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What is a Crystal Pendulum?

A pendulum is an object suspended from a fixed point that is allowed to swing freely to and fro by way of gravity and momentum. It is used to control various forms of machinery such as clocks and earthquake seismometers.

A crystal or gemstone pendulum is a small stone attached to the end of a string or chain and is used to answer questions about life, love, money, health, relationships and work according to its movement.

A pendulum can only respond, 'yes', 'no' or 'maybe' so the questions need to be phrased in such a way to allow a clear answer.

Gemstone pendulums can also be used for:

  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Cleansing Auras and dispelling negativity in the home
  • Grounding
  • Unblocking Qi energy lines

What gemstone should I use as a pendulum?

Any gemstone can be used as a pendulum and my first recommendation would be a gemstone that you feel comfortable with or you are drawn toward. Even a gemstone you already own or has been in the family for a while could be the ideal stone.

Top 6 gemstones which would make great pendulums:

Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstones are often connected to communication and I think the long revered Lapis Lazuli would make an ideal pendulum. It harmonizes mind, body and soul, clarifies thought and promotes honesty and deep inner knowledge.

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This attractive gemstone is a blend of amethyst and citrine (which also make great pendulum crystals). Ametrine can inspire you to connect with the spirit world. It is a stone of mental clarity, creativity and resolution.

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Rose Quartz

Pendulums are often used as a way of finding true love and there is no better gemstone to deal with all matters of the heart than Rose Quartz - the Stone of Unconditional Love.

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Aventurine represents good luck, vitality and prosperity. It encourages perception and intuition and balances the emotional and intellectual halves of the mind. It can calm angry and negative thoughts, too.

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Sodalite is another mostly blue gemstone which encourages logical thinking, impartiality and truth. It is also a gemstone of verbalization and communication which can lead to the resolution of disagreements.

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Jasper is a strong healing and protective gemstone known as the Nurturing Stone. It is very grounding and calming and helps you to find sensible and realistic answers to common problems.

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How do we use a crystal pendulum?

Using a gemstone pendulum is a straightforward process and can be a fun way to access the subconscious. There are a few simple steps to take before you can begin the questions.

First, it is a good idea to cleanse your crystal pendulum.

It will depend a little bit on which gemstone you are using but just about all crystals can be cleansed and charged by holding it under cool running water.

This ritual can be enhanced by using fresh spring water or a waterfall, placing the stone under the moonlight or in the sunlight, smudging with smoke or rubbing between the palms of your hand.

Charge your gemstone pendulum with an intention.

While optional, this practice can enhance the effectiveness of your gemstone. Find a peaceful location and hold your gemstone pendulum in your hands. Take slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, allowing yourself to become calm and relaxed. Once in a tranquil state, communicate your intentions to the gemstone. For instance, you can request assistance in matters related to love, finance, or career advancement.

Clear your mind and be open to the answers that your pendulum will give you.

Do not try to anticipate or influence the outcomes. Be accepting and free from prejudice.

Determine the signals that indicate 'Yes', 'No' and 'Maybe'.

This can be done in two ways.

The pendulum will usually move in one of 4 directions, back and forth vertically or horizontally and in a circular motion, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

You can ask the pendulum to, 'show me Yes', and make note of the movement of the pendulum and do the same for 'No' and 'Maybe'.

Or you can tell the pendulum how to answer. 'Swing horizontally for 'Yes'', and so on.

Then begin a Q and A session with something simple to get things rolling.

  • Is my name Gavin? - Yes
  • Do I live in Thailand? - Yes
  • Am I 27 years old? - No
  • Will I get a date with Beyonce? - Maybe

Once you have got used to your pendulum's movements, it is time to move on.

How should I phrase questions for my pendulum?

Prepare the questions that you would like answered by your crystal pendulum.

Remember to phrase the questions in such a way that they can be answered, 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe'.

So something like:

'Is it a good idea for me to go on holiday to Mexico with Katy?'

Is quite specific and can be answered 'Yes', 'No' or 'Maybe'.

'Will I have a boy or a girl?'

Is NOT a good question as it cannot be properly answered.

If the pendulum does not move in an obvious way do not be afraid to ask for a clear answer:

'Please respond louder'.

Now, with an objective and unemotional mind, you are ready to begin.

How do I use gemstones in pendulums?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a gemstone for a pendulum.

The gemstone at the end of the chain needs to be fairly substantial in order to swing freely in a way that can be easily understood. Think about a gemstone which is available in large sizes.

Certain gemstones are very spiritually influential but either not available in large sizes or exorbitantly expensive. In this case a small gemstone can be attached to a large crystal and they can work very nicely together.

You may have a number of potent crystals but do not want to use them as a pendant. You can use any pendant swung over a crystal placed on the floor or table - it can be effective from there. This can work for rings, too, especially old family heirlooms.

Pendulums can also be used to treat the Chakras.

Hold the pendulum above the seven chakra points located around the body. The movement of the pendulum can indicate if there is a problem with the particular chakra:

  • Pendulum swings clockwise - Free flow of energy through open chakra
  • Pendulum swings counter clockwise - Energy flow is blocked
  • Pendulum swings in straight line - Energy flow is partially blocked
  • Pendulum does not move - Energy flow is completely blocked

See our article on Chakra gemstones to see which gemstones to use to unblock the relevant chakra.

Do not misuse your pendulum

  • Do not use your pendulum instead of seeking professional mental or physical medical care.
  • Do not use your pendulum if you are feeling stressed, angry or mentally unbalanced.
  • Do not use your pendulum on another person without their explicit permission.
  • If you are helping another person - are you skilled enough to offer advice?
  • Do not rely upon a pendulum for all your decisions - take responsibility for your actions.

Remember, using a pendulum should be a fun way to reveal hidden truths about yourself, not a solution to all of life's difficulties.

Quick Guide to Pendulum Gemstones

Gemstone Influence

Lapis Lazuli

Inspiration, Wisdom and Truth


Decision Making

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love


Perception and Intuition


Communication and Truth


Grounding and Protection

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