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What gemstones are considered lucky?

Each gemstone has its own special sphere of influence as far as luck is concerned, it may bring good fortune for business, make you lucky in love or boost your chances at the card table - which one is ideal for you?

Lucky Gemstones
Lucky Gemstones

"The harder I work, the luckier I get."

This quote has been attributed to many people from Thomas Jefferson to Tiger Woods but whoever said it obviously never owned an Aventurine gemstone!

Just kidding, gemstones cannot work magic all by themselves but they can bring you luck if you open yourself up to their positive emotional energy and influential vibration.

Over the centuries, certain gemstones have gained a reputation for bringing luck or good fortune to those who possess them. We have researched the history books and spoken with some of our knowledgeable clients and suppliers to come up with a great selection of gemstones for luck.

Forget the lucky rabbit's foot, the four leaf clovers, the horse shoes and all the other superstitions and let's get back to the original talismans and amulets of history.

We shall begin our list with the foremost gemstone of luck, Jade.

Gemstones for Luck - Jade - The Stone of Luck and Happiness

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Jade has been a symbol of prosperity, abundance and good luck in China for as long as 8000 years perhaps that is why so many green gemstones are still considered symbols of good fortune to this day.

Jade is famously green but in fact can be found in several colors including creamy white, lavender and orange amongst others.

It is said to contain the energy of Mother Nature and can bring all its abundance into your life. It will attract wealth, love, friendship and success and symbolizes peace and serenity.

Jade can clear the paths to prosperity if you feel the way is obstructed either by your own lack of motivation or by outside influences. It will dismiss any negative or pessimistic attitudes and allow you to reach your full potential.

Jade has been an emblem of luck in many cultures throughout history including Chinese, Maori and Mayan.

Jade Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Pyrite - Fool's Gold

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Do not let the nick name 'Fools gold' put you off as it is probably the flashy metallic appearance that first brought about this gemstone's connection to luck, prosperity and abundance.

The bright reflection given off by pyrite mirrors that of the sun, and it links you to its revitalizing energies. This vitality will give you all the good fortune need to achieve all you ambitions in life.

Pyrite Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Peridot - The Money Stone

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If you are looking for a bit of good luck in gaining financial success then it could be time to wear or carry some peridot gemstones. The green color is a classic symbol for money.

When it comes to making decisions about money, trust peridot to let you make the right call. It is a great gemstone for meditation to gain luck and wealth.

Peridot Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Citrine - The Lucky Merchants Stone

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Sunny yellow citrine gemstones have been kept by the cash drawer or in the purse for centuries by merchants and traders hoping to give themselves an edge in running a successful business.

Citrine's positive energy will not only bring wealth and prosperity but also inspires generosity and wisdom in spending our money so as to not lose everything we have gained.

Citrine is also a well-known uplifting and optimistic gemstone in general that will lift your spirits no matter the circumstances.

Citrine Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Tiger's Eye - The Shapeshifter

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Tiger's Eye has a long history as a lucky talisman. Roman soldiers wore them in battle to bring them courage and good luck. It was given to anyone heading out on long journeys for protection from unknown dangers and was especially effective in fighting off the 'Evil Eye', cast by a wicked and malignant glance.

Symbolically the lines found on the surface of Tiger's Eye represent the various paths to success and the 'eye' can see the opportunities life offers you.

Of course, sometime luck can just be down to confidence - if you know you are going to succeed you usually do - and Tiger's Eye will give you all the confidence in the world.

Tiger's Eye Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity or The Gambler's Rock

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I hate to encourage gambling but if you do enjoy a flutter, a game of cards or just buy a lottery ticket, then aventurine is the gemstone for you. Even the name comes from the latin word 'a ventura' meaning 'by chance'. For an extra dash of luck, you are supposed to put the aventurine gemstone in your left pocket.

In a more practical way, Aventurine is also a gemstone that will let you spot opportunities that you might otherwise miss - boosting intuition is another way of saying it - increasing your fortune through smart decision making.

Aventurine Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Labradorite - The Stone of Serendipity

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Labradorite is a high vibration frequency gemstone that will bring good fortune to all those that possess one or more. It can bring clarity to decision making which can lead to good life choices which will appear 'lucky' on the surface.

Labradorite has been called 'the Stone of Serendipity' and 'the Stone of Synchronicity'. Don't let these long words put you off as they combine good luck and gemstone spirituality perfectly.

Synchronicity was first suggested by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the coincidences that occur inexplicably from time to time in your life - with labradorite by your side these coincidences will be more likely beneficial than harmful.

Serendipity refers to a joyful accidental discovery or random piece of good fortune. It comes from the word Serendip which was the former name of Sri Lanka an island of fantastic unexpected treasures - and the source of wonderful gemstones to this day.

When looking at a labradorite gemstone you will come across astonishing new colors and patterns every time you examine it.

Labradorite Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Carnelian - The Stone of Motivation

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'Carnelian is a talisman, it brings good luck to child and man' So said Germany's finest poet and scientist, Goethe.

An even older quote goes back to ancient Babylonia:

'No man who wore a carnelian was ever found in a collapsed house or beneath a fallen wall.'

For nearly as long as there has been civilization, Carnelian has been considered a good luck charm and with that kind of history who are we to argue? It is even one of the few gemstones allowed by the Muslim faith.

In addition to its protective qualities, Carnelian also brings creativity, vitality and courage to anyone who wears one.

Carnelian Gemstone Information

Gemstones for Luck - Rose Quartz - The Stone of Love

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'Lucky at cards, unlucky in love', or was it the other way round? I can't remember now but I do know that if it is love you are looking for, Rose Quartz is the stone for you.

Rose Quartz is perfect for all forms of love, be it romantic or platonic, passionate or compassionate, it even opens you up to self-love and if you cannot love yourself, how can you accept the love of others?

If you are suffering from a broken heart, Rose Quartz will be the best friend who will help you to recover and learn to love all over again and this time with the right person.

Rose Quartz Gemstone Information

How can I use gemstones to boost good luck?

Gemstones cannot magically bring about a lottery win or an instant promotion but they can create an aura around you that favorable for good fortune to occur.

If you are hoping for a bit of good luck in a job interview, on a date, at the casino or wherever, wearing a gemstone as an item of jewelry or carrying one or two in your purse or pocket will allow it to be a nearby positive influence.

Before heading out on any trip or activity where luck could play a part you could perform a manifestation ritual using one of the recommended gemstones. Visualize good luck coming your way while holding the gemstone in your hands - you could even directly ask for the gemstone to bring you some good luck.

Place the gemstones around your home as decoration - not only will they look great but they can be a ever present influence on your daily life.

Lucky Gemstone Chart

Gemstone Brings Luck in









Tiger's Eye

Seeing Opportunities




Unexpected Treasure


Protection from Danger

Rose Quartz


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  • Last Updated: May-14-2021
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