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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg

Gemstones to attract Wealth

Wealth Gemstones
Wealth Gemstones


Over the centuries it has been observed that certain gemstones have had an effect on the prosperity of their owners and so have gained a reputation as wealth and abundance stones.

The influence of Gemstones on our lives has a long history which has been documented in ancient Vedic (Hindu) and Unani (Greek) texts which detailed healing powers and treatments.

When a gemstone is placed within someone's aura, vibrations and good energy are channeled into that person, changing their physical and mental outlook.

In addition, gemstones contain the concentrated energy of certain color rays and the influence of the planets and stars that they are associated with.

To make the most of their impact, you can wear these gemstones as jewelry or carry them with you in your pocket or purse. Take a crystal to meetings or place them near your cash drawer, sales register or Paypal Virtual Terminal.

So, which are the best gemstones for attracting wealth? We list the 10 best wealth gemstones.

Citrine - The Merchant's Stone

Natural Citrine Gemstones
Natural Citrine Gemstones

Its golden color lead to an association with money and trade and was often kept in the cash drawers or wallets of merchants.

Green Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity

Green Aventurine
Natural Green Aventurine

A Ventura means ‘by chance' in Italian and this green gemstone has long been thought of as a gambler's best friend.

Jade - The Heavenly Stone

Natural Jade GemstonesX
Natural Jade Gemstones

Chinese tradition has it that Jade can bring prosperity, especially if carved into a dragon or used in Feng Shui.

Pyrite - The Lucky Stone

Natural Pyrite
Pyrite Gemstones

Perhaps because it looks like gold, Pyrite is known as the ultimate gemstone of luck, prosperity and abundance.

Malachite - The Stone of Transformation

Natural Malachite
Natural Malachite

Take care because it can encourage risky business decisions but if they pay off fortune and prosperity will come your way.

Sunstone - The Stone of Leadership

Natural Sunstone
Natural Sunstone

What better way to attract wealth is there than running a successful business?. Sunstone helps by motivating creativity, enthusiasm and leadership.

Tiger's Eye - The Stone of the Mind

Natural Tiger's Eye Gemstones
Natural Tiger's Eye Gemstones

This gemstone encourages action, taking away your fear of what could go wrong. It helps you make decisions with a clear head.

Carnelian - The Artist's Stone

Carnelian Gemstones
Carnelian Gemstones

This gemstone will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm for what you do, inspiring you to success.

Peridot - The Stone of Study

Peridot Gemstones
Peridot Gemstones

Sounds boring but the best way to a prosperous and successful life is a good education. This lovely green gemstone will help you get you through school and college.

Jasper - The Supreme Nurturer

Natural Jasper
Natural Jasper

"The harder I work, the luckier I get", said someone famous a long time ago. Jasper will bring diligence and organization to your daily life, helping both work and career.


Gemstone Epithet


Merchant's Stone


Stone of Opportunity


Heavenly Stone


Lucky Stone


Stone of Transformation


Stone of Leadership

Tiger's Eye

Stone of the Mind


Artist's Stone


Stone of Study


Supreme Nurturer

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