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Peridot Ring Information

Peridot GemSelect Rings
About Peridot Rings Back to Top

The unique thing about peridot rings is that they are always green. This is because peridot is only ever green, since its color comes from its composition. Peridot rings vary from light, yellowish-green to dark, brownish-green, but the most prized peridot rings are set with deep and intense green peridot gems. Peridot is one of the oldest-known green gems and gets its name from the Arabic word, "faridat", meaning "gem". Peridot rings have been confused with emerald jewels in the past, and were given the rather unfortunate name of "poor man's emerald". However, peridot has a beautiful and unique color that is stunning to behold and should not be compared to another green gemstone. Perfect peridot rings have been worn and admired by both ladies and men through the ages, and will not be going out of fashion anytime soon. If you love green gemstones, a peridot ring may be the perfect accessory for you.

Peridot Ring History Back to Top

Peridot ring history takes us back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It is thought by some that Cleopatra's emerald mines were actually peridot. Peridot was been mined from St. John's Island, previously known as Zabargad, in the Egyptian Red Sea over 3,500 years ago and has since been found in many other areas of the world. The ancient Romans referred to peridot as "evening emerald" because peridot color does not darken even when viewed in candlelight. Since peridot rings have been worn since ancient times, they tell the story of jewelry through the ages. Thus, there are ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek gold peridot rings, Roman peridot intaglio rings, Art Nouveau peridot rings, Art Deco peridot rings and so on. Outstanding peridot rings have been created by the likes of famous jewelry designers, such as Lalique, Cartier, Chanel and Suzanne Belperron.

Peridot Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Peridot rings of the rich and famous have shone brightly on red carpets all over the globe. At the 2015 SAG Awards, actress Maggie Gyllenhaal glowed in yellow gold earrings and a gold, peridot and diamond ring. At the premiere of Disney's "The Jungle Book" in 2016, Lupita Nyong'o glittered in lime and sequins, and on her finger she wore a large peridot cocktail ring featuring white gemstone accent stones. Peridot was the birthstone of Napoleon Bonaparte, and he gave peridot jewelry as gifts to his true love, Josephine. While emerald rings are more often seen on the fingers of famous people, peridot rings are also popular, but just not as visible.

Peridot Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Peridot Ring with Blue Topaz Accents
Silver Peridot Ring with Blue Topaz Accents
Click to enlarge image

Peridot ring designs take many forms, since peridot can be found in a lot of different shapes, cutting styles and sizes, from small accent stones to very large peridot gems that are suitable for cocktail rings. The only style that does not suit peridot is tension-set rings, since peridot is sensitive to extreme pressure. A quick search for peridot ring styles will reveal a plethora of pieces, such as peridot and diamond halo rings, peridot and diamond split-shank rings, three-stone peridot rings, peridot eternity rings, floral peridot cluster rings, multicolored gemstone and peridot rings, peridot solitaire rings and avant-garde peridot rings. Peridot rings may be found in silver, yellow gold, white gold or platinum, and peridot center stones are wonderfully accented by hot pink, blue or purple side stones.

Peridot Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

The main pointer that a peridot ring buying guide should state is that if you have your heart set on a tension-set peridot ring, it may not be the best choice, since peridot can be sensitive to pressure. Therefore a "tension-style" setting would be better. All other settings are fine for peridot rings and since peridot birthstone rings are popular, buyers will likely see a choice of peridot rings in most jewelry stores. While faceted peridot rings of various designs are often seen in jewelry stores, cat's eye peridot cabochon rings are rare. Though most peridot rings are completely natural and untreated, peridot ring buyers should always ask about the possibility of imitations and simulations, which should always be disclosed by gemstone ring sellers. Simulated peridot tends to appear a little too much like emerald. Peridot rings should be mounted with eye clean gems, however, rings with large peridot gems may show some inclusions and cloudiness, since imperfections are more obvious in big peridot gems.

How to Wear Peridot Rings Back to Top

Pointers on how to wear peridot rings will depend on the particular style; whether it is an elaborate piece of peridot jewelry or a simple peridot ring. Peridot is equally stunning when worn with warm or cool colors and is complemented by contrasting red, pink or purple. Peridot rings pack a big impact when worn with green, especially lime green, but a hint of purple or pink can prevent an ensemble from appearing too "matchy". Peridot rings add a nice pop of color to neutral black, white and cream clothing. As mentioned above, peridot does not lose its brightness in dim light, so even when worn at night, peridot rings are impressive.

Peridot Ring Meanings Back to Top

Peridot ring meanings include the ability to produce positive energy, relieve stress, dispel jealousy, and ward off evil spirits and bad dreams. Years ago, peridot rings were believed to make their wearers gentle and sagacious. Thus, peridot rings are often worn for their healing properties. According to Hawaiian folklore, peridot is the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess. Peridot is one of the official birthstones for August, so peridot birthstone rings are often a favorite of those born in August. Peridot anniversary rings are given to celebrate the 15th wedding anniversary.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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