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Kunzite Ring Information

Kunzite Rings by GemSelect
About Kunzite Rings Back to Top

If you are thinking about kunzite rings for your next jewelry purchase, read on to learn a little about this fabulous pink gemstone that looks wonderful in silver, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold rings. Depending on the gemstone, kunzite rings can be warm pink or cool violet of various intensities and can even show a variation in the same stone when viewed from different angles, due to pleochroism. This makes kunzite rings suitable for many skin tones and jewelry tastes. Ladies who have a sweet spot for pink and violet gemstones will fall in love with kunzite, since nothing exudes femininity quite like a beautiful kunzite ring.

Kunzite Ring History Back to Top

Kunzite ring history is not very long as far as gemstones go, but dates back to the discovery of kunzite in Connecticut, USA, and then a gem-quality find in Pala, California in 1902. Kunzite was first described by American mineralogist and gem expert for Tiffany & Co., George Frederick Kunz, in whose honor the pink gemstone was named in 1903. Pink kunzite was since found in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other parts of the world and has been steadily increasing in popularity as it is used in more jewelry. Some of the most notable kunzite rings include one that was purchased by John F. Kennedy as a gift for his wife, Jacqueline shortly before his tragic assassination in 1963. The famous ring set a standard for kunzite ring designs. Kunzite jewelry is not always seen in mainstream jewelry stores, but is popular with private collectors. A 1973 Van Cleef & Arpels kunzite, amethyst and diamond "Triphanes" sautoir previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor is one such collector's item that sold for $422,500 in 2011.

Kunzite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Without a doubt one of the best-known kunzite rings of the rich and famous is the 47-carat Van Cleef & Arpels kunzite ring that President John F. Kennedy bought for his wife, Jacqueline for Christmas. The yellow gold ring had an oval kunzite gem surrounded by white diamonds. Tragically, JFK was shot just three weeks after his purchase, so never presented the ring to his wife. The kunzite ring sold at an auction of Jacqueline Kennedy's estate for $400,000. Jane Fonda wore a fabulous pale pink Versace dress with a kunzite ring to the amFAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala in 2014 and Chopard's Red Carpet Collection 2013 featured a stunning pear-shaped kunzite ring. Actress and musician, Queen Latifah showed off an 18K white gold, kunzite and diamond ring by Brumani at the 2013 Oscars. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands also wears beautiful pink jewels thought to be kunzite, including a classic kunzite and diamond halo ring.

Kunzite Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Kunzite Ring with Gold Detail
Silver Kunzite Ring with Gold Detail
Click to enlarge image

Kunzite ring designs often feature large kunzite gems with various shapes, such as oval, baguette or pear-shaped kunzite gems. This is because kunzite can be found in very large crystals, making it perfect for cocktail rings. The color of kunzite gemstones tends to be most intense at each end of the crystal. This means that in large kunzite rings, each end of the gemstone may show the most color saturation with lighter zones in the middle. Since kunzite gemstones can be pale to vivid and warm or cool colors, kunzite rings may be made of white gold, platinum, silver or yellow gold. The metal of a kunzite ring may be chosen according to the wearer's preference. Some refer to kunzite as the "evening stone" because it has been known to fade after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This means that it is not ideal for engagement rings that will be worn daily, especially by those who spend a lot of time outdoors. However, kunzite is ideal for statement rings that will be worn in the evening. Many popular kunzite rings have diamond halos or white sapphire accent stones, but more daring designs use amethyst, multicolored sapphires, chocolate colored stones or blue sapphire, which provide an interesting contrast to kunzite and an updated look. Kunzite is not suited to tension settings because like diamond and topaz, kunzite possesses perfect cleavage, meaning that pressure may cause the gemstone to fracture or split along crystallographic axes. Bezel settings and Tiffany-style prongs provide good protection for kunzite rings.

Kunzite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Good tips from a kunzite ring buying guide include the fact that kunzite rings with the most vivid color are the most sought after. As with most colored gemstone rings, color is the most important attribute. Most kunzite rings should contain eye clean gemstones, even rings with large kunzite stones, though some may have tubular inclusions. Kunzite can be difficult to cut because of its crystal structure, so highly skilled cutters produce the best kunzite gemstones, often with extra facets to increase brilliance. A kunzite ring which contains a well-cut gemstone will really sparkle and show the best color, therefore, it is worth paying attention to the cut of the stone as well as the quality of the metal and other aspects of a kunzite ring. Though most kunzite rings have natural and untreated kunzite gemstones, some kunzite stones are heated to enhance color. This should be disclosed by the jewelry or gemstone supplier.

How to Wear Kunzite Rings Back to Top

How to wear kunzite rings best will depend on the exact design, but for the most part, kunzite rings tend to be big and bold. Kunzite rings look stunning when worn with neutral colors, pink or violet. A kunzite cocktail ring will bring pizzazz to an evening dress or provide a pretty accompaniment to casual wear. For those who like to show their tender side, a kunzite ring is the perfect accessory. One thing to note with kunzite rings is that if they are worn in direct sunlight for prolonged periods, the color of the some kunzite gemstones can fade. This means that kunzite rings are not the best choice for engagement rings, especially if they will be worn daily by those who enjoy sunbathing or being out a lot during the day. It is best to store kunzite rings in a closed jewelry box, to keep them out of direct light.

Kunzite Ring Meanings Back to Top

Kunzite ring meanings include bringing good fortune to the wearer and creating balance in the heart and mind. Additional properties of kunzite rings are the ability to enhance communication between lovers and the power to heal broken hearts and marriages. While kunzite is not a traditional birthstone, some wear kunzite birthstone rings as an alternative to amethyst for February.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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