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Ametrine Ring Information

Ametrine Rings from GemSelect
About Ametrine Rings Back to Top

The most fascinating thing about ametrine rings is that they are bicolor, with a unique blend of golden yellow citrine and purple amethyst. This makes ametrine rings twice as exciting as gemstone rings with a single color stone. Since purple and yellow are complementary colors, ametrine is an aesthetically pleasing ring gemstone that is often showed off in large cocktail rings because these tend to show a more pronounced color contrast than rings with small ametrine gemstones. Ametrine rings have become the most popular two-toned jewelry items, and because of ametrine's wonderful mix of warm and cool golden yellow to orange and pink to purple hues, it is suited to several different jewelry alloys, including yellow gold, silver, rose gold and even a mix of the three. With the perfect split of golden and cool tones, ametrine rings can be worn by anyone. Although ametrine rings are not often in the limelight, there are a great deal of impressive and unique ametrine ring designs just waiting to be worn. Why settle for a single color, when you can have two in one? If you like violet ameythst and golden citrine, then you'll love ametrine.

Ametrine Ring History Back to Top

Ametrine ring history is connected with the country of Bolivia and the story of a Spanish conquistador. The Spanish traveled to South America in the 1500s in search of silver and gold. However, one Spaniard encountered a lot more than precious metal; he fell in love with Princess Anahi from an Ayoreo tribe of Bolivia and the couple was married. He received ametrine as a wedding gift and presented the gemstone to the Spanish queen. Following the precious gift, ametrine became popular in Europe, but after that the remote ametrine mine was forgotten until around the 1960s, when ametrine was mined there once again. The Anahi Mine in Bolivia remains the only commercial source for ametrine gemstones today, making it a rare natural gemstone and treasure.

Ametrine Rings of the Rich and Famous Back to Top

Ametrine rings of the rich and famous are not abundant due to the rarity of ametrine, but some discerning stars have sought out bicolor ametrine rings and paraded them on red carpets. Ametrine rings have been shown off by celebrities such as the late Joan Rivers, who wore an ametrine ring along with a black dress to the 2012 Emmy Awards. Young star, Selena Gomez also showed off a stunning gold ametrine ring by Graziela at a Women of the Year event. Ametrine rings are a designer's dream, and this is reflected in haute couture jewelry designer, Alexandra Mor's work that includes several stunning asymmetrical ametrine and diamond rings.

Ametrine Ring Designs Back to Top
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Popular ametrine ring designs are rather modern and include cocktail rings which feature various ametrine cuts and shapes. Almost all ametrine ring designs are created with the ametrine taking center stage, whether they are ametrine and diamond rings or multigem ametrine rings. A traditional ametrine ring style is an emerald-cut ametrine with a 50-50 split of color, but more modern ametrine rings make use of fancy cuts and rounded shapes that show more blended color. Innovative ametrine ring designs often use concave cuts and carvings to showcase its wonderful bicolor, or use a bicolor halo to accentuate the center stone. Ametrine rings are often accompanied by multicolored sapphire side stones and look especially dramatic when the side stones are also split to match the golden and purple colors in the ametrine. Ametrine looks equally at home in silver, yellow gold or rose gold rings and is stunning in solitaire rings, surrounded by white accent stones or in a simple silver bohemian-style ring. Since ametrine is a durable gem, it is suitable for any ring setting, from a prong to a bezel setting.

Ametrine Ring Buying Guide Back to Top

Ametrine rings are quite widely available in jewelry stores and as a general buying guide, the most valuable ametrine rings have a vivid colored ametrine gem which shows a clear and equal split of color. While there is some synthetic ametrine on the market, sold by unscrupulous sellers, most ametrine is natural and mined from the earth. Ametrine may be traded under the names amethyst-citrine, Trystine and Bolivianite, which refers to its source; Bolivia.

How to Wear Ametrine Rings Back to Top

Tips on how to wear ametrine rings will alter according to the wearer's preferred ametrine ring design. In general, ametrine rings are quite large, so other jewelry should be kept to a minimum to avoid several pieces competing for attention. Many ametrine ring lovers like to wear their rings with neutral-colored clothing, golden yellow or purple for a dramatic look. Ametrine rings can be worn every day and all day because they are durable, which means that ametrine engagement rings can be enjoyed by a bride who likes something a little different, or is in two minds about her preferred ring gemstone.

Ametrine Ring Meanings Back to Top

Since ametrine rings contain both amethyst and citrine, ametrine ring meanings have a powerful combination of the two gem types. Thus, the sobriety stone of amethyst along with the merchant's stone, citrine, make for a twofold metaphysical benefit. Some of the positive attributes assigned to ametrine rings include the promotion of prosperity, protection from intoxication, dissipation of negative energy and thoughts, and help in overcoming addictions and fears. Ametrine birthstone rings can be worn by those born in both February and November, or by those born under the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and Cancer.

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  • Last Updated: December-19-2019
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