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November Birthstones

What is the November Birthstone?

There are two birthstones for November - Citrine and Topaz.

Once upon a time, citrine and topaz (as well as many other pale yellow stones) were often mistaken for each other and were quite interchangeable as gemstones before scientists could properly identify them as two completely different minerals.

Since just about all pale yellow gemstones were called Topaz no matter what they were in reality it makes sense to link both these autumnal colored stones to the month of November.

November Birthstone - Colors


The name citrine is a clear clue as to the colors of this gemstone - yellow. However the yellow can range from a light lemony-yellow all the way to an almost earthy brown tone with some gorgeous orange colors in between.


Topaz was once known as a yellowish or brownish gemstone although occasionally a clear or blue or pinkish stone would be provided by Mother Nature.

Imperial Topaz is a particular color of topaz that was once only found in the Ural Mountains of Russia with pinkish-orange tones that is by far the most valuable of all Topazes. Nowadays the Russian mines seem to have been depleted and the only source is Brazil.

Modern treatments such as irradiation and coating can create stunning blue and pink colors which have made Topaz one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Completely colorless topaz can make a great and affordable substitute for diamonds.

The November Birthstone Price

How expensive is Citrine?

The most important factor in determining the price of citrine is color. Almost all citrine gemstones have excellent clarity and are available in a wide range of sizes and cuts so the deciding element with these gemstones is the color.

Deeply colored citrines with saturated yellow or orange tones that have a pure and even color throughout the gemstone are the most valued. Very light or very dark citrines are valued slightly less but this can be a matter of personal taste.

All in all, citrines are a very affordable gemstone with smaller gemstones ranging from $4 to $30 per carat and bigger citrines above 10 carats in weight beginning at $4 per carat and perhaps reaching $40 per carat for an exceptional example.

Please refer to our full Citrine Info page for a more details.

How expensive is Topaz?

Blue topaz in all its various shades is a very popular and very affordable gemstone, much-loved by jewelers across the world for its regular supplies, great colors, excellent clarity and range of cuts and sizes. The lighter blue colors will range from $5 to $10 per carat for smaller sized stones and increase slightly for gemstones above 5 carats in weight.

The most expensive of the blue topazes is London Blue which can reach as much as $8 to $45 per carat for bigger sizes.

Imperial Topaz is a top grade, highly sought after gemstone which can range from $500 to $1500 per carat.

Colorless or White Topaz is an affordable alternative to diamonds.

For more details please refer to our full Topaz Info page here

What are the spiritual benefits of November Birthstones?


Citrine’s sunny colors bring uplifting and positive feelings as soon as you see one so their spiritual benefits are fairly clear:

  • Happiness and Joy
  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Protection and Confidence
  • Warmth and Generosity

See our detailed article on Citrine meaning and uses


Topaz is probably best known for its calming and soothing qualities that can help reduce stress. It also has a number of other virtues:

  • Love and Attraction
  • Communication
  • Stimulates and Motivates
  • Truth and Forgiveness

See our detailed article on Topaz meaning and uses

The November Birthstones and the Chakras


Citrine is an excellent Chakra gemstones with it powerful spiritual energy. It can be used to help realign two Chakras if they become blocked in any way. Citrines that are more orange in color are best for the Sacral Chakra while the yellow colors are better for the Solar Plexus Chakra.


The color of your topaz will link it to particular Chakras and can be used to realign or unblock them.

  • Clear or colorless Topaz - Crown Chakra
  • Blue Topaz - Throat Chakra
  • Imperial Topaz - Solar Plexus/Sacral Chakras

Find more details on Chakra gemstones here

The November Birthstones Species


Citrines are a type of quartz, which is a very popular gemstone type. This family includes such illustrious names as:

  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Ametrine


Topaz gemstones are all the same mineral with similar crystal structures and chemical ingredients. They are often separated into varieties by their color:

  • Imperial Topaz - the most valuable topaz with peachy colors
  • London Blue - a blue variety, with deep, navy blue colors
  • Swiss Blue - a popular light blue topaz
  • Mystic Topaz - a striking pink stone with a titanium coating
  • Clear Topaz - colorless variety often used as a diamond substitute

The November Birthstone Treatments


Citrine treatment is a tricky subject. We do know that real citrine exists but we are also aware that heating amethyst or smoky quartz can produce lovely yellow or orange quartz gemstones. Side by side it is impossible to tell the difference and even expensive laboratory processes cannot be certain.

Either way, the result is a gorgeous durable quartz gemstone that is ideal for jewelry or spiritual uses.

We will always disclose any treatments that we are aware of.


Blue Topaz is almost always the result of irradiation and is a permanent and accepted treatment.

Mystic and Azotic Topaz have been treated with a special thin coating which creates the intense coloring.

Imperial Topaz is an all-natural untreated gemstone of the highest quality.

All treatments our Topaz gemstones receive will be fully disclosed on our product pages.

The November Birthstones History


Citrine has a long history as a gemstone and as an amulet although it was not christened 'Citrine' until the 16th century. Before that it was simply yellow quartz or chrysolite (gold stone) and admired in Ancient Greece and Egypt.

It is thought to be one of the sacred 12 gemstones in Aaron's breastplate, which was mentioned in the bible and is a forerunner of the modern birthstones.


As we have mentioned earlier, almost any yellowish gemstone could be called topaz in the days before they were geologically identified so their history can be a little foggy.

However Topaz was one of the 12 gemstone found on Aaron's breastplate in the Holy Bible and was also a revered gemstone in ancient Hindu philosophy or Navaratna - the nine stones that represents the heavenly bodies - Topaz was linked to Jupiter.

The orange-pink Imperial Topaz gemstones that were discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in the 19th century were named in honor of the ruling Czars.

Where are the November Birthstones found?


The vast majority of Citrine is found in South America with Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay the main sources. Madagascar, the Congo, Russia and the US are also well-known producers.


The biggest supplier of Topaz is Brazil, while Sri Lanka, Cambodia, the USA, Madagascar and Mozambique are also producers. The famous Imperial Topaz mines of Russia appear to have been exhausted.

What jewelry is the November Birthstones suitable for?


Citrines are rated a durable 7 on Mohs hardness scale and can be used in all types of jewelry - even daily wear items. They are a very affordable gemstone so are ideal for imaginative or experimental designs.

Citrines can be found in impressive large sizes which are great for eye-catching pendants or brooches as well as matching pairs and lots for coordinated jewelry sets.

In addition to being the November birthstone, Citrines are also the traditional gemstone to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary.


Topaz is rated at a very durable 8 Mohs hardness scale so they are hard enough for all types of jewelry including daily wear items.

The excellent clarity, affordability, range of sizes and shapes and availability in matching single, pairs and lots make Topaz an almost ideal jeweler's gemstone.

In addition to being the November birthstone, Blue Topaz is also the traditional gemstone to celebrate the 4th wedding anniversary and Imperial Topaz is the perfect gift for the 23rd anniversary.

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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I've been looking at this site for years. Now I want to have a piece of jewelry made with my diamonds and I want to have gem stones with them. This is the best site with good prices that I have found.

Posted By Deb in June, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Looking forward to seeing the stone that I ordered

Posted By Tom in November, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

It's important to understand what you are buying. Gem stones all vary significantly and you need to adjust your selection based on purpose, cost, expected out come.In my case I was selecting and very attractive heart shaped stone which once set in a pendent would fall in a specific cost range yet present an attractive picture of luxury without extreme risk e.g loss.

Posted By Bill in May, 2022
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I am a part of Planet Remix; I come here for all of my gems, which is often. Thank you!

Posted By ChasitieGoodman in August, 2021
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Just finished the order, cant wait to get the stone and have it mounted in my old wedding set

Posted By Gunieturtle in February, 2022
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checkout very quick and easy

Posted By Deutchen in October, 2021
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Very good

Posted By Sr in September, 2021
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I am a collector of gems and rubys and this is an amazing site to keep what I have going on

Posted By Sgt Meds in January, 2022
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Overall Rating -> 8 star ratings

It was a good experience, I would like to see more Australian opals.

Posted By Opal Cadet in November, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

the fire opal is gorgeous, has a little spark of green flame in it. sillimatite cat's eye is cute, I might order a larger one sometime. and now I have a spare white sapphire

Posted By Kittypie070 in April, 2022
Source: Bizrate

Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

User friendly, easy to find items on what I am looking for.

Posted By Gemhobby in September, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

My large pear shaped blue topaz is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Posted By Pameladrln in November, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Lo que me molesta un poco es que el envio rapido se cobra como tal de 2-3 dias, por lo que lo podrian hacer un poco mas economico y que sea un solo envio no dos opciones de envio, al comprar cierta cantidad de gemas o una cantidad de dinero podria ser gratis, es mi opinion, pero me encanto el sitio, mucha variedad y a buen precio perfecta para joyeria personal o regalos...

Posted By YidamYi in April, 2022
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I have bought many gems over the years and have always received them in good order and not too long a wait. Very happy with your website how they display the gems and the information you provide - very helpful! Keep up the good work!Thank you! (khob khun krab and/or khob khun kha)

Posted By SpecialFred in October, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Easy Website to navigate. Will be ordering from here again.

Posted By Erik P. in April, 2022
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