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ID: 3631601 pcs
31.62ct Variscite
37.95mm x 20.48mm x 5.26mm
USD 158.10
Item in Stock
ID: 3631561 pcs
24.24ct Variscite
30.03mm x 19.92mm x 5.52mm
USD 121.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3631621 pcs
36.04ct Variscite
33.62mm x 24.51mm x 6.02mm
USD 180.20
Item in Stock
ID: 3631591 pcs
26.96ct Variscite
23.73mm x 22.82mm x 7.77mm
USD 134.80
Item in Stock
ID: 2551961 pcs
18.47ct Variscite
24.83mm x 17.92mm x 5.49mm
USD 154.83
Item in Stock
ID: 2551991 pcs
21.61ct Variscite
24.90mm x 17.97mm x 6.10mm
USD 157.75
Item in Stock
ID: 3916561 pcs
47.09ct Variscite
31.47mm x 5.88mm
USD 76.29
Item in Stock
ID: 2552021 pcs
21.86ct Variscite
24.95mm x 17.97mm x 6.26mm
USD 159.58
Item in Stock
ID: 3631651 pcs
53.16ct Variscite
39.04mm x 27.88mm x 5.84mm
USD 265.80
Item in Stock
ID: 3916621 pcs
41.60ct Variscite
33.75mm x 24.93mm x 5.80mm
USD 67.39
Item in Stock
ID: 3631611 pcs
35.33ct Variscite
32.72mm x 20.47mm x 5.93mm
USD 176.65
Item in Stock
ID: 3631181 pcs
20.48ct Variscite
27.03mm x 18.01mm x 6.09mm
USD 102.40
Item in Stock
Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral and high quality specimens are used as gemstones and for carvings. Its name derives from Variscia, the historical name of Vogtland in Germany, where it was first found in 1837. At one time it also went under the name Utahlite, since important deposits have also been found in Utah, USA.

Variscite is often confused with turquoise, though variscite tends to be more green in color rather than blue. The variscite from Nevada, USA, which usually contains black spiderwebbing in the matrix, can easily be confused with greenish turquoise. Gemologists can definitively separate variscite from turquoise, since turquoise contains traces of copper whereas variscite does not. Variscite is colored by traces of chromium rather than copper.
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