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Rutile Quartz Ring Information

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About Rutile Quartz Rings Back to Top

If you are thinking about buying rutile quartz rings, you have come to the right place! Plain transparent quartz, known as "rock crystal" is quite common. But rock crystal that contains inclusions of rutile, known as rutile quartz, is less common. Rutile is an interesting substance that is responsible for the beautiful "silky" luster of fine sapphires, star gemstones and cat's eye gems, but in such stones, the rutile cannot really be discerned with the naked eye. However, in rutile quartz rings, the rutile can be clearly seen as fine fibers that resemble hair, rods, threads or needles. Rutile quartz rings contain transparent quartz that is typically colorless, but the rutile inside may be various colors, including golden, red, green or black. Rutile quartz rings may have a small amount of rutile, with sparse inclusions, so that the colorless quartz can be easily appreciated, or they can be loaded with rutile fibers, making them somewhat mysterious and murky with an interesting internal landscape of needles and ribbons. Inclusions in gemstones are usually avoided, but in the case of rutile quartz rings, inclusions of rutile are welcomed and worn with pride.

Rutile Quartz Ring History Back to Top

Rutile quartz ring history is somewhat shorter than that of quartz in general. Quartz is found all over the world and quartz rings of various kinds have been worn for thousands of years. However, rutile quartz deposits are not as widespread, which makes the history of rutile quartz rings a little elusive. Rutile gets its name from a Latin word meaning "red"; however, rutile may be several different colors. Rutile quartz rings, earrings and necklace pendants have only relatively recently become popular with jewelry lovers all over the world. Thus, important historical rutile quartz jewelry, such as ancient rutile quartz rings or Art Deco rutile quartz rings are unlikely.

Rutile Quartz Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Rutile quartz rings of the rich and famous are not as prevalent on the red carpet as more mainstream gems, since rutile quartz rings are an acquired look that is not for everybody. One of the stars who has been seen wearing rutile quartz rings is actress, Jessica Alba, who is known for her role in the series, "Dark Angel" and the movie, "Fantastic Four". She showed off a large rutile quartz ring by Joan Hornig on the "Lopez Tonight" show back in 2009. Brooke Burke, an actress and dancer known for "Rock Star" and "Dancing with the Stars", showed off an 18k white gold rutile quartz, split shank ring by Adeler on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2012. To the 2014 Governors' Dinner, First Lady, Michelle Obama wore a rutile quartz ring from the "Doves" Collection by Doron Paloma. Jordana Brewster, star of "Fast and Furious" also wore a "Doves" rutile quartz ring to a "Fast and Furious 6" event. Another fan of "angel hair" rutile quartz rings is "Games of Thrones" star, Nathalie Emmanuel, who wore a yellow gold rutile quartz ring to the Golden Globes After Party in 2014.

Rutile Quartz Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Rutile Quartz Ring with Blue Topaz Accents
Silver Rutile Quartz Ring with Blue Topaz Accents
Click to enlarge image

Some may think that rutile quartz ring designs are always casual or for fashion jewelry, but this is not necessarily the case. High jewelry rutile quartz rings with diamond halos and diamond accent stones are available and make a welcome change from colorless gemstones. Rutile quartz is ideal for both cabochon rings and faceted gemstone rings, so designers can really allow their imagination to reign when it comes to using rutile quartz in gemstone rings. The hardness and durability of rutile quartz gems makes them perfect for almost any design and setting. Rutile quartz rings can be worn by both ladies and men, especially black rutile quartz rings. Rutile quartz gems can be found in sizes suitable for cocktail rings and statement rings.

Rutile Quartz Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

A rutile quartz ring buying guide should clarify that rutile topaz and rutile quartz are different gemstone types; rutile topaz rings look similar to rutile quartz rings, but rutile topaz actually contains limonite, not rutile. Also, rutile topaz rings tend to be higher priced than rutile quartz rings, since topaz is more valuable than quartz. Therefore, a rutile quartz ring should not be misleadingly sold as "rutile topaz". Rutile quartz rings are also known as "rutilated quartz rings", "Cupid's darts rings", "Venus hair rings" and "angel hair quartz rings". Rutile quartz rings are hard and durable enough to be worn as everyday rings.

How to Wear Rutile Quartz Rings Back to Top

How to wear rutile quartz rings will depend on the color of the rutile, the cutting style of the stone and the metal setting. The beauty of rutile quartz rings is their tendency for neutral colors, which makes them very easy to wear with anything. As well as golden, reddish and brownish neutral colors, rutile quartz rings can be found in black, green and red, so they are very versatile. Black rutile quartz rings have an interesting appearance that brings to mind Spider-Man's dark side in "Spider-Man 3" and add a little something to a rock look or a black ensemble. Rutile quartz rings are suitable for both men's and women's jewelry, especially black rutile quartz rings.

Rutile Quartz Ring Meanings Back to Top

Rutile quartz ring meanings differ according to the color of the rutile inclusions. Colorless quartz is believed to cleanse the soul, amplify thought and dissipate negative energy. Additionally, rutile is thought to enhance the properties of its host rock. Golden rutile quartz rings are said to be great for both physical and mental energy. Rutile quartz rings are often worn by those who wish to gain confidence, solve mental issues and become more independent. Physical benefits that are attributed to rutile quartz rings include balancing the thyroid, easing exhaustion and promoting recovery and repair. Rutile quartz rings are not generally worn as birthstones or given as anniversary stones.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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