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Topaz Ring Information

Topaz Rings by GemSelect
About Topaz Rings Back to Top

The amazing thing about topaz rings is their versatility, from affordable blue topaz and mystic topaz rings, to exclusive imperial topaz rings. Topaz gems come in many different colors, from colorless (white) topaz to yellow, orange, red-brown, blue, pink to red, violet and pale green, making them ideal for many different ring styles. The most popular topaz ring gems are Swiss blue, sky blue and London blue topaz rings, which can be found in abundance. White topaz cocktail rings can also be found at affordable prices as well as multicolored Azotic topaz rings, mystic topaz rings and rutile topaz rings. On the other hand, yellow, pink, red, lavender-pink and peach-pink imperial topaz rings are both hard to find and highly valuable. Topaz rings are so varied that there is a topaz ring to suit everybody's jewelry taste, whether young or old, male or female. For example, mystic topaz rings are popular with the young and imperial topaz is appreciated by more discerning gemstone jewelry wearers who are looking for a family heirloom. Bright, Swiss blue topaz rings are mostly worn by ladies and London blue topaz rings are preferred by men.

Topaz Ring History Back to Top

Topaz ring history goes back around two thousand years when ancient Egyptians believed that yellow topaz received its golden color from the Sun God, Ra. It is also said that the word, "topaz" comes from an ancient name for an island in the Red Sea where the ancient Greeks mined a yellow gem they believed to be topaz. The island is now known as Zabargad Island (also called St John's Island), but the ancients referred to it as "Topazios" or "Topazion". Another theory is that the word "topaz" came from an ancient Indian Sanskrit word, "tapas", meaning "fire". Topaz rings with golden, pink, white and blue gems have been popular from ancient times to the present day. One of the most sought after colors for topaz rings is pink; at one time, pink topaz from Russia was reserved for the tsars of Russia, hence the name, "imperial topaz". Imperial topaz became popular with the elite and one such pink topaz was passed on in a beautiful Russian Palmette Tiara to the British Royal Family. The special tiara has an interchangeable centerpiece of a diamond, a pink topaz or an emerald and diamond piece. One stunning parure of pink topaz and yellow gold, including a pink topaz ring, sold at Christie's for $46,890 in 2010. The pink topaz jewelry set dated from around 1830, when Nicholas I ruled the Russian Empire, however, the provenance of the Christie's parure is not clear. Another pink topaz Russian parure, which includes a yellow gold, diamond and pink topaz ring, belonged to Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, daughter of Tsar Paul I and was passed on through marriage to the House of Hohenzollern of Sweden. Such rare pink topaz jewelry is becoming rarer, meaning that prices are constantly rising. This was reflected in the $80,500 price of a 30-carat pink topaz and diamond ring at Christie's, New York in 2011. While colorless and pale blue topaz rings have been worn for many years, the vivid colors of mystic topaz, Swiss blue and London blue topaz rings are the result of modern enhancement, so rings that feature these gems are not generally antique items.

Topaz Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Topaz rings of the rich and famous include pieces worn by Tia Mowry, actress from "Sister, Sister" and "Instant Mom", who showed off a sparkling blue topaz and diamond ring by Supreme Jewelry at the T.V. Land Awards in April 2015. Singing sensation, Rihanna also wore blue topaz and diamond rings stacked with her many shining white diamonds on the 2014 MET Gala red carpet. These were perfectly teamed with her white, two-piece Stella McCartney ensemble. Brooke Shields collaborated with jeweler to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Robert Procop in the "Legacy Brooke" collection, which included a Blue Topaz Lattice Ring. There are many more topaz rings that have been flaunted by celebrities on the red carpet and do doubt, there will be many more topaz rings seen on famous fingers in the future.

Topaz Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Blue Topaz Ring by GemSelect
Silver Blue Topaz Ring by GemSelect
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The plethora of topaz ring designs is as varied as topaz gemstones. In general, imperial topaz hogs the limelight when it comes to high jewelry designs. Imperial topaz rings tend to be surrounded by diamond, ruby and sapphire accent stones, such as an impressive bicolor imperial topaz cocktail ring by Katherine Jetter. This stunning rose gold design has a halo of multicolored sapphire accent stones that match the center stone, but are turned in a clever contrast so that the golden sapphires stand out against the pinkish-violet end of the topaz and vice versa. Another beauty by Martin Katz features an 18-carat imperial topaz center stone, surrounded by diamond, sapphire, tsavorite garnet and tourmaline accents. Cool blue topaz rings for summer can also be found with sky blue, Swiss blue and London blue topaz. Blue topaz gems are a designer's dream and look wonderful in cocktail rings with white gemstone accents, as shown by the Dione Orcini Jaipur Collection chosen by Rihanna and a stunning blue topaz ring design by Wallace Chan. Similarly, white topaz gems are ideal for large, statement rings, since they can easily be found and are more affordable than some other white gemstones. An interesting topaz gem is rutile topaz, which is colorless topaz with golden limonite inclusions that can appear like threads. Colorful Azotic and mystic topaz rings are popular with young people; these have attractive kaleidoscopic colors.

Topaz Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Most topaz ring buying guides will mention that topaz prices vary widely, depending on the color. For example, white and blue topaz gems are quite affordable, even in large sizes, but the rarer and highly prized imperial topaz comes at much higher prices. Imperial topaz rings may also be sold as "salmon topaz" or "bicolor topaz" rings. Since topaz can be found in many colors, it is often mistaken for other gem types, such as tourmaline and even diamond. Indeed, the Braganza "Diamond" in the Portuguese Crown Jewel collection was said to have been a white topaz or quartz stone that was mistaken for a diamond. Topaz ring buyers should be aware that sometimes quartz gemstones are given trade names such as "Madeira topaz", "occidental topaz" or "Palmeira topaz" and misleadingly sold as topaz. Conversely, "Indian topaz", "king topaz" and "star topaz" are typically sapphire. If you are unsure as to whether a topaz ring is genuine or not, an independent gemology lab report can help to identify the gemstone for you. Most gemstone and jewelry sellers will offer certificates with their rings. It should be noted that any "smoky topaz" rings should be avoided, since they are actually smoky quartz rings posing as something more valuable that does not exist. Topaz rings should be expected to contain inclusion-free gemstones, except for rutile topaz rings, which are valued for their unique inclusions. Reputable gemstone and jewelry dealers should disclose any treatments and enhancements, such as the heating of pinkish-violet topaz gems, the irradiation of blue topaz gems or coatings on mystic and Azotic topaz gems.

How to Wear Topaz Rings Back to Top

How to wear topaz rings depends on the color, since topaz ring styles vary greatly. For example, an imperial topaz ring with a halo of sapphires is perfect for women's wear and a London blue topaz bezel design is suitable for men. Due to their many colors, topaz rings are suitable for almost every occasion, from casual to formal. Most topaz colors can be seen in women's jewelry designs, with deep London blue topaz being popular for men's jewelry. Topaz rings have great hardness, so they can be worn daily without worrying about scratches. However, like diamonds, topaz gems possess perfect cleavage. This means that if they are exposed to a hard knock in the right place, they can split along crystallographic planes. Therefore, topaz rings that are worn daily may need an extra prong or two, such as in a Tiffany setting, to secure the gemstones. Otherwise, protective settings, such as bezels are also popularly used with topaz rings. Mystic topaz rings and Azotic topaz rings should be protected from scratches, which can compromise the rainbow-colored film.

Topaz Ring Meanings Back to Top

Topaz ring meanings include the ability to increase strength, promote virility and encourage effective communication. This makes topaz rings popular with artists, writers, public speakers and those for whom self-expression is important. For the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, golden colored topaz was associated with the Sun God. Imperial topaz rings are popularly given for 23rd wedding anniversaries and are worn as birthstone rings by those born in the month of November. Blue topaz rings celebrate 4th wedding anniversaries.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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