that you are looking for. All items are in stock and ready to ship.

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