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By Sep 11, 2020 Updated Sep 16, 2023

Tourmaline Meaning & Healing Properties, Metaphysical Stone

Tourmaline Meaning and Uses
Natural Tourmaline

Introduction to Tourmaline

Tourmalines are one of the most potent crystals in the gemstone world. The Black Tourmaline is arguably the most powerful and most helpful gemstone known to man

I would suggest everyone has one nearby at all times - but tourmalines can also be found in all colors of the rainbow.

Tourmalines possess a genuinely magical phenomenon that will amaze even the most cynical person. If you heat and cool or rub a tourmaline crystal it will become electrically charged with one end positive and the other negative. It can then attract tiny dust particles - they used to be used to clean the old ash from tobacco pipes.

18th century Swedish botanist Carl Von Linne, who invented the system of naming organisms still used today, called tourmaline "the electric stone."

Tourmalines are a high quality gemstone much sought after by jewelry makers. They range from the simple black much loved by those with a spiritual bias to the almost impossibly expensive and flashy neon blue Paraiba tourmalines found in the most exclusive jewelers.

Tourmaline is also highly regarded in the spiritual realm. It brings healing powers to shamans or medicine men. It is what is called a “receptive stone,” which means it is soothing and calming, magnetic and spiritual, promoting meditation, wisdom and mysticism.

Tourmaline Virtues

  • The Receptive Stone
  • Calm and Serene
  • Balance and Understanding
  • Flexibility and Strength
  • Inspiration and Compassion
  • Happiness and Positivity
  • Protection and Purification
  • Grounding and Perspective

The color of Tourmaline

Tourmaline Color Range
Tourmaline Color Range

The name tourmaline comes from the old Sinhalese word, ‘toramali’, which means mixed gems, reflecting the array of different colors that can be found in this crystal.

Each color has its own special properties and powers:

  • Black - Protective and grounding
  • Pink - Encourages compassion and gentleness
  • Yellow - Encourages inventiveness and creativity
  • Green - Rejuvenating and revitalizing
  • Red - Boosts confidence and sexuality
  • Purple - Helps release emotional attachments

As we have said, tourmaline comes in just about every color imaginable, including two or even three colors in the one gemstone.

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Tourmaline

Again the differing colors have their own special properties, for example black tourmaline gives one self-confidence and strength during difficult times, pink tourmaline relates to matters of the heart and love while blue tourmaline encourages open mindedness and honesty.

In general, the emotional healing benefits of tourmaline are based on its energy - it will clear negative energy or transform it into positive energy which will, in turn, strengthen both body and mind.

The Physical Benefits of Tourmaline

Physically, once again the different colors of the tourmaline mean it will affect different parts of the body.

Physical Bnefits of Gemstones

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Tourmaline and the Chakras

Ancient Hindu beliefs tell us we have seven sacred points within our bodies which influence our physical and mental well being. These points are called Chakras and are centers of energy that go from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

Chakra meditation

These Chakra points have their own specified color and gemstones of the same or similar color can be used to unblock or realign a blocked Chakra.

Since tourmalines can be found in every color they can be used to treat all the Chakras.

Please read our Chakra Gemstones article for more details

Can Tourmalines unblock Chakras?

Yes, tourmalines can help with all the Chakras, just match the color to the Chakra, for example:

  • Black/Red Tourmalines - Root Chakra - Enhances feelings of security and confidence
  • Pink/Green Tourmalines - Heart Chakra - Warm feelings of love will envelope you
  • Blue Tourmalines - Throat Chakra - Improves communication and throat and thyroid issues
  • Purple Tourmalines - Crown Chakra - Reduces headaches and migraines.

Discover which Chakra seems to be blocked and then use the appropriately colored tourmaline for treatment. Find yourself a quite area to lie down with the gemstone placed on the Chakra location. Breathe calmly, relax and let the tourmaline get to work.

Is Tourmaline a Birthstone?

Yes, Tourmaline is the official gemstone for October.

You would also traditionally give a gift of tourmaline to celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary.

Please read our Birthstone by month article for more details

Tourmaline and the Zodiac

Tourmalines are usually linked to those born under the sign of Libra. Tourmalines are thought to bring balance to your life just as the sign for Libra is the Balance or Scale. At this time of the year (September 23 to October 22) the days and nights are equal length - the Earth and Sun are in balance.

Please read our Zodiac Gemstone article for more details

12 Signs of the Zodiac

How to recharge and cleanse Tourmaline

It is a good idea to cleanse and recharge your gemstones every week or so, especially if they have done some serious work.

Many people say that, since black tourmaline repels negative energy, it does not need cleansing and recharging. However all other colors do and cleansing black tourmaline will do no harm.

At around 7.5 on Mohs hardness scale, tourmalines are durable enough to withstand almost any cleansing treatment and they are not commonly treated in any way to enhance their looks so sunlight or salt should not cause any problems.

(At GemSelect we ALWAYS tell you if our gemstones have been treated in any way but we cannot guarantee any other sources.)

The simplest way to cleanse is to just run your gemstones under running water - a spring or natural waterfall is best but the tap will suffice. Then put them in the sun for an hour or two to recharge.

If it is not very sunny where you are, a quick ‘smudge’ by passing it through the smoke of an incense stick or burying your crystal in the earth for 24 hours will do the job.

Try not to let other people handle your tourmaline, or any other crystal, as this may interfere with the connection you have made with it.

Take off any tourmaline jewelry at night to give your body a rest from the gemstone’s energy.

Where to place Tourmaline

Not surprisingly, the color of your tourmaline will influence where it is best placed.

Red tourmalines are linked with fame and reputation according to the traditions of Feng Shui and should be kept in the south part of the home to boost your standing. The color red has the energy of emotion, passion and love so could be placed in the bedroom.

Green tourmalines are more connected with new growth and development so could be left in the room of a young child or anywhere a new project is taking place.

Blue tourmalines are soothing and calming so keep them in any room used for relaxation.

Black Tourmalines can be kept in the office or any workplace with lots of electronic equipment as they can protect you from electromagnetic pollution.

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How to use Tourmaline

There are many ways to use tourmalines throughout the day to get the best out of its spiritual benefits.

The easiest way is as a piece of jewelry. Tourmalines are beautiful, high quality gemstones that can be made into any kind of jewelry items from rings to pendants to necklaces. They can then be influencing you all day.

Bear in mind the color of the tourmaline will indicate which Chakra will be most influenced - red for the Root Chakra, blue for the Throat Chakra and so on. A tourmaline pendant will be close to the Heart and Throat Chakras, earrings will be near the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and so on.

Sometimes it might not be appropriate to wear expensive looking jewelry or you prefer not to wear it, so the tourmaline crystals could be carried in your pocket or in a purse or handbag. They can continue to influence you from there and can always be touched when extra reassurance is needed.

At home, the house can be decorated with tourmalines or they can be placed on appropriate Chakra points during relaxation or meditation.

See our Gemstones to decorate your home article here

Tourmaline and wealth

Tourmalines are not necessarily an obvious ‘wealth’ gemstones in the same way that citrine or aventurine can be used to gain money through business but they can help indirectly.

Tourmalines can help you deal with negative or difficult people - giving you patience and encouragement to continue with your journey.

Tourmalines give you self-confidence and motivation, both handy attributes in gaining wealth through your own hard-work.

See our Gemstones for Wealth article here

Can I use Tourmaline for Meditation and Yoga?

Tourmaline is an excellent meditation and yoga gemstone. Black tourmaline is renowned as perhaps the best crystal for use when meditating. Its grounding qualities connect you to the earth’s energy and allows you to feel safe and secure when exploring the metaphysical world.

After a particularly ethereal meditation or yoga session there is a tendency to feel a bit ‘out of it’ or ‘spacey’ and some black tourmaline will bring you back down to earth.

Please read our Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga article for more details

Can I wear or carry Tourmaline every day?

We all react differently to the spiritual powers of gemstones. Some people can wear the most powerful crystals every day without a problem while others find certain gemstones just too overwhelming.

Tourmalines have a gentle power so they should not cause too many people problems but they may trigger something within you. If so, I suggest you put your tourmaline away for a day or two until you feel strong enough to wear or hold it again.

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Tourmaline Goddesses

Once again it is the black tourmaline which has the most well known connection with the spiritual realm of goddesses. Manat, the Arabian goddess of faith and Aradia, the Italian Moon goddess are both honored by black tourmaline.

All tourmaline colored gemstones are also associated with Venus, the Roman goddess of love.

Can I help my pet with Tourmaline?

Tourmalines, like almost any gemstone, can influence the health and well-being of our pets in the same way that they can influence us. Animals have a similar system of Chakra points about the body as humans so a correctly colored tourmaline placed in the right location could be used to help your pet.

A rescue animal is very likely to feel insecure and anxious when brought to a new home. This feeling of insecurity is linked to the Root Chakra. In animals, the Root Chakra is based just above where the tail meets the body. A black, brown or red tourmaline can align the Root Chakra in such a way as to reassure your new pet.

I cannot vouch for this product but I have read about a pet mat which is made of fibers infused with tourmaline. I know about the benefits tourmalines can have on us and, if you believe the blurb, this mat will do wonders for your pet.

(Google ‘tourmaline pet mat’ - we have no connection to the people who sell them and I am not recommending them, just interesting.)

Please take a look at our special Gemstones for Pets article here

Tourmaline Elixir

Gemstone elixirs are simple to make. Put a clean gemstone into some fresh mineral water and leave it there for an hour or two - in the moonlight for a bit of a boost. Remove the gemstone and you have an elixir enhanced with all the powers of your particular crystal.

(Be aware that some gemstones can be dangerous if immersed in water)

The elixir can be drunk cool from the fridge, made into herbal tea, put in the bath for a relaxing soak, dabbed on afflicted body parts or put in a misting bottle and sprayed around a room, office or whole house.

Drinking this elixir will keep negative influences at bay, improve sleep, and can alleviate stress, pain, tension, muscle and joint problems.

Tourmaline and Dreams

Dreaming about gemstones in general is usually a good omen and a sign of fortune coming your way.

Dreaming about tourmaline gemstones in particular is once more related to the color of the tourmaline.

For example dreaming about a pink tourmaline may suggest that even after a failed relationship you will find love again, and this time it will be true love.

A yellow tourmaline in your dreams may indicate money coming your way.

A purple tourmaline is a sign of a long and contented marriage.

Blue Tourmaline under the pillow or next to the bed encourages a good night’s sleep, insightful dreams and lucid dream recall.

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Which gemstones go well with Tourmaline?

As a general guide certain types of crystals can combine well:

  • Gemstones of a similar color
  • Gemstones with the same crystal structure
  • Gemstones with the same element
  • Gemstones with the same zodiac association
  • Gemstones with the same Chakra association
  • Gemstones with the same mineral group

Using this idea we know that all tourmalines have a trigonal crystal structure and so do quartz and jasper and they all work together very well.

White Quartz Gemstones
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Jasper Gemstones
Shop Jasper Gemstones here

Red or pink tourmaline will work splendidly with similarly colored rose quartz and morganite to enhance love and romance.

Rose Quartz Gemstones
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Morganite Gemstones
Shop Morganite Gemstones here

Green tourmaline paired with peridot or aventurine can work wonders on a blocked Heart Chakra.

Peridot Gemstones
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Aventurine Gemstones
Shop Aventurine here

Tourmaline and the workplace

Tourmaline is a gemstone of opportunity so it will help you see potential openings for advancement or a new job.

Tourmaline helps dispel any surrounding negativity as well as giving you self-confidence, both very important for a successful time at work.

Tourmaline will assist you in reconciliation and forgiveness which can be very useful in stressful work situations enabling relationships to continue to grow. This can be useful at work and in your personal life.

Tourmaline Pendulums

Tourmaline is a highly revered shamanic gemstone often used in scrying, forecasting and other rituals for protective purposes. This makes it an ideal gemstone for a pendulum.

Pendulums are an enjoyable way of revealing hidden truths about yourself. Suspend a crystal from a string or chain or use a gemstone pendant and ask a series of yes or no questions to access your subconscious. The movement of the pendulum reveals the answers.

The extra protection afforded by a black tourmaline as well as their availability in large sizes for reasonable prices make them perfect for pendulums.

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Tourmaline and EMF

The modern world is full of smart phones, computers, wifi routers and interactive TVs and consequently we are engulfed with harmful electro-magnetic waves.

Luckily in black tourmaline we have one of the most powerful protective gemstones in the fight against this EMF pollution. This tourmaline will repel all damaging waves so a piece on your desk or worn as a pendant would be perfect.

See our article on EMF Protection Gemstones here

Final thoughts on Tourmaline

Tourmalines could be the most versatile and multi-talented gemstone that are possible to obtain. They come in all colors of the rainbow, can be found in spectacular sizes, can be cut into any shape and are tough enough the take the knocks and bumps of everyday life.

One of the tourmaline family members is the Paraiba, described as neon, electric, vivid, and appearing in dazzling blues and greens, valued at more than $10,000 per carat! Another version has distinctly divided color zones - pink and one end, deep green at the other - called watermelon tourmalines.

If that was not enough, they also happen to be one of the most powerful and respected spiritual crystals in the world. Tourmalines are an energizing gemstone, boosting our life force energy or chi and helping us discover new horizons - the crystals of explorers, adventurers and investigators.

Please read our Tourmaline information article for more details

Handy Guide to Tourmaline

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