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Emerald Ring Information

GemSelect Natural Emerald Rings
About Emerald Rings Back to Top

The important thing about emerald rings is that they are the one of the "precious four" gemstone rings (the others are ruby, diamond and sapphire), which makes them the most desirable green gemstone jewelry item for both men and women. Emerald rings are popularly worn for many purposes, such as emerald engagement rings, May birthstone rings, eternity rings, twentieth and thirty-fifth anniversary rings and many more. Prices of emerald rings vary hugely depending on the size and quality of the emerald(s) set into the ring. Fine bluish-green to green emerald rings with large, top-quality emeralds can command millions of dollars. The name emerald comes from the Greek word, "smaragdos", which simply means, "green stone" and those wearing emerald rings often make others green with envy.

Emerald Ring History Back to Top

Emerald ring history dates back as far as ancient Egypt and the Breastplate of Aaron, which was said to have contained emerald, along with eleven other gemstones. The very first emerald mines were in Wadi Sikait; the Eastern Desert of Egypt, an area called "Mons Smaragdus" ("Emerald Mountain") by the Romans. Some legends also refer to "Cleopatra's Mines" in Wadi Gamal and mention emerald carvings in her likeness that she presented as gifts. During ancient times, emerald rings did not feature faceted emerald, but held carved emeralds and emerald cabochons. The ancient Romans and Greeks wore emerald signet rings that may also have been used as personal seals. During the 16th century, the Spanish conquistadors took emeralds, gold and silver from South America to Europe; this may be what initiated the desirability of Colombian emerald rings. Since emeralds develop as hexagonal crystals, some important historical emeralds were hexagonal carved emeralds, such as the Taj Mahal Emerald. Some of the most impressive emeralds were mined from India and owned by rulers, such as Shah Jahan and the Nizams of Hyderabad.

Emerald Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Emerald engagement rings of the rich and famous include celebrity engagement rings worn by Wallis Simpson, Halle Berry and Jackie Kennedy. Stars who have flaunted beautiful emerald rings are like the who's who of the A list, and include Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Taylor, Aretha Franklin, Beyoncé, Katie Aselton, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Rowland, Mila Kunis and basically, anyone who has achieved success and status. The Chalk Emerald ring in the Smithsonian features an exceptional 37.08-ct Colombian emerald that used to belong to the Maharani of Baroda. The ring by Harry Winston has 60 pear-shaped white diamonds surrounding the emerald in a platinum and gold ring which was donated to the Smithsonian by Mr. and Mrs. O. Roy Chalk in 1972. Another outstanding emerald ring contains the 36.53-carat El Dorado Emerald. This platinum, gold, emerald and diamond ring sold for over $2 million at Sotheby's New York in 2014.

Emerald Ring Designs Back to Top
Emerald Ring with Blue Accent Stones and Gold Detail
Emerald Ring with Blue Accent Stones and Gold Detail
Click to enlarge image

Emerald ring designs depend on the size and cut of the emerald, but the color of emerald is so great that a simple ring design will show it off wonderfully. The emerald-cut, named after the octagonal cut with truncated corners that is given to emeralds to bring out their fabulous color, is popularly used in emerald rings, but other emerald shapes are also seen in emerald ring designs, such as rounds, pears and ovals. Since emerald rings have been worn for hundreds of years, there are hundreds of emerald ring designs to be found. One of the most stunning emerald rings was part of the Lily Safra Jewels for Hope collection. It is an emerald that is carved into the shape of a solitaire ring, with a gold band inside. The beautiful emerald ring not only shows incredible carving skills, but also displays unadulterated emerald color at its best. It achieved $71,490 at Christie's in 2012.

Emerald Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Any emerald ring buying guide must address quality as the factor that determines price. Emerald ring prices must take into account emerald color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Large emerald rings come at a high price, so if the budget is limited, ring styles that incorporate smaller emeralds are recommended. Emerald is a "type III" gem type, which means that it is almost always included. This means that an eye clean emerald ring may be difficult to find and demand top dollar. However, once a gemstone has been set into a ring, its inclusions will not be as easily visible. Inclusions in an emerald ring are quite widely accepted as part of the character of the gemstone and often, inclusions are overlooked in favor of a medium bluish-green color. Colombian emerald rings are traditionally held in high regard, but nowadays, there are other sources for fine emeralds, such as Zambia, Brazil and Afghanistan. It should be noted that emeralds are routinely oiled in order to enhance their clarity. This is a stable but not permanent enhancement that will need to be repeated after many years to help the emerald ring to maintain its beauty. While colorless oil is an accepted enhancement, sometimes colored enhancements are also used. When investing in an emerald ring, it is definitely worth asking about any treatments or enhancements, which should all be fully disclosed by a reputable emerald ring seller. Gemstone certificates offered by independent labs can offer peace of mind to those investing in emerald rings. These usually confirm that the emerald ring contains a natural gemstone, rather than a synthetic emerald, and can determine the degree of enhancement.

How to Wear Emerald Rings Back to Top

Advice on how to wear emerald rings varies according to the particular design. Large emerald rings are most suitable for black tie occasions when a statement is intended to be made. Of course, some emerald rings are worn daily, such as emerald engagement rings, emerald pinky rings and emerald eternity rings. Emerald rings provide a stunning pop of color to a neutral outfit or provide an extra impact when wearing green. Alternatively, green emerald rings provide a wonderful contrast with red lipstick or a red dress. Emerald rings should be treated with a little care to keep them looking beautiful, so steam cleaners and other forms of heat and pressure should be avoided; simple soap and water is best to remove dirt from your emerald ring.

Emerald Ring Meanings Back to Top

Emerald ring meanings are connected with the lush green color of emerald, which was traditionally believed to be a tonic for diseases such as malaria and cholera, and a treat for the eyes. Some also believe that emerald rings impart power and encourage hope, good health and a sound state of mind. Furthermore, emerald rings are thought to protect their wearers from evil spirits and aid fertility. Some who present emerald engagement rings to their bride-to-be consider emerald rings to be preservers of love.

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