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  : Round Aquamarine Gems
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ID: 3802051 pcs
thumb image of 28ct Round Cabochon Blue-Green Cat's Eye Aquamarine (ID: 380205)
28.03 ct Cat's Eye Aquamarine
19.4 mm
$ 452.68
Item in Stock
ID: 3827341 pcs
thumb image of 30ct Round Cabochon Blue-Green Cat's Eye Aquamarine (ID: 382734)
29.97 ct Cat's Eye Aquamarine
20.3 mm
$ 480.72
Item in Stock
ID: 4588001 pcs
thumb image of 18.1ct Round Cabochon Light Blue Aquamarine (ID: 458800)
18.08 ct Aquamarine
17.1 mm
$ 144.64
Item in Stock
ID: 4590631 pcs
thumb image of 2.9ct Round Facet Light Blue Aquamarine (ID: 459063)
2.91 ct Aquamarine
8.8 mm
$ 238.62
Item in Stock
Round Aquamarine Gems
Aquamarine is best known for its breathtaking range of blue colors and belongs to the same family as emerald (beryl). The name derives from the Latin expression for seawater. Aquamarine is colored by trace amounts of iron that find their way into the crystal structure. A dark blue is the most desired color. Aquamarine possesses a durable hardness (7.5-8 on the Mohs scale), which qualifies it for any kind of jewelry.

Aquamarine is a decorative gem that complements almost any skin or eye color, which makes it an all-time favorite for women the world over. It is a popular gem, universal to wear, readily available and moderately priced, but growing in popularity.

Round aquamarine gems are available in singles, matched pairs and gem lots. Round aquamarine gems are perfect for any jewelry design, whether they are used as center stones or accent stones. Choose from various round aquamarine gems in calibrated sizes. Use the search filters at the top of the page to find the perfect round aquamarine gems by size, carat weight, price or origin. The tick boxes will direct you to singles, pairs, lots, faceted gems or cabs.
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