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Beaded Gemstone Bracelets

Rutile Quartz Beaded Bracelet
Rutile Quartz Beaded Bracelet

One of the latest fashion trends is for beaded gemstone bracelets. These are usually spherical beads with matching sizes strung onto a close fitting bracelet that can be slipped over the hand like a bangle. They are sometimes strung onto plain white material or can be threaded onto colored string that matches the color of the gems. For example, amethyst beads can be strung on purple material.

For translucent to transparent gems, colored thread works well, whereas opaque gems do not allow the light through to see the thread beneath. The thread is usually elasticized to allow for ease of wear. A single bracelet can be worn, or several can be stacked together. The beads range in size, from quite dainty spheres to large spheres and the diameter of the drilled holes differ accordingly. The surface of the gemstone spheres may be faceted or smooth.

Many people wear beaded gemstone bracelets just for fashion purposes. In this case, there are various colors to choose from. However, buyers should be aware that it is not advisable to wear gems of varying hardness next to each other, since they can rub together and become scratched or worn down. For example, howlite lacks hardness, with a Mohs hardness score of 3.5, whereas quartz has a Mohs hardness score of 7. This means that if they are worn next to each other, the quartz could scratch the howlite and cause the surface to wear down over time. Turquoise is a little harder than howlite, at 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale, but still should not be worn next to quartz. This is one thing to consider with jewelry that is stacked.

Aventurine Beaded Bracelet
Aventurine Beaded Bracelet

If you like color and beads, then gemstone bracelets offer a whole spectrum of colors at an affordable price. The colors can even be mixed together on one bracelet and changed when a little variety is desired. For those who prefer neutral tones, tiger's eye and rutile quartz are a great choice. Tiger's eye is also perfect for men, as are the bluish colored hawk's eye, black rutile quartz, aventurine and black onyx.

Beaded gemstone bracelets are also worn for their metaphysical powers. For example, vivid green aventurine quartz bracelets are thought to bring good luck and stimulate positive feelings of well-being, self-confidence and calmness. Furthermore, pure green aventurine stones (see, image above) are said to hold the most energy. Since aventurine is a variety of quartz, it has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. Therefore, it can be worn with other quartz bracelets, such as rose quartz, amethyst, onyx, tiger's eye and smoky quartz.

Amethyst Beaded Bracelet
Amethyst Beaded Bracelet

For those who wear beaded gemstone bracelets for luck, several can be combined for different metaphysical properties. For example, some people believe that those who suffer from headaches may be helped by wearing amethyst, and that rose quartz is good for easing heartache. Tiger's eye is thought to help the wearer to focus and have courage. Hawk's eye is said to promote good vision.

Birthstones or zodiac gemstones can also be worn as beaded bracelets. For those born in the month of February, the birthstone is amethyst. Carnelian is the zodiacal stone for virgoans. However, some birthstones or zodiac stones may not be available as gemstone beads. For example, for those born in April, diamond or sapphire beads are not likely to be found.

The beauty of beaded gemstone bracelets is that they can be made by anyone, young or old, male or female. All that is required is gemstone beads and some strong material to thread them onto. They are fun to create and result in a beautiful, colorful piece of gemstone jewelry.

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