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Buy a 14.9ct Kunzite Sterling Silver Pendant from GemSelect
14.90ct Kunzite Sterling Silver Pendant
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Buy a 18.3ct Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Pendant from GemSelect
18.28ct Tiger's Eye Sterling Silver Pendant
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Buy a 10.4ct Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant from GemSelect
10.43ct Turquoise Sterling Silver Pendant
USD 200.50
Gemstone Jewelry: Pendants

Perfect Gemstone Pendants

Even the most unfashionable frump can easily accessorize and liven up the day with a dazzling pendant. Most people assume pendants are worn only from the neck, dangling with or without a bale like an amulet; but there are many other ways for pendants to be worn and incorporated into daily fashion, such as pendant earrings or pocket jewelry such as wallet chains and pocket watches featuring dangling ornaments.

Indeed, gemstone pendants are among the easiest to wear jewelry items available today. Any type of gem can be used in a pendant, from a single star or cat's eye cabochon to an exquisitely faceted, fantasy-cut gem, or perhaps a simple rose-cut or classic buff-top gemstone. With over 120 varieties of gemstones, pendants can be worn in an almost infinite number of ways; not just by stone or by color, but with a bale or clasp; chain, rope or another intricately linked style; gemstones can set as pendants with or without bails, drilled, half-drilled or undrilled, hung low or worn as a choker. Best of all, gemstone pendants can accommodate even the most fragile stones, since they do not usually take the hard knocks and blows that gemstone rings are often exposed to.

When buying pendants and chains, we recommend keeping in mind the length of the necklace and how you will be wearing or setting the pendant. There are standard necklace size charts available, but since the girth of peoples' necks vary, a sixteen inch necklace may not sit in the same place for you as it would for say, Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson.

Need popular gemstone pendant suggestions?

Here are some of the most notable and popular trending gemstone pendants:

Agate and onyx pendants, amethyst pendants, blue sapphire pendants, blue topaz pendants, blue zircon pendants, cat's eye pendants (including chrysoberyl), charoite pendants, chrome diopside pendants, citrine pendants, color change pendants (diaspore or zultanite/csarite), emerald pendants, green garnet pendants, jade pendants (jadeite or nephrite), moonstone pendants, rainbow moonstone pendants, mystic topaz pendants, quartz pendants, opal pendants, pearl pendants, peridot pendants, pink sapphire pendants, red and orange garnet pendants, rose quartz pendants, star cabochon pendants (sapphire, garnet, quartz, moonstone), tanzanite pendants, tourmaline pendants, turquoise pendants, white zircon pendants and yellow sapphire pendants.

The unique custom-designed, artisanal pendants featuring natural gemstones and high-quality materials with fine precious metal settings and mountings by GemSelect are ready to wear the moment you receive them and suitable for fine jewelry, fashion and costume jewelry, statement jewelry or just as everyday accessories. Choose from a range of necklace pendant designs including ladies' pendants, men's pendants, children's pendants and unisex pendants; solitaire pendants, multi-stone pendants with large center stones, micro-pave pendants, cluster pendants, birthstone pendants, crystal healing pendants, Islamic pendants and bold statement pendants. From this page, you can sort our gemstone pendants by gemstone type, by color, jewelry category and other factors, to easily enable you to find the perfect gemstone ring made just for you.

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