Bloodstone Meaning and Healing Powers

Bloodstone Meaning and Uses
Natural Bloodstone

Introduction to Bloodstone

Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, is a dark green variety of chalcedony with red spots resembling drops of blood, hence its name. This unique gemstone is believed to have powerful healing properties, both physically and emotionally. Bloodstone is associated with courage, strength, and vitality, making it a popular choice for those seeking protection and grounding energy. It is said to enhance physical endurance and boost the immune system, making it a valuable tool for promoting overall health and well-being.

Emotionally, bloodstone is thought to help with emotional balance, reducing stress and promoting a sense of calm and inner peace. Overall, bloodstone is a versatile gemstone with a rich history of meaning and healing powers.

Strength Protection Vitality. Three words to sum up the powers of Bloodstone, a gemstone revered by man since civilization began. 

Babylonian warriors wore Bloodstone amulets in battle as it was believed they could stop a bleeding wound and Ancient Greek and Roman athletes wore Bloodstone to increase their endurance during sporting events. The high priests and priestesses of the Egyptian Pharaohs used it in spells and recipes for protection.

Modern day lives may be different but we still face battles of our own and Bloodstone is there to offer support and encouragement during the toughest of times.

It is sometimes called the "Martyr's Stone" and Medieval Christians would carve crucifixes and martyrs in Bloodstone, which got its name from the belief the red spots represent Christ’s blood. This gemstone can remind us of Jesus’ sacrifice and inspire us to put others first and help them whenever we can.

Bloodstone Virtues

  • Protection
  • Courage and Wisdom
  • Anger Management
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Increases Prosperity
  • Unblocks Root and Heart Chakras
  • Aids Blood Circulation
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Supports Immune System

The color of Bloodstone

Bloodstone Color Range
Bloodstone Color Range

Bloodstone’s deep green coloring links this gemstone to green color energy, the renewing life force that encourages rebirth and development. Green indicates luck, prosperity, fertility and money but be wary, it can also mean envy.

The red spots on Bloodstone help create energy, enthusiasm and confidence while also protecting you from anxiety. Red symbolizes passion, energy, warmth and strength however it can also represent aggression and anger.

This red and green color combination is very powerful.

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Bloodstone

We might not face battles like ancient warriors but Bloodstone can protect you from bullying and aggressive behavior from colleagues, classmates or even family members. It will give you the strength to stand up and confront your tormentors or the wisdom to turn the other cheek.

Bloodstone can motivate, increase creativity and positivity and will revitalize you if you are feeling run down. It can also be a calming agent, useful in high pressure situations when tempers can get frayed and self control is important.

Bloodstone has been called the ‘Martyr’s Stone’ and in a modern day reflection of this, it can increase your charitable side. Whether it is giving up some luxuries in life to help others or sacrificing your free time to volunteer for a good cause, Bloodstone will be all the encouragement you need.

The Physical Benefits of Bloodstone

Ancient warriors carried Bloodstone into battle as it was thought it could staunch the flow of blood when wounded and these days it can be used in the treatment of any ailments concerned with the flow of blood through the body.

Physical Bnefits of Gemstones

When I was young I had a lot of nose bleeds and my mum would always put a cold piece of Bloodstone on the back of my neck, it was fair time ago but I seem to remember it worked every time!

It can regulate blood pressure, stimulate blood flow and circulation, boost the immune system and detoxify the blood. It promotes healthy bone marrow, spleen, liver and kidney function and is especially beneficial to women during pregnancy, childbirth, PMS and menopause.

Roman and Greek athletes competing in ancient games would carry Bloodstone as they felt it increased their strength and stamina.

Although we do not recommend it Bloodstone has been traditionally ground down to a powder to be mixed into drinks or food as an aphrodisiac. In fact this still continues to this day in India. The better the Bloodstone, the more powerful the effect and many believe this is why it is so difficult to find high quality Bloodstone gemstones.

Bloodstone and the Chakras

Chakra meditation

Chi, qi, prana, life force, mana, these are all terms from various cultures that refer to the energy within the body that keeps us physically and mentally well. Perhaps the most well-known philosophy concerning this life-force is the Ancient Hindu Chakra system. Chakra can be translated to mean wheel or circle and refers to energy centers within the body that have influence on a particular physical, emotional or mental state.

Each Chakra has an associated color. The seven chakras are as follows, Crown linked with the color purple, Third Eye (indigo), Throat (blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacral (orange) and Root (red).

Occasionally in life the Chakras become unbalanced or unaligned and need to be realigned or unblocked. One way to do this is through the use of Chakra healing stones. These stones or crystals are usually colored to correspond to individual chakras, red for the Root Chakra, orange for the Sacral, yellow for the Solar Plexus, green for the Heart, blue for the Throat, Indigo for the Third Eye and purple for the Crown Chakra.

Although it is predominantly green, it is the flecks of red, caused by iron oxide or hematite impurities within the Bloodstone, which steer it to the Root Chakra. If you are feeling insecure about your job, home or family, then this is a certain sign of a blocked Root Chakra and Bloodstone is the ideal gemstone to help clear it. 

Can Bloodstone unblock Chakras?

There are a couple of simple processes to unblock your root Chakra at home by yourself. The first one could not be easier, just lie down somewhere quiet and comfortable and place a bloodstone over the Root Chakra. If you lie on your back just place the gemstone on your lower belly, if you prefer to lie on your front, place it on your lower back. Close your eyes and breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth and relax.

If you need a stronger boost, grab your Bloodstone gemstone, head outside and find yourself some soft grass or cool soil to stand on, take off your shoes and socks (if you wear them) and really connect your feet to the earth. Hold the Bloodstone, breathe in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth and on each exhale picture all your stresses leaving the body with the breath.

If you find yourself dwelling on old partners, holding grudges, struggling with commitment or trust in a new relationship then this may be a sign that your Heart Chakra is blocked. Although Bloodstone is primarily useful for Root Chakra issues it can also treat the Heart Chakra.

Is Bloodstone a Birthstone?

Bloodstone is a traditional and an alternative birthstone for March.

Please read our Bloodstone information article for more details

Bloodstone and the Zodiac

Bloodstone is traditionally associated with the Zodiac sign of Aries (Mar 21 to April 19)

12 Signs of the Zodiac

How to recharge and cleanse Bloodstone?

If you are using your Bloodstone for a particular health or spiritual issue then it should be cleansed every few days. The best and easiest way is to just run it under tepid water (the more natural the water the better so spring or rain water is best but tap will still work) and let it dry in the sun.

If the Bloodstone is just for general well-being, cleansing every couple of weeks will suffice.

If you want to give your Bloodstone gemstone a bit of a deep cleansing, then try an earth bath. Dig a hole a few inches into the best natural soil you can find, bury your gemstone directly in the soil, leave it for a day or two before retrieving it and cleaning with running water. Just don’t forget where you put it!

Where to place Bloodstone?

Bloodstone attracts prosperity so putting one in the till or cash register will bring in more money or if you are out and about doing business just keep one in your pocket to make the deal go in your favor.

Farmers used to carry Bloodstone when planting crops to increase the yield and we can use this metaphorically when planting seeds of future success in business meetings or investment buys. Or literally if you have a farm or vegetable patch!

Bloodstone can be placed in water in the bedroom to aid a good night’s sleep.

We love to get feedback from anyone who has bought our gemstones and we recently sold some Bloodstone pieces to a regular customer who has an Acupuncture and Reiki Healing Centre in Melbourne Australia.

He swears by the power of gemstones and has them in various parts of the clinic from the reception area to the treatment rooms (I bet there is one or two in the restroom). Anyway, he ordered three large Bloodstones from us and had them engraved with Reiki symbols and placed them on a shelf in the treatment room. In his email, he told us the therapist and customers immediately noticed the difference when entering the room!

For Feng Shui harmony, place Bloodstone on the eastern side of the home to honor your ancestors, in the southeast for prosperity and the southwest (2 gemstones) for love and marriage.

How to use Bloodstone?

Bloodstone can be used in many ways throughout the day.

The simplest way is, of course, to carry one in your pocket or purse, it can influence your activities and thoughts quite happily from there. If you are in need of reassurance or calming just reach for the Bloodstone and use it as a touchstone for extra strength.

Just as easy would be a piece of jewelry. Any type would do as Bloodstone is a very durable gemstone but a pendant or necklace would be especially beneficial to the Heart Chakra.

Bloodstone can be placed about the house or workplace. By the bed in water to aid sleep (change the water if the Bloodstone helped combat a night full of bad dreams), in the cash till to bring in money and placed in any room where its calming and creative powers will be best utilized.

Bloodstone and wealth

Bloodstone can be worn to attract money and wealth and has been traditionally used in spells to gain prosperity. Merchants used to put Bloodstone in the cash box to attract sales. In your home put Bloodstone in the rear left hand side of your home to attract wealth.

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Can I use Bloodstone for Meditation?

Bloodstone can reduce irritability and impatience so is an ideal meditation stone. If you have a major decision to make, meditate with a Bloodstone gemstone in your hand, lap or beside you on the floor, it will clear your mind and you will find that Bloodstone will help you come to the right resolution. 

Can I wear or carry Bloodstone every day?

Bloodstone is a very powerful gemstone and can be very effective in helping severe and immediate issues when it seems you are as low as you can get. There should not be any problems in wearing this gemstone all day, every day, but we all have different tolerance levels for the energy given off by crystals so it may be worth ‘testing the waters’ by introducing it slowly into your life. If you find Bloodstone’s energy too strong put it away for a day or two before trying again.

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Bloodstone Goddesses

Bloodstone is linked to the Roman Goddess of fertility Bona Dea and the Celtic Goddess, Brigid, who held sway over healers, poets and women in childbirth.

Can I help my pet with Bloodstone?

Bloodstone can help boost the immune system for all pets and the removal of toxins. If your pet is recovering from any infections, Bloodstone will speed the return to health.

Bloodstone Elixir

Bloodstone can be used to make a quick and simple elixir by popping a gemstone or two into clean spring or mineral water. Clean and rinse the gemstone first and keep in the water for an hour or two. Just drink the water, make it into tea, add to bath water or dab it on affected area of the skin.

Be warned some gemstones are NOT suitable to be used as elixirs and can be POISONOUS. Take care.

Today in India, specimens of fine bloodstone are crushed and ground into a powder then used as an aphrodisiac. The use of this as a natural Viagra has actually lead to a worldwide shortage of Bloodstone gemstones!

Bloodstone and Dreams

Bloodstone can stimulate vivid or prophetic dreams when kept under the pillow or right beside the bed. Conversely it can also be used to explore past lives while in a dreamlike state.

If the Bloodstone is placed in water, by the bed, it can soothe bad dreams letting you have a good night’s sleep. Change the water if you feel that the Bloodstone had to work during the night to fight off nightmares.

Dreaming about Bloodstone can mean you are set to overcome any difficulties you are facing but it also can mean bad news is coming your way.

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Which gemstones go well with Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a powerful gemstone so any partner stone needs to be strong too or it will be over powered. Turquoise, Diamond and Chrysoprase will be substantial enough to work with Bloodstone as will Amethyst and all other Quartzes.

Is Bloodstone good for Yoga?

Bloodstone is often used by athletes because it boosts vitality and endurance as well as circulation. Bearing this in mind I would say it is an ideal gemstone to wear as a bracelet or to place by the mat during yoga.

Bloodstone and the workplace

Bloodstone is known as a prosperity talisman, it encourages wisdom and knowledge and enhances your organizational qualities, it will also give you confidence and the ability to make decisions. These are all excellent abilities in running a successful business or gaining advancement in your job.

Traditionally a Bloodstone was placed in tills and cash boxes to bring in wealth and there is no reason not to keep up this practice even if old fashioned tills and registers are no longer used. Keep one by the electronic finance terminal or the computer which processes bank transfers or transactions – it will help just like it did old time merchants.

Bloodstone Pendulums

A Bloodstone pendulum is very popular with healers when searching for imbalances of energy within the body.

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Bloodstone and EMF

Bloodstone can help with the symptoms brought on by exposure to harmful electromagnetic field smog but it is not really recommended as a protection against this type of pollution. We would suggest Black Tourmaline or Amazonite.

Handy Guide to Bloodstone

Category Details

Martyr's Stone


Deep Green / Red Spots







Main Virtue

Strength and Protection



Gem Partner

Turquoise / Quartz


Water / Earth


Bona Dea / Brigid

Final thoughts on Bloodstones

GemSelect has been selling gemstones all over the world for nearly twenty years and our customers range from jewelers to collectors, hobbyist wanting gemstones to make their own designs to newly engaged couples getting a ring made but possibly our best customers are those who are interested in their spiritual powers.

We are not authorities on the spiritual powers of gemstones, we just sell them, but we live in a country, Thailand, which respects their influence. The most precious symbol of this country is the Emerald Buddha which sits in the Grand Palace in Bangkok. 

Our home town, Chanthaburi, has been a mining and cutting centre for a very long time and the gemstones are desired as much for their power as their looks. Walk down any street around here and you will see gemstones worn as protective amulets and talismans as much as decorative rings and earrings.

From knowledgeable customers, suppliers and staff members, we have been able to gather together a fair amount of information about Bloodstones, their power and uses. This information is by no-means complete and any suggestions or guidance should not replace the advice of your doctor.

Please read our Bloodstone information article for more details


Disclaimer GemSelect has been buying and selling gemstones for many years now and in that time we have built up quite a relationship with our customers and suppliers. We are not experts in the meanings and health benefits of gemstones but we have been able to speak with and take advice from people who are.

We are based in Thailand where the belief in spiritual and physical benefits of gemstones, herbs, prayers, pilgrimages, amulets, colors and the stars is common and part of nearly everyone’s daily life.

All of our employees have some experience with using gemstones or amulets in order to improve or maintain their physical or emotional health.

The powers of gemstones have been chronicled for 1000s of years and proven time and time again to be effective in improving people lives in many, many ways but we must stress that they are not a replacement for medical treatment.

If you feel unwell or are concerned about your mental health please contact qualified medical help as soon as you can.

In addition we try to research and verify information about the history and efficacy of each gemstone using the internet and various reputable books published by a number of sources.

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