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Unique Gemstones for Unique Engagement Rings

Unique Gemstones for Unique Engagement Rings
Unique Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Why we think these gemstones are special enough for the most significant gift of your life.

The Ultimate Symbol of Love and Commitment
The gemstones we have chosen are worthy of representing the everlasting love between two people.
Practical and Available for your convenience
Our selections are durable enough to be used as engagement rings, uncommon but not unattainable and lavishly priced but not more expensive than your home!
You HAVE to love the color that will be with you a lifetime!
All our gemstones will be colored and it is very important to love the color of your engagement ring. That will sound obvious but this will be something you will be wearing forever.
Color Co-ordination Matters
Color co-ordinate your choice of gemstone with the skin tone, hair and eye color as well as personality of the bride-to-be.
Gemstones with Spiritual Meaning
Certain gemstones may have a spiritual significance to your loved one or act as a reminder of a dear relative or friend.
Birthstones are a great idea
In addition to spiritual strength most of our gemstone choices are birthstones and these make ideal choices for that special ring. See our list of birthstones here.

Enough background, here's the list in no particular order – they are all stunning.

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphires
Blue Sapphire

The blue sapphire engagement ring worn by both, Princess Diana, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is probably the most famous engagement ring of all time. Its rareness, allure, deep blue color and prestige make it a perfect gemstone for this most special of occasions.

For more details see our sapphire information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Honor and Chastity


Emerald Gemstones
Emerald Gemstones

Green emeralds are another of the top 4 gemstones, admired and desired for centuries by all. Their intense green often combined with natural flaws and blemishes give them an unmatched charm.

For more details see our emerald information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Passion, Joy and Unconditional Love

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz Gemstones
Imperial Topaz Gemstones

Now this is a wonderful, untreated gemstone for an engagement ring. Rare, historical, spiritual, and comes in the gold, pink and orange colors of the setting sun. They are famous for their sparkle and change of color as they turn from one angle to another.

For more details see our imperial topaz information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Hope, Love and Romance


Morganite Gemstones
Morganite Gemstones

This is another gorgeous gemstone, feminine and delicate, that seems to have been created by nature for one purpose – to be an engagement ring. It is a charming and cheering pink, salmon, apricot or fuchsia color with outstanding clarity, luster and a sparkly brilliance.

For more details see our morganite information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Peace, Calmness, Relaxation. Divine Love

Fancy Colored Sapphire

Fancy Colored Sapphire
Fancy Sapphires

The yellows, pinks, greens and orange sapphires share the physical hardness and spiritual strength of the prestigious blue sapphires but are perhaps a little lighter, less forbidding and more approachable. Amongst the finest gems in the world and worthy of any bride-to-be are the Padparadscha, the colors of sunset, tropical fruit and the lotus blossoms from where they got their name swirl within this magical gemstone.

For more details see our sapphire information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Honor and Chastity


Ruby Gemstones
Ruby Gemstones

The deep, red Ruby, the symbol of everlasting love, passion, seduction, lust, romance, what could be a better way of beginning a future life together as husband and wife. Another of the cardinal or big 4 gemstones, treasured and esteemed, this gift will show how much you value your relationship.

For more details see our ruby information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Love, Passion and Romance


Tanzanite Gemstones
Tanzanite Gemstones

Tanzanite colors vary from light almost sky blue all the way up to a deep midnight blue. Add to this blue some flashes of red and touches of violet and purple and you can see why this gemstone really catches the eye. It is found in just one small corner of the world in the hills of Tanzania and is a particularly rare and illustrious gemstone.

For more details see our tanzanite information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Good Fortune


Tourmaline Gemstones
Tourmaline Gemstones

Tourmaline comes in every color you could imagine – so finding a wonderful engagement gemstone should not be too difficult. The vibrant blues, chrome greens and delightful pinks would make a perfect engagement ring while the impossibly rare Paraiba tourmalines can out-price diamonds on their day.

For more details see our tourmaline information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Cleansing and Purifying


Spinel Gemstones
Spinel Gemstones

Spinel has been mistaken for sapphires and rubies in many famous gemstones from the crown jewels of royalty across Europe and Asia. Because of its relative obscurity this gemstone is very much underrated and beautiful examples in red, pink, purple and even blue can be picked up for prices well below their value.

For more details see our spinel information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Joy and Enthusiasm


Peridot Gemstones
Peridot Gemstones

Peridot only appears in a single color which makes choosing one that much simpler – just how big do you want it? The color is a vivid green with a hint of gold, they usually have excellent transparency and are rarely treated in any way so are completely natural.

For more details see our peridot information article here

Spiritual Meaning
An abundance of wealth, health, happiness and love


Aquamarine Gemstones
Aquamarine Gemstones

Aquamarine is an essentially cool gemstone that oozes class and sophistication. Its name means sea water and when you look at the one you are tempted to dive in the crystal clear greenish blue waters.

For more details see our aquamarine information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Calming and soothing. Protection for travelers

Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet Gemstones
Demantoid Garnet Gemstones

Demantoid Garnets are gorgeous green gemstones originally mined in the Ural Mountains with a brilliant sparkle to match a diamond and a rarity and value that is befitting such a momentous occasion.

For more details see our demantoid garnet information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Commitment, monogamy, passion and sensuality

Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite Garnet Gems
Tsavorite Garnet Gemstones

Tsavorite is another green garnet gemstone and this one has a deep vivid green tone to match that of an Emerald. These spectacular stones are named after the National Park in Tanzania where they are still mined.

For more details see our tsavorite garnet information article here

Spiritual Meaning
Vitality, devotion and adoration

Why we suggest loose gemstone?

There is nothing wrong with going along to a jewelers and selecting a ring from the many you will see on display but we feel a custom made engagement ring could be so much more cherished. With the help of a jewelry maker or a jewelry designer you could create a one-of-a-kind piece that will be that little bit more special to the pair of you. By the way the money you save buying the loose gemstone will more than pay for custom made jewelry design

PS you may find you cannot decide between two stones or you have two different birthstones – think about the moi-et-toi style where you get to wear two gemstones!

A little warning about the fragility of some of our choices. Those with a hardness rating of 7.5 or less should really have a protected setting to be able to stand up to daily wear – a professional gem setter will be able to advise.

See our guide to gemstone hardness here

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  • Last Updated: January-07-2020
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