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Green Gemstone Meaning and Healing Powers

Gemstones and the Elementse
Gemstones and the Elements

How does seeing the color green make you feel?

If you are like most people it will conjure up thoughts of nature, grassy fields and lush trees, making you feel refreshed, tranquil and cheerful.

Perhaps that is why emerald, tsavorite and peridot gemstones are among the best selling gemstones in the world today along with many other green crystals.

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Green is a symbol of vitality, new life and growth but will also probably make you think of money and finances.

Most advertisements or websites dealing with ecological or environmental issues will use green lettering and logos as will companies promoting financial services and increased profits.

Different countries and cultures have varying reactions to green:

Western civilizations have a mixed bag of symbolism when it comes to green – it can suggest jealousy, envy and greed but also luck and progress.

Nearly all the flags of Middle Eastern countries have at least a touch of green as it is a color very much connected to Islam. It also represents fertility, money and good fortune.

In the East, green represents nature, fertility and youth. In India it is the traditional color of the new harvest and in China it is the color of the most revered object in society, Jade, the bringer of harmony.

In Africa, green represents the fertile lands of this great continent and the nourishment it provides.

Spiritually, green is a harmonizing and balancing color, it soothes and calms and brings out feelings of unconditional love, tenderness and forgiveness.

Green is the symbol of spring, the beginning of a new season and the time when new life emerges from the barrenness of winter. Sub-consciously it can be a signal to us to make a new start in life – a green light for Go!

Green is the color of the Heart Chakra. If you are holding onto grudges or dwelling on past relationships and struggling to commit to new romances it may be a sign that your Heart Chakra is blocked.

A green gemstone can unblock the Heart Chakra.

Physically, the color green strengthens the heart, lungs thymus gland and respiratory system. It helps fight infection and viruses and can also help resist panic attacks and addiction.

Green Virtues

  • Growth
  • Harmony
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Luck
  • Vitality
  • Refreshing

Green Faults

  • Jealousy
  • Envy
  • Greed
  • Possessive

We have two comprehensive articles on green gemstones on our website:

Green Gemstones - A Complete List of Natural Green Gems

Green gemstones for Jewelry

But here are my top five spiritually healing green gemstones:

Amazonite - the Stone of Abundance

Protects against EMF pollution and balances Yin and Yang

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Aventurine - the Stone of Opportunity

Good luck gemstone for gamblers, strengthens relationships

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Emerald - the Stone of Successful Love

Brings emotional, mental and physical balance. Encourages faithfulness

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Malachite - the Stone of Transformation

Absorbs negative energy and supports spiritual growth.

Shop Malachite Gemstones
Shop Malachite Gemstones here

Peridot - the Stone of Study

Brings happiness and joy, an excellent healing gemstone.

Shop Peridot Gemstones
Shop Peridot Gemstones here

Quick Guide to Green Gemstones

Feature Detail


Lime to Avocado


Growth and New Life


Heart and Lungs


Harmony and Balance




Greed and Envy

  • First Published: September-15-2020
  • Last Updated: September-18-2020
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