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Tanzanite Ring Information

Tanzanite Rings by GemSelect
About Tanzanite Rings Back to Top

The wonderful thing about tanzanite rings is their electric blue, violet, or sometimes green color, which can capture attention even from across a room. Tanzanite is found in only one area of the world; Tanzania, after which it gets its name. Quite a recent addition to the list of gemstone types used for jewelry, tanzanite has risen in popularity in a relatively short time, partly due to the clever marketing strategies of Tiffany & Co. Tanzanite rings are rare and sought-after jewelry items that are worn as engagement rings, cocktail rings and many other ring types by A-list celebrities and jewelry lovers all over the world. Those who love fabulous blues and violets would be delighted by a tantalizing tanzanite ring.

Tanzanite Ring History Back to Top

Tanzanite ring history is not very long, because tanzanite was a relatively recent discovery. According to one account, a Masai tribesman by the name of Ali Juuyawatu first found tanzanite, but others say that the discovery was made by Ndugu Jumanne Ngoma. An additional account states that it was Manuel de Souza, AKA "Mad Manuel", who came across the stone in 1967. Based on its appearance, tanzanite was first assumed to be blue sapphire and was later identified as zoisite. The decision to stock this blue zoisite was made after two "zoisite" rings were made and presented to the Vice President of Tiffany & Co. Those first two tanzanite rings must have been beautiful, since they convinced the Vice President to name the gemstone "tanzanite" (somehow "zoisite" doesn't sound so attractive) and introduce tanzanite rings to the world. This turned out to have been a wise move, since a Tiffany tanzanite and diamond ring achieved $32,500 at auction in 2010.

Tanzanite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Tanzanite rings of the rich and famous have been all over red carpets in recent years. Among the celebrities who have shown off stunning tanzanite rings is Beyonce, whose cushion-cut blue tanzanite and diamond ring was said to have been a gift from her husband, Jay Z after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy. We're sure it will look great next to her 18-carat diamond and platinum engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz. At the Tiffany's 2013 Blue Book Ball, Sarah Jessica Parker showcased a stunning suite of tanzanite jewels, including a tanzanite and diamond halo ring. American actress on "Hawaii Five-O" and "Beverly Hills, 90210", Lindsay Price also chose a tanzanite and diamond halo ring for a special event, by Simon G. Additionally, star of "The New Adventures of Superman" and "Desperate Housewives", Teri Hatcher was photographed showing off a large tanzanite ring.

Tanzanite Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Tanzanite Ring with Tsavorite Garnet Halo
Silver Tanzanite Ring with Tsavorite Garnet Halo
Click to enlarge image

The most popular tanzanite ring designs include tanzanite and diamond halo rings, split-shank tanzanite rings and other solitaire styles incorporating round, oval, square, trillion, cushion-shaped or baguette-shaped tanzanite gems. When it comes to tanzanite engagement rings or other tanzanite rings that will be worn daily and exposed to wear and tear, sturdy settings should be chosen to protect the tanzanite gemstone, since like diamond, tanzanite possesses perfect cleavage, meaning that if a tanzanite gem is struck hard, the stone can split along crystallographic axes. Therefore, a tanzanite ring design should take into account how the ring will be worn. If a pronged setting is preferred, a Tiffany-style setting would be a good option, since more prongs ensure greater stability. Like blue sapphire, tanzanite looks equally stunning in silver, gold or platinum settings, so the choice of alloy is a matter of personal preference. Many traditional tanzanite ring designs use white accent stones, though some modern designers experiment with colored accent stones such as tsavorite garnet (see image, above right). Tsavorite garnet is a rare, green garnet variety that is mined from the same area of the world as tanzanite; therefore, it makes sense to allow the two gems to complement each other in a ring.

Tanzanite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

A good tanzanite ring buying guide should draw buyers' attention to the fact that tanzanite is only mined from one area of the world. This means it is quite rare, so those planning to invest in a tanzanite ring should do so before tanzanite rings become rarer and prices rise. Tanzanite gemstones are pleochroic, so a tanzanite ring may show different colors, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. The most desirable tanzanite rings have transparent, inclusion-free, electric blue gemstones that appear like fine blue sapphires, but many jewelry buyers also like the paler blue, violet and green colors of tanzanite. Those who wish to buy a ring that has the best color should look for solitaire designs or cocktail rings, since tanzanite gems weighing over 5 carats show more vivid color. "D-Block" tanzanite rings are favored; this is a term which refers to the most highly prized mining area that the rough stone came from. Tanzanite is routinely heated to enhance the desired colors. This is a stable and permanent procedure that adds to, rather than detracts from the value of a tanzanite ring. Any reputable gemstone and jewelry dealer will clearly declare any gemstone treatments and enhancements and offer an independent lab report.

How to Wear Tanzanite Rings Back to Top

How to wear tanzanite rings will depend on the style, setting and activity of the wearer. In general, tanzanite rings are very easy to wear for everyone, both male and female, though women's rings with tanzanite gems are more often seen than men's. Tanzanite has good hardness, but like diamond and topaz, tanzanite has perfect cleavage. Therefore, tanzanite engagement rings or other rings that are worn daily should have extra prongs or a setting that protects the gemstone from sharp blows. Blue tanzanite rings that are reserved for special formal events may incorporate any style or setting, and look wonderful when worn with blue, black, yellow or pretty much anything, because let's face it, if you are wearing tanzanite, people are going to have their eyes on the bling, not on the gown.

Tanzanite Ring Meanings Back to Top

Metaphysical tanzanite ring meanings encompass the ability to assist with meditation, the promotion of calmness and compassion, and the implementation of desire. Wearers of tanzanite rings are thought to benefit from heightened loyalty, sincerity, respect, self-expression, creativity and wisdom. Tanzanite is an official American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) birthstone for December.

  • First Published: September-09-2016
  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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