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By Gavin Clarke Aug 05, 2020 Updated Aug 05, 2020

Garnet Meaning and Healing Powers

Garnet Meaning and Uses
Natural Garnet

Introduction to Garnet

Garnet gemstones are one of the most varied and complicated families in the world of crystals and for a detailed explanation I suggest to take a look at our Garnet Information page right here.

Simply put, Garnets are historic and colorful gemstones which have been used as jewelry or as spiritual help for thousands of years.

They range in price from the very reasonably valued reds of the Pyrope and Rhodolite species to the extravagant prices reached by the exotic green Tsavorite and Demantoid versions.

The chemical make-up, variety of sources, array of colors and long history give this gemstone a spiritual gravity not found in many other crystals.

Garnet Virtues

  • Grounding
  • Energizing
  • Protective
  • Healing
  • Balances Energy
  • Improves Sexuality
  • Brings Courage
  • Detoxifying and Purifying

The color of Garnet

Garnet Color Range
Garnet Color Range

With Garnets, the color that usually comes to mind is red, a nice deep red, but Garnets also come in a wide variety of other colors. This range not only makes this gemstone scientifically interesting but also gives it an uncommonly varied spiritual influence.

Generally red crystals imbue action, passion and power, pink gemstones symbolize romance and compassion, green gems represent rebirth and growth, and so on through the rainbow. This color leverage is also very important when it comes to the seven Chakra points covering the body.

Almost unique in the world of gemstones, Garnet covers all these colors and all these spiritual influences.

There are a couple of candidates for the rarest color in a garnet. The rich orange-red Spessartine Garnets known as Mandarin are rare and expensive and there are the rich green Tsavorites and Demantoids.

But probably the rarest is the Color-Change Garnet from Madagascar and Tanzania which can appear blue in the daylight but change to red or purple under artificial lights

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Garnet

The color of gemstones can influence their emotional benefits and we will discuss this further in the section, Garnet and the Chakras, but for the moment we will give a general overview of Garnet’s strengths in dealing with psychological issues.

The most obvious of Garnet’s emotional attributes is in its reassuring and protective support in times of trouble, it will give you the courage to tackle any problem, even those of a life-threatening order, and boost your natural survival instincts to get you out of a sticky situation.

In day to day life it will give you a positive attitude towards work and home, preventing any feelings of insecurity and fear.

It will motivate you and give you the energy to pursue ambitions in your chosen career and help reach relationship goals too.

The Physical Benefits of Garnet

Garnet has been called the Stone of Health so it is not surprising that it can help with a number of physical issues.

Physical Bnefits of Gemstones

Anything to do with the cardiovascular system will benefit from the presence of Garnet – abnormal heart rhythm, high blood-pressure, coronary artery disease, blood flow and circulation to name but a few.

It can detoxify and purify the blood and lungs, improve the metabolism and revitalize and regenerate the whole body. It has particular influence on the pituitary gland – the so-called master-gland – which affects many, many processes within the body.

It may be an emotional issue but Garnet’s positivity can lead to a reduction of stress which in turn leads to a massive improvement in general well-being.

Garnet is also renowned for its stimulation of healthy sexuality in both men and women.

Garnet and the Chakras

Chakra meditation

According to ancient Hindu texts and, these days, many modern philosophers around the world, the Chakras are energy points located throughout the body which influence us physically and spiritually.

Each of these Chakras has a designated color and a gemstone of the same color can have a particular influence to realign or unblock that Chakra if needed.

As Garnets can be found in virtually every color in the rainbow, they can be used with almost any of the Chakras but the lower body from the Root to the Heart Chakra is the most obvious.

Please read our Chakra Gemstones article for more details

Can Garnet unblock Chakras?

Yes, they certainly can. Garnets are most famously red and many of the most popular forms, such as Pyrope and Rhodolite, come in red tones. These are especially good with unblocking or realigning the Root Chakra.

Signs of a blocked Root Chakra include panic attacks, feelings of insecurity, general anxiety and depression which can lead to angry out bursts and eating disorders. A red Garnet will be able to realign the Root Chakra and alleviate these symptoms.

Red garnet is also believed to be able to awaken and release Kundalini energy located around the root Chakra.

Hessonite and Spessartite Garnets can be found in gorgeous orange colors so will have an influence on the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras while the famous Demantoid and Tsavorite Garnets are green in color so can unblock the Heart Chakra.

The simplest way to use Garnet is to identify the particular blocked Chakra then find a relaxing spot to lie down with a Garnet gemstone placed on or near the Chakra point.

Is Garnet a Birthstone?

Garnet is the official birthstone for January.

A very historical gemstone it is thought that Garnet was one of the original precious stones found on Aaron’s breastplate – an object many believe led to the tradition of birthstones.

Please read our Birthstone by month article for more details

Garnet and the Zodiac

Reflecting its long-time association with January, Garnet is the gemstone for Aquarius

Please read our Zodiac Gemstone article for more details

12 Signs of the Zodiac

How to recharge and cleanse Garnet

Garnet is a very durable gemstone and can be cleansed in any of the more familiar ways, water, sea water, smudging, sunshine and moonlight would all work perfectly.

Since I live close by both the ocean and a number of waterfalls I like to cleanse my crystals in either of these two great resources.

With smaller or more expensive gemstones I take a mesh bag – you will never find a crystal lost in the surf and sand – and let the fresh water from the waterfall or the waves of the sea flow over the gemstones within.

After the cleansing, I lay out my crystals under the warming sun – while I find some shade – and let them get thoroughly recharged. Garnets are a completely natural and untreated gemstone so will not be affected by salt water or strong sunlight.

Where to place Garnet

As we have mentioned, Garnet is a very versatile gemstone which comes in a variety of colors. As such it can be placed in a number of places about the home to help particular aspects of your life.

For example, the entrance to your home is very important as it is where outside energy enters the house. You want to encourage good energy and reject negative energy. Some positive and protective Garnet near the front door would be ideal.

Likewise doorways can influence the whole house so placing crystals above or near a door will influence all that passes through that door.

Feng Shui divides the house into areas of different influence according to compass direction. The north of the house, for example, deals with your journey through life and your ambitions.

Protective and motivating Garnet could be placed in the centre of your home where it can safeguard the whole family.

Garnet is also a Stone of Commitment and of sexuality so a gemstone or two in the bedroom will encourage a loving and happy relationship.

Garnet encourages abundance and prosperity and placing one in your home office or desk at work will help no end.

See our Garnet for sale here

How to use Garnet

Garnet can be used in several ways throughout the day.

The easiest way is to carry one in your pocket, purse or bag so it can influence your activities and thoughts quite happily all day. From time to time you can reach for the Garnet and use it as a touchstone for extra strength or encouragement.

Just as simple is a piece of jewelry. Any type would do as Garnet is a very durable gemstone but a pendant or necklace would be especially beneficial to the Heart Chakra.

Garnets can be placed about the home, used during meditation and yoga, placed on the body for Chakra healing and even used as decoration.

One thing you might want to think about when using any crystal to enhance your life is to program or instill your gemstone with an intention. Crystals may be able to work wonders but you might need to point them in the right direction – metaphorically that is!

Close your eyes and, with the gemstone in your hands, breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth three times. Out loud (or in your head if you feel a little self-conscious) ask the gemstone to help you in a particular way.

Try to think of the bigger picture during this process. Rather than say, “I want a promotion before next month”, you might say, “Please let me have the career I deserve and will bring me happiness and satisfaction.”

Garnet and wealth

Garnet has many attributes that can bring wealth. It is motivational and energizing which will give you the ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude needed to succeed in any enterprise.

It is an ideal gemstone for times of crisis. If you find yourself in financial difficulties or facing economic catastrophe, Garnet will be there to give you the courage and positive attitude needed to resolve your problems.

Yellow to green Grossularite Garnets are known to be prosperity stones and the orange to red Almandine Garnets are thought to generate management skills, especially for time-keeping and assignment scheduling.

See our Gemstones for Wealth article here

Can I use Garnet for Meditation and Yoga?

Garnet is a great gemstone for both meditation and yoga. It is grounding, balancing and energizing, all great attributes for this type of contemplation.

All types of Garnet can be useful but, with the wide variety available, individual Garnet gemstones can be specialized for particular benefits.

Orange Spessartine Garnet is calming and focusing when used in meditation and it is can be especially useful for people who have trouble concentrating.

The red Almandine Garnets are great stress reducers and work well in anger management meditation.

Another red Garnet is the Pyrope which is not only good for mediation but also excellent for the more physically demanding yoga exercises.

Please read our Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga article for more details

Can I wear or carry Garnet every day?

We all have different reactions to the spiritual powers of gemstones. Some can comfortably wear the most powerful of crystals every day while others find some gemstones overwhelming unless only worn occasionally.

Garnet is forceful but not usually too intense. I suggest trying Garnet for a day or two, if you feel a little overpowered or over stimulated, take it off and slowly wean yourself back into wearing it every day.

Alternatively just wear your Garnet gemstone when you feel its presence is most needed.

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Garnet Goddesses

Once again the vast array of Garnet species has led it to be associated with a number of different goddesses.

All types of Garnet honor the Egyptian Goddess of War, Sekhmet, while the red Pyrope and Almandine Garnets honor the Greek Goddess of Harvests and Fertility, Demeter.

Golden orange Spessertine Garnet has an affinity with another Greek Goddess, Persephone, who rules over the Spring season.

Can I help my pet with Garnet?

Just as crystals can benefit us humans, they can also be used for our pets in much the same way.

Pets have a similar Chakra system as we do and gemstones can influence them too. A nervous pet could be showing signs of a blocked Root Chakra and Garnet will be a great help.

Other Garnet benefits for pets include blood circulation, the reproductive system and fighting depression.

Please take a look at our special Gemstones for Pets article here

Garnet Elixir

A Garnet gemstone can be popped into clean spring or mineral water. Clean and rinse the gemstone first and place in the water for an hour or two. Then just drink the water, make it into tea, add to bath water or dab it on an affected area of the body.

Garnet makes a highly energizing elixir bringing enthusiasm, motivation and passion. Put some elixir into a spray bottle and give yourself a spritz when you need uplifting or on your way out the door for some extra energy.

As a side note, several gemstones are NOT safe to use as an elixir – please take care with gemstones other than Garnet.

Garnet and Dreams

As a protective gemstone, a Garnet can be placed under the pillow or in the pillowcase to keep it in position to ward off bad dreams.

Dreaming about a Garnet gemstone suggests you have control of your life and have a focused goal that you wish to attain. If someone gives you a Garnet gemstone in a dream, that person will be instrumental in helping you find order in your life.

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Which gemstones go well with Garnet?

Garnet is a passionate and sexual gemstone and works well with Rose Quartz and Carnelian when looking for romance or love. Together they can also strengthen the relationship you are already in.

For security and protection, try a Garnet in combination with either Tiger’s Eye or, once again, Carnelian.

If you are looking for financial success (and who isn’t?) put Garnet with Citrine or Aventurine and, for a creative boost, combine your Garnet with moonstone.

As you can see Garnet is very much a team player in the gemstone world.

Garnet and the workplace

Garnet is an excellent gemstone to have at the workplace, on your desk or on your person while working.

It is motivational and energizing so will give you the enthusiasm and stimulus to work well and reach your career goals.

Garnet has a great creative energy so anyone working in artistic or innovative fields will surely reap the benefits of this gemstone. Even more mundane employment will always be uplifted by a boost of imagination.

Garnet brings courage so if you have an important upcoming meeting or are planning to ask the boss for a raise or promotion, keep some Garnet with you.

Garnet Pendulums

Pendulums can be a great way to reveal hidden truths about yourself. Asking a crystal suspended from a string or chain, a series of yes or no questions accesses your subconscious and can be a lot of fun.

Garnet can be used as a pendulum but finding nice big Garnets can be an expensive process although we do have some stunning opaque Tsavorite pears and ovals that would make amazing pendulums.

Alternatively you can use a regular quartz pendulum suspended over a Garnet gemstone. Garnet gemstones have been used as talismans over the centuries so offer some protection when used as pendulums.

See our Garnet for sale here

Garnet and EMF

The modern world, full of smart phones, computers, wifi connections and smart TVs, is inundated with harmful electro-magnetic waves. Gemstones can offer protection from this invisible pollution and while garnet is protective and grounding I would suggest Black Tourmaline, Malachite and Amazonite are better alternatives.

Final thoughts on Garnet

Garnet is one of our most ancient gemstones, used in the Bronze age and Ancient Egypt more than 5000 years ago, written about in the story of Noah in the bible (it was the only light on the Ark) and in the books of Roman historian, Pliny.

Cultures from Sumeria in the Middle East, to the Hindus in India, to the Vikings of Scandinavia and across the Atlantic to the Aztecs and Mayans of America have held this multicolored crystal as magical and used them in their most sacred rituals.

Garnet’s wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes underpin its versatility as a protective and healing gemstone, able to benefit all manner of physical and emotional ailments and unblock nearly all the body’s Chakras.

There we have it, in garnet we have a gemstone of unmatched beauty and peerless spiritual strength.

Please read our Garnet information article for more details

Handy Guide to Garnet

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