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Gemstones for Friendship

Gemstones for Friendship
Gemstones for Friendship

"A real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out." Walter Winchell

Having a best friend or a few close friends is possibly the most important factor in having a happy life. Good friends prevent feelings of loneliness, relieve stress, bring joy and happiness, comfort and support during difficult times and a sense of belonging.

I don't know about you but I feel that any activity is made all the better by having a friend next to you to share the experience.

There are a number of characteristics that are shared by everyone that changes from a stranger into a close friend - loyalty, honesty, respect, empathy, love and trust - throw in fun and laughter and you have your BFF!

How many friends should I have? Ignore the hundreds or thousands of 'friends' on Facebook, it has been estimated by psychologists and anthropologists that our brains are capable of having friendships or acquaintanceships with roughly 150 people but typically we will have a core of between 3 and 5 close or real friends.

How can gemstones help me make and keep good friends?

Wearing gemstones can create an aura of energy which can affect your feelings and the emotions of those around you. If you are trying to make new friends or need to tell your oldest friend something special then a particular gemstone worn as jewelry or placed in your pocket can ensure success.

Making and keeping good friends is not easy. First of all you need to make contact with another person, nurture an initial acquaintanceship, develop a trust and a bond, maintain communication whether close or far and sacrifice your time and space to keep a lifelong friendship going.

Gemstones can help friendships at every step of your journey.

Let's begin with Communication - you cannot make a friend without some sort of connection through speaking and listening, an exchange of ideas and views, in person, on the phone or through the internet.

Gems for Friendship - Communication - Lapis Lazuli

Blue gemstones are often spiritually connected to communication and we cannot do better than recommend the 'original' blue gemstone - the name literally means blue stone - Lapis Lazuli, with a sacred history stretching back 6000 years and a nickname of 'The Stone of Friendship'!

Communication in a real life situation or through social media can be intimidating or embarrassing and if that happens Lapis Lazuli can be your best buddy. It will give you the confidence and the courage to overcome uncertainty and insecurity and help you make new friends as easy as pie. Wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry or just carrying a gemstone to a party is a sure fire way to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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Gems for Friendship - Communication - Turquoise

Another historic gemstone is Turquoise, a good luck talisman that has earned the name 'The Stone of Communication' for its beneficial properties in aiding friendships. Its use is so ancient that, like Lapis Lazuli, the color is named after the stone not the other way round.

Traditionally it was seen as a link between the sky and the earth or the mortal life and the afterlife and was symbolic of communication between the two worlds.

Its renowned protective powers are only effective if the stone is a gift from a friend.

Turquoise will inspire you to be more demonstrative and vocal in your relationships and surround them with supportive and affectionate energy. This vitality works equally well with romantic affairs and with platonic friendships.

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Gems for Friendship - Honesty - Sapphire

Sometimes it may not be what you want to hear or to say, but honesty is always the best policy when it comes to close friends.

Sapphires have traditionally symbolized honesty, loyalty and trust - all essential attributes of a good friend. They have been used as engagement rings because of their historic links to faithfulness and sincerity.

Blue sapphires are the most prestigious and loved but they can be found in many other colors too, each with their own particular power - pink sapphires encourage love and forgiveness, green calms feelings of envy and eases grudges, black sapphires give confidence and security.

In medieval times, sapphires were used to test the fidelity of both lovers and allies. The sapphire changed color when worn by the unfaithful.

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Gems for Friendship - Honesty - Pearl

Pearls are celebrated for bringing out our best qualities - honesty, integrity and truth. They are probably mankind's oldest gemstone with a history that can be traced back 10,000 years!

The tradition of brides wearing pearls on their wedding day comes from their symbolic link to purity and honesty. Hindu folklore has a legend in which the god Krishna plucked a pearl from the ocean to present to his daughter, Pandaia, on the day she was getting married as a symbol of purity, love and union.

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Gems for Friendship - Empathy - Hematite

Empathy or understanding is a vital component in being a good friend. Being able to put yourself in another person's shoes and not to be judgmental will help in building and maintaining existing relationships.

Hematite is a very interesting looking gemstone with an almost metallic appearance and a real 'heft' to it when you hold one. It is famous for its grounding and protective qualities but it is also ideal as a gemstone to help empaths.

The security and confidence given to you by hematite allows you to be a supportive and non-judgmental friend, to offer a shoulder to cry on in times of need, and share the pain your friend or friends may be suffering.

You can either wear or keep a hematite gemstone yourself or give one as a gift to a friend for their protection from negative energies.

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Gems for Friendship - Compassion - Rose Quartz

There will be times when your friend or friends will suffer from some sort of emotional trauma and it will be down to you to offer sympathy and compassion to help them through a difficult period.

Rose Quartz is the classic gemstone for compassion - and as a bonus all forms of love and affection - and is perfect for this situation.

It is especially useful when it is a matter of the heart - a romantic break up or an unrequited love.

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Gems for Friendship - Respect - Carnelian

A vital part of any friendship is respect - both the respect you have for your friends and the self-respect you have for yourself. Without both there can be no true affinity between you.

Carnelian instills self-esteem as well as feelings of fraternity or brotherhood with your friends. With bonus attributes such as sociability, emotional warmth and awareness of the feelings of others, carnelian is a great all-round gemstone for friendship.

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Gems for Friendship - Fun - Sunstone

If nothing else, friendships should be about fun - there is not much point in having friends if you do not enjoy their company. The prefect gemstone to inject a little joie de vivre in any relationship is sunstone.

Bringing the energy and light of the sun to any activity, sunstone is energizing and revitalizing. It will encourage independence, creativity and originality so taking one of these gemstones on an outing, trip or to a party is a perfect way to make things exciting and successful.

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Gems for Friendship - Trust - Amazonite

Trust is one of the vital foundation stones in any friendship or relationship. If you trust your friends you can confide your deepest secrets and emotions and if they trust you they will feel safe in opening their hearts.

Amazonite will encourage you to trust both your friends and your instincts (helping you spot false friends quickly) and instill trustworthiness within yourself. This gemstone will also inspire your nurturing and loving side so you can be more understanding when someone trusts you with a confidence.

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Gems for Friendship - New Friends - Malachite

At some point in life you will try or need to make new friends. For some people this is easy, for others striking up a conversation with strangers or suggesting a coffee is terrifying.

Malachite will give you the confidence to make new friends and protect you when you are feeling at your most vulnerable.

In addition, malachite can help you recognize the good people around you and spot potentially toxic relationships that you need to avoid. Malachite will be very protective of you and any new buddy, absorbing negative energy and boosting your empathy which will help smooth any conflicts in the early days of a new friendship.

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There we go, ten great gemstones to help you make and keep friends for life. And don't despair, despite lockdowns and dodgy dating apps there are 7 billion potential friends that share planet earth and as WB Yeats said,

“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't yet met.”

Gemstones for Friendship Guide

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