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Charoite Ring Information

Charoite Rings by GemSelect
About Charoite Rings Back to Top

Most people have not even heard about charoite rings because charoite fits into the lesser-known gemstone category. Moreover, charoite is a gem type that has only relatively recently been used for jewelry, including pendants and rings. While charoite may be relatively unheard of, its distinctive beauty puts it into a class of its own. Charoite rings have been described as "unnaturally beautiful" and it is easy to see why. Charoite gems are lavender, lilac, deep-purple, violet or a mixture of these colors, with a swirled, streaked or marbled appearance. As if this is not enough, charoite is usually opaque, but can also be translucent with some chatoyancy. This means that the luster can change with the angle of light, really bringing out the patterns and swirls as the ring is twirled. The beauty of charoite gemstone rings has led to unfair accusations of the rings containing unnatural, lab-grown or enhanced gems, but charoite is a completely natural gemstone that will be sure to catch eyes when worn in a gemstone ring. If you are a purple appreciator who likes jewelry, charoite rings may be just the thing for you.

Charoite Ring History Back to Top

Charoite ring history is short, since charoite was only commercially introduced in 1978. Charoite was first discovered in the 1940s, but was not traded for jewelry until later. Charoite gets its name from where it was found; the Chary River in Yakutia, which is situated in the Sakha Republic of Russia. The language and Turkic people of Sakha are known as "Yakut", which is said to be derived from a word meaning "precious stone", referring to rubies. The charoite gemstones found in rings all come from this area in Eastern Siberia, where there are also precious deposits of diamond, gold, silver and other gemstones, such as chrome diopside. Due to the harsh climate of Sakha, mining is usually performed during the summer months. Thus, there is not a constant supply of charoite flooding the market. Although charoite rings do not have an exciting and long-established history, in years to come, they may be recognized for their unique beauty.

Charoite Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Charoite rings of the rich and famous are very elusive, since charoite is rarely seen in jewelry stores, let alone on the red carpet. Perhaps more high jewelry designers will come up with custom-made charoite rings in the near future, and allow celebrity charoite rings to be seen on the fingers of the famous who dare to be different and would like to be a vision in violet.

Charoite Ring Designs Back to Top
Silver Charoite Ring with Gold Detail
Silver Charoite Ring with Gold Detail
Click to enlarge image

Charoite ring designs range from a carved charoite orchid ring by Cartier, with, diamond, sapphire, tourmaline and amethyst accents, to simple silver charoite cabochon rings and charoite inlay rings. Charoite rings have many of the same designs as turquoise rings, since the hardness of charoite and turquoise is similar. Thus, charoite is a versatile ring gemstone that can be carved, cut en cabochon, used as inlay, fashioned into beads or tumbled. Some designers like to pair charoite with amethyst, to show an interesting color match with differing textures, such as in a stunning charoite and amethyst cocktail ring by Jordan Alexander. Other accents for charoite rings include white diamond, white sapphire and white zircon. Bright colors that look great in charoite rings include turquoise, blue zircon, blue topaz, pink sapphire, red ruby, pink tourmaline, green peridot and yellow sapphire. Since violet and yellow are complementary colors, charoite looks great in yellow gold ring settings. The colors of charoite can range from warm lilac or purple to cool lavender or violet, so depending on the gemstone color, silver, gold or rose gold can provide the perfect setting for a charoite ring.

Charoite Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Charoite ring buying guides should note that while charoite rings are quite a rare find, they are still affordable. However, it may be a little too much to expect to find a charoite ring in your local jewelry store, so an online specialty gemstone jewelry supplier may be the best place to start your search for charoite jewelry. Charoite rings can look like sugilite rings, since sugilite is a similar color. However, sugilite lacks the swirled appearance of charoite. Since charoite has a similar hardness to turquoise, it is advisable that a charoite ring for everyday wear should be bezel-set, or placed into another protective setting to protect it from scratches.

How to Wear Charoite Rings Back to Top

Amethyst rings can help to provide some good color tips regarding how to wear charoite rings. Charoite rings are suitable for both men's rings, women's rings and unisex rings. For those who like to wear purple and violet, a silver or yellow gold charoite ring will add a nice finishing touch. Charoite rings also provide a lovely contrast to yellow clothes. For those who are not looking to make such a dramatic impact, charoite rings add a little interest to plainer clothing, such as gray, white, black and lavender. For men, charoite rings bring some color to formal charcoal-gray suits or casual jeans and T-shirts. If you have a passion for purple, you will rock a charoite ring!

Charoite Ring Meanings Back to Top

Power and transformation are among the charoite ring meanings. This is because charoite is believed to have the ability to change bad feeling to good and promote inner strength. Those who lack self-assertiveness may benefit from wearing a charoite ring. Additionally, charoite rings are said to encourage spirituality, emotional healing and self-esteem. Some wear charoite jewelry to assist with creativity and inspiration. Charoite rings are not worn as birthstones, but are thought to be generally beneficial for all, promoting good sleep and positive dreams.

  • First Published: September-15-2016
  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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