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Gemstones for Hope

Gemstones for Hope
Gemstones for Hope

The usual definition of the word 'hope' is the desire for something to happen - 'I hope I get a bike for Christmas' - but it can also include such feelings as faith, aspiration, belief, optimism, ambition and the like.

In current times - it is coming up to the middle of 2021 - hope has become even more important in the lives of millions across the world than it has for decades. It could be argued that to give up hope is the worst thing possible - much more painful than even the direst situation you may have imagined.

In many ways, just hoping for something good can make you feel better whether it materializes or not - seeing yourself hugging loved ones, getting married, travelling the world, getting that dream job will keep your spirits and emotions up.

How can gemstones help our hopes?

Gemstones such as amazonite and aventurine can boost hopes and aspirations with their positive energy and spiritual vibration. They will not cast any magic spells to make your hopes a reality but they can enhance the efforts you are already putting in.

Are there any more gemstones to support our hopes and dreams?

Yes, digging deeper, I have come up with a few more gemstones and crystals that will help whenever you feel you are beginning to lose hope.


Amazonite is the gemstone most often associated with hope. It is well known for its encouraging abilities which increase self-esteem and confidence and diminish any negative thoughts. It helps clear the mind and focus your attention on achieving any goals and ambitions you may have.

Its cool blue and sea green colors represent calmness, clear thinking, creativity as well as new beginnings and growth.

Amazonite is also a 'lucky' stone often worn by those who enjoy gambling and card games. In Ancient Egypt, where is was known as 'Neshmet', a chapter of the Book of the Dead, which guided the pharaohs into the afterlife, was engraved on Amazonite.

Nickname: 'Stone of Success and Abundance'.

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Aventurine shares a few similarities with Amazonite - in appearance, although it is usually a darker green and personality as a bringer of good luck.

Aventurine is especially effective in ridding you of old baggage, the disappointments and poor habits of the past allowing you to tackle new opportunities with enthusiasm and optimism.

It promotes feelings of well-being and inner peace and helps you make decisions from the heart that will be emotionally satisfying and comforting.

Nickname: 'Stone of Opportunity' and 'the Gambler's Stone'.

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The glowing golden green color of Peridot is an immediate 'pick-me-up', inspiring optimism and hope for any endeavor or pursuit.

It is a positive energy gemstone which resonates with the energy of the sun, bringing abundance, joy and purpose. It will release you from past emotional experiences which may be holding you back and let you move forward with renewed hope.

There is no hope without perseverance and Peridot, with its reputation as the Stone of Study, will give you the determination and willingness to succeed.

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Another gemstone bursting with the life-giving vitality of the sun is Sunstone, a lovely orange gem with the magical sparkling affect known as aventurescence or 'schiller' where internal inclusions of hematite glitter and shine.

Sunstone is traditionally linked to good luck, fortune and wealth, worn by Vikings as talismans during their explorations and plundering journeys and by Ancient Greeks for protection.

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Rose Quartz

Our hopes and dreams are often centered around matters of the heart - romantic relationships, marriage, family and friends. This is where Rose Quartz comes into its own.

Rose Quartz is the classic gemstone of love and this means all types of love from the unconditional love of parents for their children, the passionate love you feel for a new lover, the affection for a true friend and the universal love we have for mankind and nature.

In addition, Rose Quartz can motivate self-love which will allow you to feel worthy of the love of others and spur your dreams of a rich life full of affection and devotion.

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Snowflake Obsidian

So far, all of our gemstones have shared a light and bright appearance but we will finish with the dark and dramatic Snowflake Obsidian.

Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of manifestation and a stone of intuition. It will help your hopes to be fulfilled and help you choose the right path to take by letting you appreciate your talents and abilities.

It will help you spot opportunities and assist you to persevere whenever those hopes are in danger of crashing to the ground. Like the splashes of white on the dusky obsidian background it will be the light shining at the end of your tunnel.

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How can gemstones boost our hopes?

To get the best out of your gemstone, just close your eyes, hold your stone in the palms of your hands, breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth and visualize all your hopes and dreams unfolding.

You can even say the words out loud, "Anything is possible, my dreams will come true." Or "Give me the courage to reach my goals." Or whatever it is that you hope will improve in the future.

The easiest way to benefit from the positive influence of your gemstone is either to wear it as some sort of jewelry or just keep one or two in your pocket or handbag. They can accompany you throughout the day.

Or you can decorate your home with some gemstones - by the bed, near the bath, on a shelf - where their positive and hopeful vibrations can fill the house.

Gemstones for Hope Guide

Gemstone Special Power


Stone of Success and Abundance


Stone of Opportunity


Study Stone


The Power of the Sun

Rose Quartz

Stone of Universal Love

Snowflake Obsidian

Stone of Manifestation

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  • Last Updated: May-11-2021
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