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Iolite Ring Information

GemSelect Iolite Rings
About Iolite Rings Back to Top

The intriguing aspect about iolite rings is their pleochroism, which means that iolite gems can appear blue like sapphire or violet like tanzanite at one angle, yet seem clear, yellowish or even brownish when tilted. Iolite for rings is usually cut and set to bring out the violet-blue color when seen from the top down. Iolite rings can often appear similar in color to blue sapphire rings or tanzanite rings, but they come at a fraction of the cost. Despite the affordable price, iolite rings are quite rare, so they should be worn with pride and treasured just like any fine gemstone ring. Iolite solitaire rings and iolite eternity rings are among the most popular styles that are worn by those lucky enough to have their very own iolite ring. For those who love blue sapphire and tanzanite rings, iolite jewelry will become another firm favorite.

Iolite Ring History Back to Top

Iolite ring history goes back to ancient Greek times, when iolite got its name from the word Greek word, "ios", meaning "violet". Iolite is also sometimes called "the Viking stone" or 'the Viking Compass stone" because Norse legends refer to Vikings using it as a navigation aid; a polarizing filter that helped them to find the sun on cloudy days. The iolite used by the Vikings was believed to have been sourced from Norway and Greenland. Iolite was first described in 1809 by Pierre Louis Cordier, from whom it got the name "cordierite". However, while iolite has been known of and used for many years, iolite material suitable for setting in gemstone rings in commercial quantities was only relatively recently discovered (in 1996) by American geologist, W. Dan. Hausal in Palmer Creek, Wyoming. Following this exciting discovery, fine iolite was found in other areas of the world. This and the fact that gemstone-quality iolite is rare are the reasons why iolite is not a very well-known ring gemstone.

Iolite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Iolite rings of the rich and famous have not yet achieved prominence, but iolite jewelry is slowly emerging on the red carpet, on the ears of stars such as Kate Hudson and Taylor Schilling.

Iolite Ring Designs Back to Top
Iolite Trillion Ring from GemSelect
Iolite Trillion Ring from GemSelect
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Iolite is a versatile gemstone, which means that iolite ring designs vary from fine Cartier, Chanel and Lalique to quirky iolite cabochon rings and "raw" iolite rings. Some of the most popular iolite ring designs include iolite and diamond solitaire engagement rings and iolite eternity rings. Iolite rings make use of various shapes, including octagons, ovals, hearts and rounds. Like many other blue to violet gemstones, iolite looks equally good in yellow gold rings, rose gold, white precious metal or mixed metal iolite rings. Iolite goes surprisingly well with pink sapphire and green peridot accent stones, and is seen in multicolor gemstone jewelry, such as the "Electric Night" collection by Tomasz Donocik. However, most iolite rings have white accent stones. Men's iolite rings tend to be simpler and sometimes use tsavorite garnet or peridot as accents. Most often, iolite rings have faceted gems, but some iolite cabochon rings or carved iolite rings can be found too. Iolite cat's eye rings are even rarer.

Iolite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

A good iolite ring buying guide should include the trade names that are sometimes used in place of "iolite". These include "water sapphire", which is now almost obsolete, "Steinheilite", "dichroite" (referring to its dichroism) and "bloodshot iolite"; a name for iolite rings that have hematite inclusions. When planning to buy an iolite ring, it should be noted that iolite has good cleavage, so like diamond and topaz, iolite rings benefit from a "Tiffany-style" setting, where there are extra prongs to protect the gemstone from knocks. Iolite rings are not the most prominent gemstone ring to be found in jewelry stores, so online dealers may be the best source when it comes to a wide choice.

How to Wear Iolite Rings Back to Top

Advice on how to wear iolite rings needs to address the fact that iolite has good cleavage, which means that like diamond and topaz, it should not be exposed to hard knocks, which can split the stone. Thus, iolite is suitable for wearing in protective settings like bezels, or settings with extra prongs when used in cathedral-style settings. Apart from this, the color of iolite rings makes them a favorite for both men and ladies. Iolite cocktail rings are ideal for formal events, though it can be hard to find large iolite gemstones for such purposes. Smaller iolite rings can be used for casual wear or any occasion. Iolite and diamond or iolite and white sapphire rings are equally as impressive as blue sapphire and tanzanite rings, yet iolite rings are affordable and attainable for all ring lovers. Iolite rings should be cleaned with only soap and water rather than steam cleaners.

Iolite Ring Meanings Back to Top

When it comes to iolite ring meanings, the promotion of creative expression is often mentioned, along with the ability to encourage the imagination. Additionally, iolite rings are thought to help wearers who suffer from insomnia and promote good vision, both physically and spiritually. Some wear iolite rings to guide focus, strengthen family ties, aid safe travel and help find the true self. Iolite is not a birthstone, but iolite rings are used to celebrate the 21st wedding anniversary.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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