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Green Gemstones – A Complete List of Natural Green Gems

Green Gemstones
Green Gemstones

There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a green gemstone.

The first sounds obvious – the color. Gemstones come in an array of green shades and you are bound to love at least one but certain gems have those special hues that fire and sparkle more than others. Our top picks all have sensational green coloring.

The second is the durability or hardness of the gemstone. Unless the stone is going to remain in a display case it will need to take the bumps and knocks of day to day life as a ring or necklace and not break or scratch easily. We would suggest a minimum of 7 on Mohs hardness scale.

Next we have availability and affordability. Colored gemstones are by no means cheap but we do not want to mortgage the family home on the rarest green crystal on earth. Our choices reflect the fact that gemstones are scarce commodities but readably available and within the reach of most people’s finances.

You will probably want to use you green gemstone as an item of jewelry and this can take the form of rings, necklaces, earrings and so on. You may also wish to have matching sets of jewelry pieces. All this means that the gemstones will need to come in a variety of sizes suitable for different occasions and situations.

There are also the gemstone’s spiritual powers to consider. As a general rule, green gemstones are most influential over the Heart Chakra although the blue-green crystals can affect the Throat Chakra and the more yellow-green stones can help the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Generally high quality gemstones are transparent with minimal internal flaws or inclusions. Our choices have high levels of clarity although a few gorgeous but opaque green gemstones appear in our alternatives section.

Right let’s get on with it shall we?

Emerald Gemstones
Shop Emerald Gemstones

Emerald: Undoubtedly the most famous and iconic green gemstone and sought after for centuries. Loved by royalty and the famous for its lustrous green looks and spiritual power.

Hardness 7.5 – 8
Birthstone May
Meaning Truth and love, rebirth and new beginnings. Fertility and Good Luck
See our detailed Emerald gemstone information page here
Tsavorite Garnet
Shop Tsavorite Garnet Gemstones

Tsavorite Garnet: Intense bright greens which rival those of the emerald. A sparkling gemstone with great clarity available in most cuts found in only one African location.

Hardness 6.5 - 7.5
Birthstone January
Meaning A stone of benevolence, prosperity and affluence. Positive and Protective
See our detailed Tsavorite Garnet gemstone information page here
Peridot Gemstones
Shop Peridot Gemstones

Peridot: A very pretty grass green gemstone which is sure to bring a smile to the face. Clear and completely untreated gemstones readily available at great prices in all cuts and shapes.

Hardness 7
Birthstone August
Meaning Boosts strength, bravery and stamina. The green color represents vitality.
See our detailed Peridot gemstone information page here
Green Apatite Gemstones
Shop Green Apatite Gemstones

Apatite is a wonderful gemstone that would attract a much higher price if it were not so relatively soft. It comes in many colors but the greens , especially the Asparagus greens are very popular.

Hardness 5
Meaning Focus and concentration, environmental and humanitarian.
See our detailed Apatite gemstone information page here
Green Tourmaline Gemstones
Shop Green Tourmaline Gemstones

Green Tourmaline The tourmaline family is a versatile and colorful bunch and includes a number of lovely green examples including the rare and expensive chrome tourmaline.

Hardness 7.5
Birthstone October
Meaning The Study Stone, brings happiness and joy. Calming and Uplifting.
See our detailed Tourmaline gemstone information page here
Demantoid Garnet Gemstones
Shop Demantoid Garnet Gemstones

Demantoid Garnet is a rich green garnet gemstone first found in Russia and famous for its fiery luster. Clear examples are very rare but gems with horsetail inclusions are also very much desired.

Hardness 7.5
Birthstone January
Meaning Energizing and Protective, great for unblocking the Heart Chakra.
See our detailed Demantoid Garnet gemstone information page here
Green Sphene Gemstones
Shop Green Sphene Gemstones

Green Sphene is a green gemstone with a high luster and an intensely fiery appearance. Also known as titanite and is usually translucent or opaque and quite tricky to cut.

Hardness 5 - 5.5
Meaning Stimulates the mind and enhances creativity. Good for learning and organization.
See our detailed Sphene gemstone information page here
Green Chrome Diopside Gemstones
Shop Chrome Diopside Gemstones

Chrome Diopside is a rich green gemstone with an envious sparkle that really should be as famous as tsavorites or emeralds. Perhaps it is the odd name or its rarity but this gem is worth a second look.

Hardness 5 - 6
Meaning Compassionate gemstone for nature lovers and environmentalists.
See our detailed Chrome Diopside gemstone information page here
Green Agate Gemstones
Shop Green Agate Gemstones

Green Agate is a translucent to opaque gemstone with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale which means it can be used for any type of jewelry, comes in lovely large sizes, various cuts and shapes and very reasonable prices.

Hardness 7.5
Birthstone May (alternative)
Meaning Abundance and wealth, Love and Security
See our detailed Agate gemstone information page here
Green Fluorite Gemstones
Shop Green Fluorite Gemstones

Fluorite comes in a variety of colors including a delightful green. It is quite soft for a gemstone so is often acquired for collections and for its spiritual powers more than for jewelry items.

Hardness 4
Meaning Clears negative energy and inspires creativity and innovation.
See our detailed Fluorite gemstone information page here
Green Idocrase Gemstones
Shop Green Idocrase Gemstones

Idocrase was first discovered on Mt Vesuvius and are nearly always green. This rare gemstone is more popular with collectors than jewelers but, when well cut, is a very bright and attractive stone.

Hardness 6.5
Meaning Frees the mind and helps attain wishes and desires.
See our detailed Idocrase gemstone information page here
Green Malachite Gemstones
Shop Green Malachite Gemstones

Malachite is an historic gemstone with swirls of light and dark green highlighting its surface. A gemstone that is admired as much for its spiritual strengths as its decorative use.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Meaning The Stone of Transformation, absorbs negative energy.
See our detailed Malachite gemstone information page here
Green Chrysoprase Gemstones
Shop Green Chrysoprase Gemstones

Chrysoprase is an apple green, opaque gemstone from the chalcedony family, usually cut into dome shaped cabochons, excellent for chunky rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Birthstone May (alternative)
Meaning Brings new love, joy and happiness, prosperity and abundance
See our detailed Chrysoprase gemstone information page here
Green Sapphire
Shop Green Sapphire Gemstones

Green Sapphire: Sapphires do not just come in the famous blue, they can also be found in delightful green colors. A very durable and very prestigious gemstone.

Hardness 9
Birthstone September
Meaning The stone of wisdom, abundance and prosperity. Faith and Fortune.
See our detailed Sapphire gemstone information page here
Green Grandidierite Gemstones
Shop Green Grandidierite Gemstones

Grandidierite is a very rare and often expensive gemstone which ranges in color from turquoise to pale green. The only gemstones worthy of cutting and polishing come from the exotic island of Madagascar.

Hardness 7 - 7.5
Meaning Great influence on the throat and heart Chakras.
See our detailed Grandidierite gemstone information page here
Green Amazonite Gemstones
Shop Green Amazonite Gemstones

Amazonite is a light green gemstone with patterns and swirls, used by Ancient Egyptians and named after the famous South American river.

Hardness 6 - 6.5
Meaning EMF protection, calms anxiety, excellent for throat and heart Chakras
See our detailed Amazonite gemstone information page here
Green Aventurine Gemstones
Shop Green Aventurine Gemstones

Aventurine is an opaque green form of quartz which is quite similar in looks to jade with a shimmering polish and a reputation for being good luck.

Hardness 7
Meaning The Lucky gemstone, brings prosperity and wealth, good for gamblers.
See our detailed Aventurine gemstone information page here
Green Jade Gemstones
Shop Green Jade Gemstones

Green Jade is a gemstone of great significance that has been mined and revered in China for at least 5000 years. In the past it was reserved only for imperial families and, to this day, quality gemstones can demand the highest of prices.

Hardness 6 - 6.5
Meaning Jade is a gemstone of purification and protection, harmony and balance.
See our detailed Jade gemstone information page here
Green Kornerupine Gemstones
Shop Green Kornerupine Gemstones

Green Kornerupine is a seldom found, somber colored green gemstone which is usually more sought out by collectors than jewelry makers. The autumnal colors are beginning to catch on with those looking for something a bit different.

Hardness 3.5 - 4
Meaning The Stone of Self-development, promotes emotional stability.
See our detailed Kornerupine gemstone information page here
Green Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstones
Shop Green Maw-Sit-Sit Gemstones

Green Maw-Sit-Sit is a jade-like green gemstone first found in the northern Burmese village of Maw-sit-sit. It is a rock rather than a mineral with interesting patches and feathering.

Hardness 6 - 7
Meaning Revitalizing and re-energizing, calms anxieties.
See our detailed Maw-Sit-Sit gemstone information page here
Green Chrysocolla Gemstones
Shop Green Chrysocolla Gemstones

Chrysocolla is a less well known gemstone which is gaining popularity through its eye-catching green colors and complex patterns as well as its spiritual power.

Hardness 2 - 4
Meaning A communication gemstone ideal for meetings and negotiations.
See our detailed Chrysocolla gemstone information page here
Green Bloodstone Gemstones
Shop Bloodstone Gemstones

Bloodstone is a deep green gemstone with the famous blood red speckles that give it its name. This dramatic looking type of chalcedony is as loved for its spiritual power as its beauty.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Birthstone March (alternative)
Meaning Protection, courage and wisdom, boosts confidence and is an aphrodisiac.
See our detailed Bloodstone gemstone information page here
Green Actinolite Cat's Eye Gemstones
Shop Actinolite Cat's Eye Gemstones

Actinolite Cat's Eye Cat’s Eyes are a pale green gemstone with a glassy finish that displays the chatoyant phenomena with a similar appearance to nephrite jade.

Hardness 5.5 - 6
Meaning Detoxifying and purifying, strengthens the immune system.
See our detailed Actinolite Cat's Eye gemstone information page here
Green Hiddenite Gemstones
Shop Hiddenite Gemstones

Hiddenite Hiddenite is the green sister gemstone to the pink Kunzite, both being examples of spodumene. It can display different shades of green when viewed from different angles giving it a nice twinkle.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Meaning Encourages mental development, humanitarian and loving.
See our detailed Hiddenite gemstone information page here
Green Serpentine Gemstones
Shop Green Serpentine Gemstones

Green Serpentine was so named because its color was similar to that of a classic tropical snake. It is made up of a number of different minerals and has been confused with jade.

Hardness 2.5 - 5.5
Meaning Healing crystal that purifies and detoxifies. Activates Kundalini.
See our detailed Serpentine gemstone information page here
Green Prehnite Gemstones
Shop Green Prehnite Gemstones

Prehnite is a usually translucent apple green gemstone which is gaining in popularity as it becomes more well-known and more readily available.

Hardness 6 - 6.5
Meaning Relieves the suffering from nightmares and phobias. The healer’s healer.
See our detailed Prehnite gemstone information page here
Green Cat's Eye Quartz Gemstones
Shop Green Cat's Eye Quartz Gemstones

Quartz Cat's Eye is a variety of quartz with fibrous inclusions which cause light to be reflected in such a way as to resemble cat’s eyes.

Hardness 7
Meaning Protection from evil spirits, increases psychic abilities and intuition.
See our detailed Quartz gemstone information page here
Green Ruby Zoisite Gemstones
Shop Green Ruby Zoisite Gemstones

Ruby Zoisite is a natural combination of ruby and zoisite. The intertwined pinkish red ruby and mossy green zoisite creates an attractive contrast.

Hardness 6.5 - 7
Meaning Relieves feelings of anger and despair. Encourages personal growth.
Green Variscite Gemstones
Shop Green Variscite Gemstones

Green Variscite is a rare green gemstone more likely found in a collector’s display case than a jeweler’s window although they can make for some very interesting odd shaped pendants.

Hardness 4 - 5
Meaning Calms anxiety and stimulates creativity and self-expression. Good for meditation.
See our detailed Variscite gemstone information page here
Green Seraphinite Gemstones
Shop Green Seraphinite Gemstones

Green Seraphinite is actually a mineral called clinochore which got its new name because the gemstone’s wispy white pattern on a deep green background resembles the feathery wings of an angel.

Hardness 2 - 4
Meaning Heightens all the senses and allows for communication with the inner mind.
See our detailed Seraphinite gemstone information page here

Green Gemstone Chart

Gemstone Color Rating Hardness



7.5 - 8

Tsavorite Garnet


6.5 - 7.5










Demantoid Garnet





5 - 5.5

Chrome Diopside


5 - 6












6.5 - 7



6.5 - 7






7 - 7.5



6 - 6.5






6 - 6.5



6.5 - 7



6 - 7



2 - 4



6.5 - 7

Actinolite Cat's Eye


5.5 - 6



6.5 - 7



2.5 - 5.5



6 - 6.5

Quartz Cat’s Eye



Ruby Zoisite


6.5 - 7



4 - 5



2 - 4

  • First Published: September-11-2020
  • Last Updated: September-11-2020
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