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June Birthstones

What is the June Birthstone?

There are two birthstones for June - Pearl and Moonstone.

We have two great choices for June birthstones and although they share a luminous and lustrous appearance they have very different origins, spiritual powers and prices.

Pearls are an organic gemstone and, if completely natural, extremely rare and amongst the most revered and valued of all gemstones - some items of pearl jewelry have sold for millions of dollars - with a history stretching back to the dawn of civilization.

Moonstones have more plain beginnings as a simple mineral but their crystal structure help to produce a gemstone that seems to glow from within. They have a formidable back story like pearls but have a much more reasonable price tag.

June Birthstone - Colors


Pearls are most famously white or cream colored but can also naturally appear in black, gray and silver hues.

The color of a natural pearl is caused by the type of mollusk that formed the pearl, the minerals and elements in the water it lived in, the thickness of the nacre, even what food the oyster or abalone or mussel lived on.

Pearls can be dyed to create all colors of the rainbow - green, blue, gold, pink are very popular. As long as you know you are buying dyed pearls this is no problem but be wary of any 'totally natural' colored pearls being offered for sale at price that seems too good to be true.


Moonstones come in white, gray, pink, yellow, orange, brown and red colors as well as some very special examples with a gleaming transparent body or a clear stone with a blue color that seems to radiate from within - known as Rainbow Moonstone.

The June Birthstone Price

How expensive is Pearl?

Natural pearls are very rare and highly prized so you can expect to pay a considerable sum for a string of pearls for a necklace or a pair for some earrings - anything from $300 to $1500 per pearl.

Cultured pearls are real pearls - both are formed inside the shell of a living mollusk - but are created with the help of humans. They can share the same qualities of natural pearls in color, luster, shape and size without the extreme prices - as a very loose guide $30 - $300 per pearl.

Whether they are all-natural or cultured there are similar factors to consider when evaluating a pearl:

  • Shape - the rounder the better
  • Surface - the smoother the better
  • Luster - look for a bright gleam or shine
  • Size - bearing in mind the previous aspects, the bigger the pearl the higher the price

How expensive is Moonstone?

Unlike most gemstones, it is not the color that gives a moonstone its value, it is the shimmer or gleam on the gemstone's surface - technically known as 'adularescence' - that contributes most to the price.

Assuming the Moonstone possesses this 'glow', we can then consider the color, with an intense blue that seems to hover over the surface like an aura the most valued. This is followed by clear white gemstones with a moon-like glow.

The orange, yellow, brown and red colors normally found in Moonstones are a personal choice and do not vary dramatically in price.

There are also Cat's Eye Moonstones and Star Moonstones which are quite rare and sought after gems.

For more details please refer to our full Moonstone Info page here

What are the spiritual benefits of June Birthstones?


Pearls are most famously a symbol of purity, loyalty and honesty but have a few more virtues:

  • Effective Love Tokens
  • Encourages good health and wealth
  • Relieves Allergies
  • Protection from Fire and Dragons!


Moonstones contain the feminine energies of the moon such as nurture and unconditional love. Other attributes include:

  • Intuition and Insight
  • Creativity and Imagination
  • Brings Stress Relief
  • Abundance and Fertility

See our detailed article on Gemstone meanings and uses

The June Birthstones and the Chakras


The Chakras are usually linked to gemstones through their color but as a traditionally white or cream gemstone, Pearls have been associated with the Third Eye Chakra - the centre of intuition, conscience and wisdom.


Moonstones come in a variety of colors and are a blend of several different minerals and a few chemical impurities so assigning a single Chakra is a bit difficult. Customarily, Moonstones are connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and even the Soul Star Chakra dealing with clairvoyance and telepathy.

Find more details on Chakra gemstones here

The June Birthstones Species


Pearls are one of the few gemstones known as 'organic' as they have biological origins rather than a crystalline structure. Other members of this limited family include:

  • Amber
  • Ammolite
  • Jet
  • Ivory
  • Coral

In the simplest terms a pearl is created inside a mollusk or shell fish such as a oyster, mussel or abalone. A small irritant such as a grain of sand or a piece of broken shell gets inside the shell and the mollusk secretes layers of nacre in thin overlapping plates.

Nacre is also known as 'Mother-of-Pearl' and is tough, resilient and iridescent which together create the classic pearl.

Natural pearls form by accident in the ocean or fresh water and are dived for by specialists in dangerous conditions while cultured pearls are formed by inserting an artificial irritant into the mollusk. The mollusks are kept in farms so no diving or searching is needed.


Moonstones are a type of feldspar mineral which is a mixture of silica and aluminum and makes up half the world's crust. Moonstone is a trade name for any orthoclase feldspar which displays the gleam and shimmer known as adularescence.

Confusingly, Rainbow Moonstone is a type of labradorite although it is still part of the feldspar group of minerals.

The June Birthstone Treatments


Pearls are often bleached to lighten and enhance their color. In this way, a uniform color can be achieved for beaded necklaces. Pearls can also be irradiated to darken their color or dyed to create bright colored pearls.

As an organic gemstone you should expect some variations and blemishes in pearls and a perfectly matched string of pearls would suggest some sort of treatment has taken place.

As long as the treatments are fully disclosed these processes are usually acceptable.


Other than the usual cutting and polishing to create these charming gemstones, Moonstones are not enhanced or treated in any way as far as we know.

The June Birthstones History


Pearls are one of our oldest known gemstones with the earliest recorded reference to them dating back 7,500 years to a grave in present day UAE. Just about everywhere that pearls could be found in oceans and rivers across the globe was plundered by man for centuries.

When, finally, the natural world had been almost fully harvested, the cultured pearl was introduced in the late 19th century and has flourished since.

The largest recorded pearl was found in 1934 in the Philippines, known as the "Pearl of Lao Tzu" which came from a giant clam and weighs 6.4 kilograms.

A large natural pearl of over 50 carats, known as "La Peregrina" sold for nearly $12 million in 2011 and the Maharajah of Baroda's necklace, "The Baroda Pearls", a double strand of 68 natural pearls sold for $7 million in 2007.


The ancient world of Rome, Greece and Egypt all shared the belief that moonstones were formed by moonbeams while early Hindu texts claim they came into existence after a battle between Lord Vishnu and the demon god, Bali.

The gorgeous moonstones discovered in the area around Mt Adularia in Switzerland led to the term 'Adularescence' for their pearly or iridescent appearance.

Where is the June Birthstone found?


Now that the ancient pearl sources of the Persian Gulf, the coasts of India and Sri Lanka, the waters of the Caribbean and the Mississippi River have pretty much dried up, the vast majority of pearls are cultured and come from China, Japan, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.


Moonstones can still be found in the traditional sources, Sri Lanka and neighboring India, which is also a major supplier of Rainbow Moonstone. Moonstone is also mined in Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Mexico, parts of Europe and the United States.

What jewelry is the June Birthstones suitable for?


Pearls are classically used for necklaces of various lengths from long opera and matinee strings to short chokers and for beautiful matching earrings.

Single pearl pendants are becoming very popular for both men and women and they also make attractive hair and dress decorations for very special occasions.

Pearls are relatively soft for gemstones at 2.5 - 4.5 on Mohs hardness scale but they are quite compact so more durable than their rating might suggest. Rings and bracelets with pearls should be occasional wear items.

In addition to being the June birthstone, Pearls are also the traditional gemstone to celebrate the 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries.


Moonstones are rated at 6 - 6.5 on Mohs hardness scale so they are hard enough for most types of jewelry but a bit of care should be taken with items such as rings or bracelets which are exposed to more knocks and bumps than earrings or pendants.

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If you want a gem that you can trust to not be treated, or if it is ita's disclosed this is the place! Therea's something for everybody. I really like knowing that the picture of the item is the one Ia'm buying, not a sample or stock photo. If you make jewelry, buy gems here! You can even buy a gem and have it set by a jeweler. Again, they have an amazing inventory, and prices are more than fair. You wona't be disappointed! I just wish they sold uncut gems. Sometimes I just want a specimen in the crystal form. Ia'm surprised they had no quartz from Arkansas, but they have a great selection of anything Ia've ever looked for.

Posted By Nita in July, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Found what I wanted right away and bought them.

Posted By Kris in March, 2022
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I have found what I think is the best kept secret for buying stones, and I have to tell you about this gem stone site I found! There is a large selection of stones and crystals, and the best prices I have found for nuummite! They make it incredibly easy to find exactly what you are looking for by shape, size, cost, and clarity. I have already purchased two stones and I will be checking the site frequently from now on for everything and anything that I am hoping to find. They have individual pictures of every stone with different views so you absolutely know what you are buying.Honestly, I was hesitant to purchase something the first time BECAUSE the prices were so competitive and below anything I found elsewhere and because the stone was both being purchased online and from another country. I received the stone ahead of shipping schedule and when I received the package, it was in not one but two separate zip lock bags. One had the certificate of authenticity and details about the stone. The second had information about the stone itself. I was so impressed with the quality of the stone and that it was definitely the stone I picked out on their site, that I ordered another stone without hesitation. I will be using this site to purchase gifts for everyone I can think of! lol

Posted By ChiroCleric in August, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Great selection of gems with photos

Posted By Radelaide in October, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 9 star ratings

I really like this site ,thank you

Posted By SgtMeds in February, 2022
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I love the website easy to find what I’m looking for very co friendly and very trustable resource and fare pricing

Posted By Seeny in October, 2021
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I have looked at your site for several year. First time purchase. Will plan on using again.

Posted By Airforcecards in August, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

checkout very quick and easy

Posted By Deutchen in October, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Very easy to use website. Clear description of the products and Good pictures. Thank you

Posted By Gemajiq in September, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Awesome experience

Posted By NZ Kiwi in February, 2022
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Overall Rating -> 7 star ratings

I thought that the little gems were going to be larger.

Posted By Jim in November, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 8 star ratings

Quick and easy

Posted By Tyler in November, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

Everything was right there - The site provided the exact minerals I was looking for. The search for items filtered easily, with results showing pictures of exactly what I bought, at reasonable prices. It doesn't get any better than this. Well, the shipping charges could have been lower, but they weren't outrageous.

Posted By Rick E. in December, 2021
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Overall Rating -> 10 star ratings

I love this wed site, is incredible how you can find all types of gemstone, in all prices, excellent for jewelers

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I was pleasantly surprised my wife found this site and we both are interested in gems as amateurs. Great selection and prices, we will be back for more!

Posted By Jake in April, 2022
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