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By Oct 26, 2020 Updated Nov 02, 2020

Gemstones for Children

Gemstones for Kids
Gemstones for Children

Take any child to a crystal or gemstone store and you will see their eyes light up in wonder. I am sure it is the colors and the resemblance to treasure in the movies that first attracts them but pretty soon each child will be drawn to a favorite.

Without the cynicism that life experience can bring, children can sense the energies of many of these crystals and the placebo effect can be especially effective in enhancing the gemstone’s spiritual powers.

When choosing gemstones for children, there are a number of factors to consider.

  • Let the child’s intuition help you – you may like the classy aquamarine but little Johnny wants the Rose Quartz!
  • Investigate the benefits of a particular crystal, is it good for relaxation, study, nightmares, confidence and so on. Pick the one to suit your child’s needs.
  • Hopefully the children will want to hold and perhaps play with the gemstone so choose one that is not so delicate that it will break. Crumbly or sharp stones should be avoided, too.
  • Similarly, make sure your child is old enough to know better or the gemstone is big enough not to be a choking hazard.
  • I am not sure how rich you are but kids do lose things easily (mine do anyway) so I would suggest a reasonably priced crystal would be a good idea rather than an expensive emerald or sapphire. If your name is Kardashian, please ignore this last sentence.

There is no doubting the power of certain crystals to influence and help us both physically and mentally and they have been doing so for thousands of years in every culture on the planet but children can be very receptive to suggestions about the power of their gemstone.

If your child suffers from nightmares, a ‘magic’ Amethyst crystal on the bedside table that chases away bad dreams could be the answer. Do the cleansing and intention rituals together and it will be even more successful.

Right, let’s get to the gemstones shall we?

Since I have already mentioned it, we will begin with Amethyst.

Amethyst – Beautiful deep purple color straight from a fairy tale

Shop Amethyst Gemstones
Shop Amethyst here

Better than a glass of warm milk to bring on a night filled with nothing but peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams. Also a generally soothing and calming gemstone for excitable children.

Moonstone – A glowing almost liquid-like sheen with a radiant aura

Shop Moonstone Gemstones
Shop Moonstone here

White moonstones are another gemstone which helps keep away nightmares and calms a child’s fear of the dark. Moonstones also bring protection and luck during trips.

Peridot – A sparkling lime green with flashes of yellow and gold

Shop Peridot Gemstones
Shop Peridot here

Often called the Study Stone, peridots can be kept in the bedroom or homework area to encourage learning and creativity. Older children can take them to school as a pendant or in a bag.

Tiger’s Eye – Honey colored with swirls of red, brown and black

Shop Tiger’s Eye Gemstones
Shop Tiger’s Eye here

This gemstone will give your child the boost of confidence needed for that first day of school, going to a party, meeting new friends or getting up on stage for a presentation.

Rose Quartz – Soft, milky pink color

Shop Rose Quartz Gemstones
Shop Rose Quartz here

The crystal of universal and unconditional love. Not only will it make your child feel loved and cherished but it will encourage him or her to love everyone else around.

Clear Quartz – Fine transparent gemstone

Shop White Quartz Gemstones
Shop Clear Quartz here

This crystal is known as the Master Healer and will treat all the minor ailments, knocks and bruises that active kids suffer from time to time.

Citrine – Light lemony yellows and burnt oranges

Shop Citrine Gemstones
Shop Citrine here

I guarantee any upset or sad child will perk up at the sight of this sparkly golden gemstone. It brings the energy of the sun and a smile to every face.

Sodalite – Deep blue with wisps of white

Shop Sodalite Gemstones
Shop Sodalite here

This is the gemstone of logical reasoning and rational thinking, something every child and every parent could appreciate more of. Excellent for focus and concentration during homework and exam time.

These gemstones can be placed on bedside tables, lined up on a shelf, as part of a display or made into cool jewelry to wear. They can be carried to school in a pocket, a zipped up pouch or tucked away in a backpack.

At school here in Thailand, many classes begin with a five minute mediation session which works wonders to settle the children down. Some meditation with a gemstone in the hand or placed on a chakra point will relax any child.

Use the gemstone as an introduction to a simple science, geology and geography lesson – how they were formed, where they are found and where they come from.

Quick Guide to Gemstones for Children

Gemstone Child’s benefit


Helps sleep and stops nightmares


Soothing and Calming


The Study Stone

Tiger’s Eye

Courage and Strength

Rose Quartz

Unconditional Love

Clear Quartz

The Master Healer


Happiness and Optimism


Focus and Concentration

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