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By Nov 13, 2014 Updated Jul 09, 2019

Healing Jewelry: Shocking Gemstones and Crystals

Crystals and gemstones have long been worn in jewelry for holistic healing, meditation, chakra cleansing, chakra balancing and numerous other therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. Although all gemstones are considered unique and beautiful, there are some gem types, known as 'pyroelectric and piezoelectric' gemstones, which hold a very special place in the world of crystal healing gemstone jewelry.

Crystals and gemstones that exhibit pyro- or piezoelectric traits are thought to have metaphysical powers due to their remarkable ability to carry an electrical charge. It is a very unusual trait that only a few gemstone groups are known to possess. Piezoelectric gemstones are able to carry an electrical charge when exposed to an applied voltage, or in response to pressure or mechanical stress. Pyroelectric gemstones posses the unique ability to generate an electrical charge through rapid changes in temperature.

Silver Axinite Ring
Silver Axinite Ring

Axinite information and use in jewelry

Axinite is notable for its h2 luster and for its interesting piezoelectric properties. Axinite is a fairly rare gem. With a hardness score similar to that of quartz, it is hard enough for most jewelry designs. However, it likely won't be found in local jewelry stores, which means that it will probably be necessary to order and custom make axinite jewelry. Axinite jewelry is thought to be useful for many situations. It is used by some in times of power struggle and conflict of authority. Axinite jewelry is also worn to promote vitality and to alleviate pain associated with the musculoskeletal system.

Jeremejevite information and use in jewelry

Jeremejevite is a rare collector's gemstone first discovered in Siberia and named in 1883 after a Russian mineralogist. Its hardness score is 6.5 to 7, making it suitable for most jewelry, if such a rare gem can be found. However, in its pure form, it is usually slightly softer than quartz, making it better suited for protected jewelry designs. Jeremejevite is the rarest of gem types to exhibit piezoelectric traits. Since it is so rare, it is often worn in its rough crystal form rather than faceted, in order to preserve as much of the material as possible. Crystal pendants are considered to be ideal, especially when allowed to touch the skin, as the metal is thought to conduct the electricity from the crystal's energy. Jeremejevite jewelry is thought to carry very h2 therapeutic vibrations, even in small crystals.

Topaz information and use in jewelry

Topaz is another type gemstone known for its h2 piezoelectric properties. In fact, topaz has one of the h2est piezoelectric abilities, second only to tourmaline; then followed by the quartz group, even though quartz gemstones are the best-known for this ability, particularly owing to 'quartz-movement' technology used in watch-making. Topaz can be found in various types of jewelry, from mass-produced costume jewelry, to exotic and valuable fine designer jewelry. It is suitable for any type of jewelry including rings, though owing to perfect cleavage, care should be taken to prevent direct blows. Topaz jewelry is thought to promote feelings of joy and to improve overall happiness. When worn as jewelry, topaz is believed to help restore vitality by strengthening tissues, improving appetite and reducing signs of aging. For those who suffer from asthma, topaz pendants worn over the chest are said to be very helpful. Yellow topaz jewelry may worn as official birthstone jewelry for those born in November, while blue topaz jewelry can be worn by those born in the month of December.

Tourmaline Briolette Earrings
Yellow Tourmaline Briolette Earrings

Tourmaline information and use in jewelry

Tourmaline has both pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. Along with quartz, the tourmaline gemstone family is one of the most popular groups of gemstones today, not only for therapeutic purposes, but also for several other industrial uses too. Tourmaline gemstones have such pronounced electrical properties, that it has earned itself nicknames such as 'the electric stone' and 'the Ceylonese magnet', because when it is held over ash or dust, it can attract small particles. Tourmaline jewelry can be found in jewelry stores around the world, from fashion jewelry, to fine designer jewelry. Many believe that it has therapeutic powers that can help inspire creativity. Even since ancient times, tourmaline jewelry has been worn for its mystical powers and was often used to ward off evil spirits during medieval times. Today, many wear tourmaline jewelry to help balance the energies of the body and as official October birthstone jewelry.

Prehnite information and use in jewelry

Prehnite is an unusual pale to dark-green gemstone. Most are unaware of its interesting piezoelectric properties, making it ideal for metaphysical jewelry. It is sufficiently hard for most jewelry, and has an attractive vitreous to pearly luster when polished. Prehnite jewelry is not something you'll commonly find in jewelry stores. Prehnite jewelry is often worn to help with meditation, and is said to encourage feelings of acceptance and forgiveness. Many believe that prehnite jewelry can be therapeutic for those who need help dealing with claustrophobia. As for physical healing, prehnite is thought to help alleviate pains and symptoms associated with infections of the kidney, bladder, lungs, shoulders and chest.

Agate Geode Pendant Necklace
Agate Geode Pendant

Quartz information and use in jewelry

Quartz is the best-known piezoelectric gemstone type. The use of quartz for piezoelectric purposes dates back almost a century when it was used in what we know today as the modern sonar device. Today, some of the most common uses for quartz crystals are seen in oscillators, filters, microphones, speakers, watches and clocks. There are many gemstone varieties of quartz available, all of which are perfectly suitable for jewelry wear. Examples of quartz jewelry include golden citrine pendants, purple amethyst earrings, ametrine cocktail rings, jasper pins and agate, onyx or carnelian beaded bracelets. Quartz jewelry can be worn for many purposes and each specific gemstone variety is thought to have its own special meaning. Most quartz gemstones are believed to have h2 healing powers and are used by some to help alleviate pain and other symptoms of illness. According to crystal healing beliefs, it is important to find and wear the correct type of quartz gemstone jewelry for your needs. Amethyst quartz jewelry is worn as official birthstone jewelry for those born in February, while citrine jewelry can be worn by those born in the month of November.

Crystals and Your Health

For many years, people all around the world have been captivated by crystal energy and its possible effect on the human body. After all, electricity is able to power and restore a variety of things, from automobiles and computers to robotics, so why not humans and health? Crystals and healing jewelry may not be for everyone, but there are many who claim that the use of such jewelry has provided them with a therapeutic effect. Please note that the wearing of crystal healing jewelry is not meant to replace the advice of a medical doctor and a licensed doctor should always be consulted in medical emergencies.

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