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ID: 3978741 pc
13.5mm x 12mm Oval Cabochon Tiger's Eye 11ct
11.16ct Tiger's Eye
13.62mm x 12.12mm x 8.72mm
USD 14.40
Item in Stock
ID: 3827331 pc
21mm x 19 Cat's Eye Aquamarine 38ct Oval Cabochon in Green-Blue
37.51ct Cat's Eye Aquamarine
21.03mm x 18.77mm x 14.31mm
USD 601.66
Item in Stock
ID: 3897211 pc
2 ct Transparent Oval Cabochon Prehnite 11mm x 7
2.18ct Prehnite
10.93mm x 7.21mm x 3.65mm
USD 10.90
Item in Stock
ID: 3295712 pcs
7mmx5mm Black Opal 1.5ct Oval Cabochon in Multicolor
1.28ctw Black Opal
6.94mm x 5.03mm x 3.59mm
USD 51.20
Item in Stock
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ID: 3826011 pc
10 carat Pastel Green Oval Cabochon Jadeite 18mm x 13
9.76ct Jadeite
17.82mm x 12.81mm x 4.58mm
USD 68.32
Item in Stock
ID: 3450871 pc
26x22 Rose Quartz 54ct Oval Cabochon in Pink
54.13ct Rose Quartz
25.84mm x 22.03mm x 13.70mm
USD 70.37
Item in Stock
ID: 4068701 pc
16x14mm Maw-Sit-Sit 16ct Oval Cabochon in Green
16.35ct Maw-Sit-Sit
16.05mm x 13.84mm x 8.58mm
USD 49.05
Item in Stock
ID: 2854211 pc
2591 ct Opaque Pear Cabochon Malachite 113.5x107mm
2590.5ct Malachite
113.55mm x 106.80mm x 18.14mm
USD 1199.98
Item in Stock
ID: 4061941 pc
16mm Round Cabochon Moonstone 12ct
12ct Moonstone
16.05mm x 6.64mm
USD 24.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3230891 pc
17.5x16mm Oval Cabochon Rose Quartz 16ct
16.19ct Rose Quartz
17.65mm x 16.01mm x 8.40mm
USD 17.81
Item in Stock
ID: 3004531 pc
23mmx18.5mm Boulder Opal 29ct Oval Cabochon in Multicolor
28.58ct Boulder Opal
23.12mm x 18.45mm x 7.13mm
USD 200.06
Item in Stock
ID: 3686804 pcs
5 ct Transparent Round Cabochon Prehnite 6.5 mm
4.55ctw Prehnite
6.27mm x 3.77mm
USD 22.39
Item in Stock
ID: 4065131 pc
3 carat Deep Green Oval Cabochon Cat's Eye Scapolite 9.5mm x 8mm
3.36ct Cat's Eye Scapolite
9.37mm x 8.20mm x 6.18mm
USD 10.68
Item in Stock
ID: 3547611 pc
500 ct Transparent/Translucent Oval Cabochon Star Rose Quartz 50mm x 45
499.6ct Star Rose Quartz
50.25mm x 44.90mm x 35.08mm
USD 999.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3425091 pc
14 ct Opaque Round Cabochon Malachite 14 mm
14.27ct Malachite
14.07mm x 6.43mm
USD 18.55
Item in Stock
ID: 3705681 pc
11.5mm x 9.5mm Malachite 7ct Baguette Cabochon in Multicolor Green
6.87ct Malachite
11.30mm x 9.66mm x 4.95mm
USD 7.49
Item in Stock
ID: 3712061 pc
8 ct Opaque Square Cabochon Malachite 11.5mm x 10
8.44ct Malachite
11.33mm x 10.00mm
USD 8.95
Item in Stock
ID: 3237272 pcs
10.5mm x 5.5mm Marquise Cabochon Malachite 4ct
4.2ctw Malachite
10.34mm x 5.54mm x 3.59mm
USD 5.46
Item in Stock
ID: 3993932 pcs
29 carat Multicolor Marquise Cabochon Jasper 31mm x 15mm
28.64ctw Jasper
30.94mm x 15.11mm x 4.43mm
USD 45.54
Item in Stock
ID: 3767571 pc
5 ct Transparent/Translucent Oval Cabochon Prehnite 11.5mmx8.5mm
5.05ct Prehnite
11.36mm x 8.58mm x 6.51mm
USD 43.23
Item in Stock
ID: 3088492 pcs
10.5x7.5mm Prehnite 5ct Pear Cabochon in Green
4.51ctw Prehnite
10.60mm x 7.60mm x 3.92mm
USD 12.63
Item in Stock
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