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ID: 3277501 pcs
5.59ct Zircon
9.60mm x 7.78mm x 7.27mm
USD 804.96
Item in Stock
ID: 2926164 pcs
3.27ctw Zircon
5.94mm x 4.93mm x 3.21mm
USD 48.07
Item in Stock
ID: 3715776 pcs
4.37ctw Zircon
6.03mm x 4.18mm x 2.74mm
USD 60.26
Item in Stock
ID: 3377571 pcs
3.57ct Zircon
8.33mm x 6.35mm x 6.33mm
USD 353.43
Item in Stock
ID: 3170501 pcs
7.38ct Zircon
9.50mm x 8.39mm x 8.14mm
USD 1014.75
Item in Stock
ID: 3175424 pcs
2.79ctw Zircon
5.96mm x 4.10mm x 2.64mm
USD 30.69
Item in Stock
ID: 2353226 pcs
4.26ctw Zircon
5.95mm x 3.88mm x 2.87mm
USD 53.68
Item in Stock
ID: 2884801 pcs
1.33ct Zircon
10.18mm x 4.98mm x 2.75mm
USD 27.93
Item in Stock
ID: 3251461 pcs
7.47ct Zircon
9.73mm x 8.60mm x 7.82mm
USD 1027.13
Item in Stock
ID: 2983544 pcs
1.65ctw Zircon
3.79mm x 3.09mm x 2.79mm
USD 27.23
Item in Stock
ID: 2857251 pcs
1.22ct Zircon
7.09mm x 4.85mm x 2.65mm
USD 16.65
Item in Stock
ID: 3538771 pcs
5.40ct Zircon
11.09mm x 7.93mm x 6.73mm
USD 594.00
Item in Stock
ID: 2926484 pcs
3.79ctw Zircon
6.85mm x 4.95mm x 3.18mm
USD 55.71
Item in Stock
ID: 2884671 pcs
1.52ct Zircon
9.93mm x 5.12mm x 3.02mm
USD 33.44
Item in Stock
ID: 2858231 pcs
1.31ct Zircon
10.09mm x 4.96mm x 2.79mm
USD 27.51
Item in Stock
ID: 3984091 pcs
4.26ct Zircon
8.92mm x 8.03mm x 5.83mm
USD 191.70
Item in Stock
ID: 3538761 pcs
5.12ct Zircon
8.95mm x 7.29mm x 7.09mm
USD 563.20
Item in Stock
ID: 2847421 pcs
3.87ct Zircon
8.55mm x 7.66mm x 5.40mm
USD 265.00
Item in Stock
ID: 3170461 pcs
6.04ct Zircon
9.33mm x 7.78mm x 7.21mm
USD 830.50
Item in Stock
ID: 2858241 pcs
1.47ct Zircon
9.96mm x 4.86mm x 2.97mm
USD 30.87
Item in Stock
ID: 3277221 pcs
6.30ct Zircon
9.52mm x 8.11mm x 7.33mm
USD 1108.80
Item in Stock
Blue Zircon
Zircon is a natural gemstone material that has been known since the Middle Ages. The oldest known zircon stones are around 4.4 billion years old. The name "zircon" probably comes from the Persian word "zargun" meaning "gold-colored", though zircon comes in a wide range of different colors as well as the most popular zircon color of blue. Most blue zircon come in a pastel blue, but some exceptional gems have a bright blue color. Zircon is also available colorless, green, dark-red, pink, violet, yellow, brown and orange.

Zircon has great brilliance and intense fire because of its high refractive index and strong dispersion. This means that zircon gems sparkle and make stunning jewelry gemstones. Colorless zircon stones are generally brilliant-cut and have fraudulently been sold as "matura" diamond. On the other hand, natural zircon should not be confused with synthetic cubic zirconia, a common diamond look-alike. Some of the best zircon gems come from Cambodia and have a unique teal-like blue color that is prized by jewelry lovers all over the world.

Although relatively hard, (rating 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale), zircon is brittle and therefore sensitive to knocks and pressure. The gem has the tendency to wear along facet edges. Its use in rings should therefore be limited to protective settings or occasional-wear jewelry. Zircon jewelry should be stored carefully and wrapped separately.

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