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Gemstone Certificates

GemSelect proudly provides gemstone certification for nearly all of the gemstone varieties we offer.

Gemstone certification can be quite a hassle, not to mention - very time consuming. Although most jewelers are experts when it comes to diamonds, when it comes to colored stones, most jewelers have very limited knowledge. Many times, jewelers will attempt to identify a colored gemstone based only on its appearance, but we all know that gemstone identification by appearance is impossible! It's like judging a book by its cover. Gemological testing requires specialized equipment that most jewelers simply do not have.

For the above reasons GemSelect offers certification from well known gemological laboratories only.

Gemstone Certification for items on our website is completely optional. If you would like certification service, it can be requested from any one of our gemstone detail pages - prior to checking out.

Please see below for our certification options and details.

Please Note: The certificate must be added before adding the item to your shopping cart and prior to checking out. Once your order has been processed, it will be too late to amend the order because the gemstone must be physically brought and inspected at the lab in order to provide a certificate.

Gem Certification Laboratory Options

Gem certification and the pricing below is based on single gemstone testing only. So, if your order consists of a single item composed of two or more gemstones (such as a matching pair or lot), the lab will test only one specimen from the pair or lot.

We currently offer Brief Identification Reports from your choice of two well-respected independent Gemological Laboratories:

  • The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS). AIGS Lab is located in Bangkok, Thailand. AIGS is one of the leading gemological labs in the world for colored gemstones.

    Cost: USD 30 per stone.
    Turnaround Time: 5-10 working days
  • Burapha Gemological Laboratory (BGL Lab). BGL Lab is located in Chanthaburi, Thailand. BGL is a very well-known and respected lab in the gem industry. They have recently expanded their services by opened a new testing facility inside the new Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Traders Association building.

    Cost: USD 15 per stone
    Turnaround Time: 3-4 working Days

Type of Gem Certificates Offered

The certificates issued by both AIGS and BGL Gem Labs are:
"Brief Identification Reports".

The certificates can identify the gem type (natural or man-made) and they may also indicate whether or not the gemstone has been treated or enhanced (heated, fracture-filled, oiled, irradiated and etc.).

Note: Some treatments are unable to be detected using standardized equipment such as beryllium diffusion, polymer stabilization or dying. These types of treatments may or may not be identified on the reports. Testing for uncommon treatments require specialized equipment which many laboratories do not have access to. In many cases, testing can only be confirmed by breaking the stone.

  • Brief Identification Reports will not detail country of origin. Statements of origin are essentially opinions and only a few labs in the world can offer such opinions with confidence.

  • Brief Identification Reports are not appraisal certificates; they do not provide grading reports for color, clarity or value.
  • Brief Identification reports are for the sole purpose of scientifically identifying gem type only (and whether or not it is natural). Brief Identification Reports will not tell you what a gemstone is worth.


Here is a sample of a AIGS Brief Identification Report:

AIGS Gemstone Brief Report

Here is a sample of a BGL Brief Identification Report

BGL Brief Report

AIGS and BGL Lab Brief Reports are ideal for those seeking assurance of authenticity and gemstone type. Reports from these labs can be obtained at a very minimal expense which is why they are highly recommended.

Prices for services in Thailand are much more affordable then they are in other areas of Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

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