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Pierres précieuses médicinalesPiedras preciosas medicinales
Medicinal Gemstones

For eons, gemstones have held the mystique of having magical powers bordering on the supernatural. They have long thought to be a link to the planets, the sun, and the stars, possessing a power able to heal or prevent illnesses and eliminate or lessen other health problems. Gemstones are believed to collect their powers from the earth while they were forming within the heat and pressure of volcanic action. Therefore, many people believe these earthly powers can be harnessed for healthful reasons. For example, the light that reflects through a gemstone crystal is placed on vital nerve points on the body to facilitate healing. This use of gemstones and minerals for healing is called lithotherapy, and this field is gaining more respect in today's medical world.

For stones used today for healing purposes, symbolic and mystical sign are engraved into the stones as was once done in ancient times. The shape of the stone can be very important according to aficionados, such as long pendulum crystals with a pronounced tip, or a rounded stone that is kept in the pocket or held in the hand.

Abbes Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) chronicled the healing powers of gemstones in her book Physica. Today there is a resurrection of interest in what is known as the Hildegard medicine. According to her view, gemstones are formed through the powerful combination of water and fire; therefore, they hold powers corresponding to these phenomena. She also believed that each stone had a certain, divine blessing from God. For example, she said the following about sapphire: "Who is dull and would like to be clever, should, in a sober state, frequently lick with the tongue on a sapphire, because the gemstone's warmth and power, combined with the saliva's moisture, will expel the harmful juices that affect the intellect. Thus, the man will attain a good intellect."

Here are the most common stones and minerals with a description of their healing properties they are thought to possess:

Agate - All agates strengthen the effect of other stones.

Agate, Botswana - Eases depression, promotes joy, dispels lethargy, increases practicality

Agate, Fire - Restores emotional balance and harmony, increases practicality, subdues sexual conflict.

Agate, Moss - Eases depression, restores emotional and mental balance.

Agate, Picture - Decreases apathy, sharpens mental clarity

Alexandrite - Brings happiness, increase self-esteem.

Amber - Eases stress, facilitates expression, dispels nervous tension.

Apatite - Eases stress, facilitates expression, dispels nervous tension.

Aquamarine - Diminishes disorientation, facilitates expression, curbs unnatural fear, and sharpens mental clarity.

Aventurine - Eases stress, restores emotional balance, promotes independence, and sharpens mental clarity.

Azurite - Improves decision-making, eases depression, heightens dreams, promotes mental balance, sharpens mental clarity, increases mental discipline and sensitivity.

Azurite/Malachite - Dispels stress, overcomes lack of discipline, heightens dreams, restores emotional balance, extends patience.

Beryl - Relieves stress, overcomes laziness, strengthens mental balance, increases mental clarity and mental discipline, and protects the wearer.

Bloodstone - Encourages caution, courage, promotes mental balance and clarity, strengthens mental discipline, aids in self-actualization.

Chalcedony - Soothes depression, heightens dreams, promotes goodwill, dispels irritability, brings joy and happiness, supports mental balance, increases mental clarity, and reduces negativity and nightmares.

Chrysocolla - Relives stress, restores emotional balance, assuages guilt, promotes maturity, and dissipates nervous tension.

Chrysolite - Exposes delusion, fights depression, supports emotional and mental balance, aids in discovering past life experience.

Chrysoprase - Encourages caution, improves flexibility, inhibits greed and hysteria, promotes imagination, sharpens perception and mental clarity, and aids in recall of past life experiences.

Coral - Eases depression, restores emotional balance, improves expressiveness, strengthens mental clarity, rights mental imbalances, and banishes nightmares.

Diamond - Dispels stress, guards against envy, relieves insecurity, improves clarity, and increases self-esteem.

Chrome Diopside - Relieves insecurity, strengthens self-esteem.

Emerald - Restores emotional balance, aids working closely with others, facilitates expression.

Fluorite, Garnet - Diminishes stress, promotes imagination, guards against nightmares, improves elf esteem.

Hematite - Improves self-esteem.

Ivory - Eases frustration

Jade - Brings peace and calm, intensifies expressive ability.

Jasper - Reduces stress, promotes endurance.

Jet - Reduces stress, relieves depression, adds excitability, fights manic-depressive behavior.

Lapis Lazuli - Improves expression, eases stress, and dispels depression.

Lazulite - Strengthens courage.

Loadstone - Promotes expression, relieves insomnia.

Malachite - Dispels stress, heightens expression.

Moonstone - Resists mental imbalance, improves intuition and receptivity.

Onyx - Relieves stress, fights depression, and soothes fear.

Obsidian - Wards off negativity and over sensitivity.

Opal - Promotes creativity, love, and joy, resists emotional imbalance.

Pearl - Brings peace, reduces over sensitivity.

Peridot - Extends patience, sharpens clarity, and calms nerves.

Pyrite - Eases stress and frustration dispels depression and anxiety.

Rhodochrosite - Promotes self-love and acceptance, strengthens self-identity.

Quartz, Amethyst - Refreshes intuition and creativity, strengthens courage, guards against excess.

Quartz, Blue - Improves creativity, has a calming influence.

Quartz, Citrine - Reinforces self-confidence, the will and creativity.

Rose Quartz - Increases confidence, heightens personal expression, creativity, and comfort.

Smoky Quartz - Improves creativity, enhances joy, balances emotions.

Quartz, White - Promotes healing, works as an energizer.

Ruby - Reinforces confidence, increases flexibility, vitality, and leadership skills.

Sapphire - Works as a mood elevator, improves communication, dispels stress.

Sodalite - Fosters harmony, courage, and communication.

Star Sapphire - Enriches communication.

Tiger's Eye - Gets rid of unwanted emotion, balances material and physical needs.

Topaz - Enhances creativity, relaxes, and balances emotions.

Tourmaline, Black - Energizes.

Tourmaline, Blue - Improves communication.

Tourmaline, Green - Develops feelings of love and compassion, renews creativity.

Tourmaline, Pink - Sharpens insight and perception, strengthens creativity.

Tourmaline, Watermelon - Stimulates other tourmalines.

Turquoise - Builds strength, provides protection, helps communication.

  • First Published: September-09-2006
  • Last Updated: October-06-2010
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