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Jadeite Ring Information

Silver and Gold Jadeite Rings by GemSelect
About Jadeite Rings Back to Top

People have raved about jadeite rings from ancient times until the present day. Jadeite rings are not to be underestimated, with some of the finest jadeite rings being sold for millions of dollars. Jadeite is the rarest and most precious type of pure jade, thus anyone who is lucky enough to own a jadeite ring should treasure it as a prized possession, and not become "jaded" if presented with a fabulous jadeite engagement ring. The beauty of jadeite is that it is versatile and durable; almost any ring design can be made from jadeite, including rings carved entirely from jadeite and jadeite cabochon rings. The most prized jadeite rings feature lush, translucent and glossy green "imperial" jadeite, but jadeite rings can actually be found in many different colors apart from green, such as yellow, red, orange, white, black, purple and a mixture of these. As well as its wonderful color, when polished and set into rings, jadeite has a lovely even texture that makes it incredibly satisfying to touch. Some may think that green or black jadeite rings are mostly for men, but jadeite rings can also exude femininity, especially lavender jadeite rings and classic Art Deco platinum imperial jadeite rings.

Jadeite Ring History Back to Top

Jadeite ring history goes back to the Mayans and Aztecs, who valued jadeite as a stone that could cure pain. The name, "jade" comes from the Spanish, "piedra de ijada", which means "stone for the pain in the side". In ancient China, jade was exalted as a heavenly material, and was found in the tombs of Shang kings. The ancient Chinese valued the rare, translucent emerald green colored jadeite known as "imperial jadeite" so much that the court acquired as much of this beautiful Burmese jadeite as possible. For many years, jadeite rings and jewelry followed classic Chinese fashion, as simple or carved bands and cabochon rings, until Art Deco jadeite rings came along and shook things up somewhat, using geometric jadeite cuts and mixing carved jadeite with white diamonds and contrasting colored gemstones such as rubies and coral. Since the 1920s, jadeite rings have been produced in a wide variety of colors and styles, and global prices continue to rise, since jadeite rings are as popular as ever.

Jadeite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Jadeite rings of the rich and famous are various and include a pale lavender carved jadeite and diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz worn by model, fashion designer and TV star, Heidi Klum to the 2008 Emmy Awards. Singing sensation, Taylor Swift showed off a green jade ring, also by Lorraine Schwartz at the 2013 American Music Awards. Additionally, actress and author, Tori Spelling received a jade and yellow gold ring from her husband, Dean McDermott after giving birth to their son, Finn Davey, proving that classic jade cabochon rings are not just for men. A jadeite "Orpheus" ring by Anna Hu sold for around $2.6 million at Christie's in 2013. The stunning imperial jadeite cabochon ring features pavé-set white diamonds, an emerald briolette and yellow and pink diamond accents. This exceptional jadeite ring raised eyebrows, but in 2015, another jadeite ring reached almost $3.8 million; an emerald green jadeite cabochon ring with a simple design. Such jadeite ring prices are continually on the rise, with another exceptional imperial jadeite ring estimated to achieve up to $4.5 million at Sotheby's in 2016.

Jadeite Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Lavender Jadeite Ring
Silver Lavender Jadeite Ring
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Jadeite ring designs include almost everything, from delicate jadeite Art Deco rings to dramatic jadeite cocktail rings. The versatility of jadeite makes it suitable for almost any ring design imaginable. Some early rings were carved entirely from jadeite. These include archer's rings, which were worn to prevent the bow string from injuring the fingers. Mughal archer's rings often had ornate gold and colored gemstone inlay, where ancient Chinese jadeite rings had no inlay but were not plain by all means due to their exquisite carvings. Some of the finest Art Deco rings featured jadeite, diamonds and rubies, or jadeite, diamonds and onyx in platinum. Yet other Art Deco designs contrast jadeite with coral or blue sapphire in rings. A stunning jadeite ring by Boucheron has an octagonal jadeite center stone with diamond-studded prongs in a simple, but elegant yellow gold band. While green imperial jadeite rings have been highly valued for centuries, more recently, black and white jadeite rings have become popular, as well as pure, "icy" colorless jadeite rings.

Jadeite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Any jadeite ring buying guide should mention that there are many grades of jadeite, some of which are more valuable than others. In general, a jadeite ring which features emerald green, uniform colored, translucent jadeite is the most sought after. Such rings are known as "imperial jadeite rings" and come at a high price. Jadeite rings with other colors are also highly prized, but some attractive jadeite rings show more than one color, such as black and green, lavender and green, and so on. While it is accepted that some jadeite rings have been coated, it is best to seek a jadeite ring that has not been bleached or dyed. Some jadeite rings that appear a little too brightly colored may have been dyed. All reputable jadeite ring dealers will disclose any jadeite treatments and a gemology lab will be able to provide a certificate to ascertain the grade or type.

How to Wear Jadeite Rings Back to Top

How to wear jadeite rings depends on who is wearing the ring, jadeite color and also the ring design. Jadeite rings may be worn by either men or women and can be very dressy or completely casual. For example, Art Deco imperial jadeite rings are perfect for the most formal of occasions, where simple silver jadeite rings are suitable for more casual settings. Jadeite rings are a lot more versatile than people may think, and may be carved in various intricate designs, such as dragons and flowers, or even used as a band with a center stone set directly into the jadeite. Though they are rarely seen, jadeite engagement rings are stunning and unique, and have the special significance that they are believed to symbolize goodness, beauty and purity.

Jadeite Ring Meanings Back to Top

Jadeite ring meanings are particularly important in Chinese culture, where jade is treasured even more than gold. It is believed by some that jade rings can protect the wearer, promoting longevity and absorbing negative energy. Some say that jade rings can also reflect the state of the wearer, becoming more bright and beautiful during positive times and appearing somewhat lackluster when the wearer is experiencing difficulties. Jade rings, which include both jadeite and nephrite, are given in celebration of the 12th wedding anniversary and although jade is not an official birthstone, jade rings are worn by those born under the sign of Taurus. Additionally, jadeite rings are thought to encourage their wearers to open their hearts to love.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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