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Chrome Diopside Ring Information

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About Chrome Diopside Rings Back to Top

The special thing about chrome diopside rings is that they have an incredible forest-green color that rivals more expensive green gemstones like emeralds and tsavorite garnet. Chrome diopside rings may not be seen in your local jewelers because chrome diopside is quite a rare gem type. Additionally, chrome diopside gemstone material was only fairly recently discovered in quantities that makes it possible to be used for rings, so it has not yet become a well-known ring gemstone like some other gem types that have been used for centuries. The reason for the beautiful green color seen in chrome diopside rings is chromium; the same trace element responsible for making emerald and tsavorite garnet green. This is why chrome diopside rings can enchant just as much as these more costly green gems. To get the most out of chrome diopside rings, we recommend wearing a chrome diopside ring with gems weighing 3 carats or less; this way the color will not be too dark.

Chrome Diopside Ring History Back to Top

Chrome diopside ring history is quite short, since chrome diopside was only discovered in commercial quantities in 1988 in the Sakha Republic of Eastern Siberia, a harsh place which is also endowed with diamond deposits, gold, silver and other natural resources. The Turkic people of Sakha and their language are known as "Yakut", said to be derived from a word meaning "precious stone", alluding to rubies. The discovery of chrome diopside was very recent compared to many other gem types which have been worn as rings for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of years. Also, the extreme weather of the Sakha means that chrome diopside is only mined during the summer, causing chrome diopside rings to trickle very slowly into jewelry stores. Diopside has several colors, but chrome diopside (diopside colored by chromium) only occurs in green. Green chrome diopside mostly comes from Russia, but has also been found in other areas of the world, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, Finland, Austria, Tanzania, Madagascar, Burma and India.

Chrome Diopside Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Chrome diopside rings of the rich and famous are very few, considering both the rarity of chrome diopside and its short history in jewelry. However, chrome diopside rings have been seen slowly emerging on the silver screen. The Dancing with the Stars host, Brooke Burke-Charvet wore a rubellite tourmaline and chrome diopside ring for the 16th season premiere. Chrome diopside earrings have also been shown off on the red carpet by stars such as Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood and Ashley Bell.

Chrome Diopside Ring Designs Back to Top
Gold Chrome Diopside Ring
Gold Chrome Diopside Ring
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Chrome diopside ring designs often feature small gemstones in cluster, pavé and multigem rings. This is because small chrome diopside gemstones have the brightest green color, where large gems can appear very dark. Thus, a chrome diopside cocktail ring with a large gem is seen much less than smaller chrome diopside solitaire rings, three-stone chrome diopside rings and chrome diopside cluster rings. By setting small chrome diopside gems closely together in rings, a beautiful and dramatic effect can be achieved. Chrome diopside eternity rings and other chrome diopside bands are also popular. Chrome diopside rings are most often silver, with white side stones, such as zircon, though gold chrome diopside rings and multicolored chrome diopside rings can also be found. Indeed, chrome diopside looks great when combined with purple jadeite and other violet stones. Settings that allow light through really allow the green of chrome diopside to shine in rings.

Chrome Diopside Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Anyone interested in buying chrome diopside rings should note that a medium-dark green chrome diopside ring is considered most desirable. Chrome diopside rings are occasionally advertised as "Siberian emerald" rings, but chrome diopside is not to be confused with emerald. First, chrome diopside is much more affordable and secondly, chrome diopside rings usually show high clarity with less bluish tones than emeralds. As far as treatments go, chrome diopside rings almost always contain untreated, natural chrome diopside gems.

How to Wear Chrome Diopside Rings Back to Top

A guide on how to wear chrome diopside rings should mention that chrome diopside is slightly softer than quartz, so it is not recommended for prong-set rings that get a lot of daily wear and tear. Therefore, chrome diopside rings are more suited for occasional wear than engagement rings. However, a protective setting, such as a bezel-set chrome diopside ring would be fine for everyday wear. Chrome diopside rings are ideal for either men or ladies and many different shaped gemstones are available in rings, from octagons to pears. The beautiful green of chrome diopside rings is stunning when worn with simple black, dark-green or contrasting purple. Depending on the ring style, chrome diopside can be worn to formal or casual events.

Chrome Diopside Ring Meanings Back to Top

Chrome diopside ring meanings include its association with peace and tranquility. Chrome diopside rings are thought to bring sweet dreams to their wearers and to protect from bad memories and negativity, including aggression and stubbornness. Additional meanings attributed to chrome diopside rings include helping to heighten the intellect, and increasing creativity and awareness. Chrome diopside is believed by some to ensure the renewal of life when buried with the dead. Those born under the sign of Pisces are said to benefit from wearing chrome diopside rings, though it is not an official zodiac stone.

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