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Diamond Meaning and Healing Powers

Diamond Meaning and Uses
Natural Diamond

Introduction to Diamond

The earliest diamonds were mined in India around the 8th century BC and made their way east to China and west to the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires along the famed Silk Road trading route.

India was once thought to be the world’s only source of diamonds. The early Hindus called the gemstone, Vajra

Vajra means either, thunderbolt or lightning, reflecting a belief that diamonds were created by lightning hitting rocks and acknowledging the power that they possess.

2000 years later, Diamonds were discovered in the new colonies of Brazil, then in the late 1800s massive deposits were found in the Kimberley Mines of South Africa.

These new finds put a dent in the value of diamonds until the marketing department at De Beers came up with the logo “Diamonds are forever’’ and launched a new era of diamond engagement rings.

Diamond Virtues

  • Purity
  • Innocence
  • Truth and Trust
  • Love and Faithfulness
  • Strength and Energy
  • Master Healer
  • Restores Confidence
  • Protects Against Negative Energy

The color of Diamond

Diamond Color Range
Diamond Color Range

Diamonds are traditionally thought off as crystal clear, brilliantly cut gemstones with no color at all but in fact diamonds can come in just about every color. Grey, brown and yellow diamonds are relatively common and quite affordable but move up to the orange, green, pink and they become very expensive.

If you were to come across a natural red or blue diamond you would discover them to be possibly the most expensive gemstones in the world!

Those ancient Hindus recognized 7 different hues available in diamonds:

  • Hanspati - Creamy White
  • Vanaspati - Grassy Green
  • Vajraneel - Light Blue
  • Kamlapati - Salmon Pink
  • Shyamvajra - Light Gray
  • Sanloyi - Lime Green
  • Vasanthi - Black

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Diamond

Diamonds were known as the master healers and were worn by kings into battle as the Stone of Invincibility. This ‘invincibility’ manifests itself to this day bringing emotional strength, courage and determination to all those who wear one.

A diamond will inspire creativity, imagination and innovation and bring clear headedness when facing problems or decision making.

Diamond will bring a vital energy to all your endeavors but be aware this energy could be a negative force. This could magnify certain emotional states whether they are cheery or gloomy.

Diamonds can also help with anger-management issues, depression and anxiety.

According to legend, only honestly acquired Diamonds will bring any emotional or physical benefit.

The Physical Benefits of Diamond

Physical Bnefits of Gemstones

A diamond gemstone can detoxify and purify all the organ systems within the body especially the cardiovascular, endocrine, respiratory and digestive systems.

Diamonds are linked to motherhood and female issues such as labor pains, PMS and the reproductive system.

In times past, Diamonds were thought to cure poisoning if ground up into a powder and eaten. We would not recommend that now but Diamonds are still thought to cure stomach problems, infections and kidney stones.

Diamond and the Chakras

Chakra meditation

The same Ancient Hindus who revered the Diamond also developed the philosophy of the Chakras. Similar to Chi, Prana, Reiki and other cultural beliefs around the world, Chakras are energy centers located throughout the body which influence us physically and spiritually.

Each of these Chakras has a particular color and a gemstone of the same color can have a particular influence to realign or unblock that Chakra if needed.

Diamonds are famously clear or ‘white’ so are connected to the Crown Chakra which is located on the forehead but since they also appear in several other colors they can also be linked to all the other Chakras.

Diamonds also contain all the colors of the rainbow in the white light they contain so, in theory, clear diamonds can also be use in conjunction with all Chakras

Please read our Chakra Gemstones article for more details

Can Diamond unblock Chakras?

Yes, they can.

From time to time, our Chakra points can become blocked or out of alignment which can lead to both physical and emotional problems in our lives. The right gemstone placed over the location of a blocked Chakra can unblock or realign the Chakra.

Say, for example, you feel disconnected from everyone you know, feel isolated or lack trust in friends or loved one, this could be a sign that your Crown Chakra is emotionally blocked. Medical problems of a blocked Crown Chakra might include headaches, insomnia, depression or even schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s.

A white Diamond can be used to unblock the Crown Chakra. Find a quiet spot where you can lie down to relax. Place a white Diamond gemstone on your forehead. Steadily, breathe in through your nose and out through the mouth and picture a glowing white ball vibrating where the diamond is lying on your forehead. Feel the pain leaving your body.

All other colored Diamonds can help with the Crown Chakra but can be beneficial to other Chakras as well, for example:

  • Brown Diamonds - Root Chakra
  • Yellow Diamonds - Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Pink Diamonds - Heart Chakra
  • Blue Diamonds - Throat Chakra

Is Diamond a Birthstone?

Yes, the Diamond is the birthstone for April.

It is also the gemstone to celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary.

Please read our Birthstone by month article for more details

Diamond and the Zodiac

The Diamond is an alternative gemstone for those born under the sign of Aries.

Diamond is also linked to Taurus, Virgo and Libra in the Jyotish Zodiac.

Please read our Zodiac Gemstone article for more details

12 Signs of the Zodiac

How to recharge and cleanse Diamond

As the king or queen of gemstones with a reputation of being indestructible - its name comes from the Greek ‘adamas’ meaning invincible - it has been said that Diamonds do not need cleansing or recharging.

However, I feel this is a matter of choice, and being just about the toughest mineral on earth means that Diamonds can be cleansed by any of the usual methods - water, salt, soil, sun, smoke - and will not be harmed in any way.

Where to place Diamond

Diamonds placed near windows will allow light to shine through the gemstone turning white light into all the colors of the rainbow to be dispersed around the room and home.

A diamond placed in the south of the home will boost your fame and reputation far and wide.

A diamond in the home office or workplace will ensure the best possible financial rewards.

See our Diamonds for sale here

How to use Diamond

Diamonds can be used in several ways throughout the day.

The easiest way is a piece of jewelry. Any type would do as Diamonds are the most durable gemstone and can be made into any type of jewelry.

Just as simple is to carry one in your pocket, purse or bag so it can influence your activities and thoughts quite happily all day. From time to time you can reach for the Diamond and use it as a touchstone for extra strength or encouragement.

Diamonds can be placed about the home either for decoration or to influence the house in a spiritual way, used during meditation and yoga and placed on the body for Chakra healing.

You may want to program or charge your gemstone with an intention. Crystals may be able to work wonders but you might need to give them directions as to what you desire from them. Out loud (or silently if you feel a little self-conscious) ask the gemstone to help you in a particular way.

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Diamond and wealth

Can Diamonds be used to acquire wealth and prosperity? It seems a rather strange question to ask about an object which in itself is a relatively expensive item and in some cases requires riches to buy!

However, certain ancient scriptures, such as the Hindu, Garuda Purana, claim that owning a flawless diamond will bring:

’blessings of good harvests, livestock, wealth and more fortunes’

It is not necessarily one of the gemstones I would recommend for attaining wealth, perhaps Citrine and Aventurine are better examples but its strength, energy and confidence will do no harm in gaining prosperity.

Diamond are supposed to be the best gemstone for good luck and prosperity for those who are born under Virgo and Libra star signs.

See our Gemstones for Wealth article for a few better options here

Can I use Diamond for Meditation and Yoga?

Diamonds are excellent gemstones for meditation, they help with concentration and focus, purify our thoughts, calm and clarify our minds and allow us to obtain our desires.

Be aware that Diamonds are very powerful crystals so are probably not a good idea for novices in the world of meditation and yoga. Diamonds can take us too far with the mysterious universal forces, telepathy, channeling, even opening up blocked childhood traumas so great care should be taken meditating with Diamonds.

The energy and confidence inspired by Diamonds will help with more strenuous yoga sessions.

Please read our Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga article for more details

Can I wear or carry Diamond every day?

Since Diamonds have become the customary gemstone worn as an engagement ring both before and after marriage for women it would suggest that they can be worn everyday without problems however we all react differently to the power of crystals.

If wearing a Diamond feels overpowering then perhaps get your body and mind used to it by wearing it sporadically - every other day or just in the evenings - until you are tuned to its vibrations.

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Diamond Goddesses

The Roman goddess, Angerona, is honored by Diamonds. She is often pictured with one finger to her mouth symbolizing silence or secrets.

Ancient Romans and Greeks thought that Diamonds were the tears of the gods and goddesses.

Can I help my pet with Diamond?

Just like us, our pets can benefit from the spiritual powers of gemstones. Animals also share the Chakra energy wheels that affect their emotional and physical well-being.

Diamonds will have the same influence on your pet as they would on you but I feel that there are some better gemstones suited to animals out there, Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye for example.

Please take a look at our special Gemstones for Pets article here

Diamond Elixir

A diamond or gemstone elixir is pretty straightforward to make. Place a clean gemstone into some mineral or spring water and leave overnight (placed in the moonlight for extra spiritual enhancement) and there you have it.

Remove the gemstone and you have some instant diamond power in a bottle. Drink it, make some tea, put it in a spray bottle for an invigorating mist, pour some in the bath, dab it on the wrist or around the chakra points - the list of uses is endless.

Diamond Elixir is energizing, reduces anxiety and fear, calms overactive imaginations and clears the mind.

Diamond and Dreams

Dreaming about diamonds can mean a variety of things. It could mean unexpected good news if you receive a diamond in a dream or if you are wearing diamond jewelry in a dream it could mean you will soon fall out with a friend.

If you find a diamond in a dream it means you will soon find love too!

Diamonds are not known for inducing good dreams or bad dreams but their purity and protection against negativity suggests they will help get a good night’s sleep.

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Which gemstones go well with Diamond?

I like to think of diamonds as symbiotically enhancing spiritual gemstones. By that I mean that Diamonds will improve the powers of any other gemstone that it is combined with.

Even further, I would say that pairing Diamonds with another gemstone will be mutually beneficial - both will be boosted by the presence of the other!

Diamond and the workplace

Diamonds can be beneficial when worn to work, they inspire confidence and courage and are very energizing but there are probably one or two more that I feel are more suited to the work environment such as Pyrite and Citrine.

Diamond Pendulums

A pendulum is a small weight on the end of a chain or string, it can be any weight, size or gemstone and is used to answer simple yes or no questions to reveal hidden truths about yourself.

As a gemstone of truth and trust, Diamonds would make perfect pendulum gemstones but getting one big enough to be able to swing back and forth at the end of a chain could be an expensive process (though we would love to help if you want one!).

Designing your own pendulum with a more affordable gemstone in combination with a smaller diamond would be an awesome alternative - an amethyst or rose quartz example.

You can use any pendulum over a diamond gemstone placed on the table or floor during a Q and A session and gain the influence of the powerful Diamond in that way.

See our Diamonds for sale here

Diamond and EMF

Diamonds are known to have an incredible capacity to absorb and transmit energy and are a very protective gemstone. For these reasons they could easily be used to combat the dangers of EMF pollution.

EMF or electro-magnetic fields surround our lives in the modern world. All smart phones, computers, wifi routers, just about anything electronic these days, emit waves of energy which can cause all sorts of harm.

Gemstones can provide protection against this pollution or smog. A more affordable alternative to Diamonds would be malachite or amazonite.

Final thoughts on Diamond

The Diamond is surely the most famous of all gemstones, probably the most valuable and certainly featured in more stories and legends than any other.

Revered by cultures both ancient and modern and sought after and fought over by every civilization the world has ever known, Diamonds have cemented their place in human history.

Their story has not always been decent and honorable - just read the names of the so-called cursed Diamonds that have filled the pages of books or inspired Hollywood movies - The Koh-i-Noor, the Shah, the Sancy, the Hope and the Regent.

Surrounded by death, murder and tragedy, these Diamonds have one thing in common, they were all acquired through dubious means or outright theft or deception.

Rest assured, so long as you get your Diamond through honest means its powers will only affect you in the most positive of ways.

Please read our Diamond Information article for more details

Handy Guide to Diamond

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Energizing Master Healer

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