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The Perfect Love Stone

Love Gemstones
Love Stones

What is love? A racing heart, feelings of euphoria or is it despair and despondence?

A tricky question that has been tackled by philosophers, poets, authors, song writers and movie makers over the centuries.

Love can be romantic, playful, unconditional, selfish or selfless, enduring and affectionate or obsessive and jealous but as the Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran, wrote:

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."

To celebrate our supreme emotion, we have put together a selection of the best gemstones for love, beginning with the 'stone of universal love', Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz does it all. It opens the heart to new love, attracts romantic love and inspires self-love. If you are in a relationship already, it will reinforce trust and harmony and if you are recovering from a lost love, it will help heal a broken heart.

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Ancient Romans and Greeks honored the goddess of love, Venus or Aphrodite, with the gemstone, emerald. It represented true love and fertility and has been called the 'stone of successful love'. Legend has it that if you wear an emerald you can tell if your lover's promises are real or not.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that a wife would remain faithful if wearing an emerald while her husband was away – what a great excuse for getting an emerald as a gift.

Pink Tourmaline

A stone of love and compassion, Pink Tourmaline, is also famous for its ability to help deal with a broken heart and its special connection to the Heart Chakra. Perhaps it is the delicate color, but Pink Tourmaline resonates especially with those experiencing the first stirrings of young love.

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Garnet is an essential gemstone of lust and romance, passion and intimacy. It stimulates sexual desire, boosts stamina and potency and is associated with fertility, the heart, blood flow, life force and the inner flames of emotion.

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The name Rhodochrosite is derived from the Greek word Rhodos meaning rose – an age-old symbol of love. The 'stone of the compassionate heart', rhodochrosite will help with broken hearts and encourage a positive outlook, letting you know that love will return to your life one day.

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Moonstone is a gemstone of sensuality, fertility and feminine energy. It will nurture compassion and empathy for others. It can be used to rekindle a sluggish relationship or reunite parted lovers. Wearing moonstone while making love on the night of a full moon will increase intimacy to new levels.

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The 'stone of love' has been the ultimate symbol of passion, lust, sexuality and devotion for centuries. They increase desire and energy, they allow one to enjoy the sensual pleasure of life and attract romantic partners.

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Rubies are the traditional 40th anniversary gemstone gift, representing nearly a lifetime of love together.

So, there are our magnificent seven gemstones for love. Whether you present them as a gift to the love of your life or buy one for yourself, their spiritual strength will envelope you with the power of love.

Quick Guide to Gemstone for Love

Gemstone Best Attribute Color

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love



Successful Love


Pink Tourmaline

Young Love



Sexual Desire






Feminine Energy



Passionate Love


  • First Published: January-14-2021
  • Last Updated: January-14-2021
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