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Gemstones to decorate your home

Gemstones for Decoration
Gemstones for Decoration

We have been wearing gemstones as jewelry for thousands of years and gemstone crystals are well known for their physical and spiritual benefits, why not extend their versatility and use them to decorate your home?

Gemstones can make any room look great and their powers can flow around the house promoting wellbeing to all.

Simple ideas include a few gemstones dotted along a bookshelf or a mantle, a platter or a bowl full of gemstones on a hall cabinet, a dinner table centre piece or some larger crystals on a side table or console.

You can be a bit more creative by making or buying wire wrapped gemstones to hang on a wall or from light fixture, constructing a gemstone mandala or chakra display, decorate a mirror or picture frame, building a crystal garden or attaching gemstones to vases, bowls or planters.

Place gemstones next to candles or lamps or even the fire place for a very romantic look. Put candles or small plants inside geodes. Get a bit more ambitious with a display cabinet or a religious or spiritual remembrance shrine.

But what gemstones should you choose to decorate your home?

There are a few things to consider when using gemstones as ornaments. Obviously the gemstones need to be attractive and in a color that will suit their surroundings. The spiritual powers need to be suitable for their location.

Sharp edges and being easily swallowed is not a good idea when children and pets can get to them.

Based on good looks, appropriate spiritual powers, the principles of feng shui, availability and affordability here are 12 great gemstones to decorate any home.

Around the entrance to your home

Black Tourmaline

In makes sense to begin at the entrance to your home and I suggest some Black Tourmaline near the front door. This gemstone is one of the best crystals for protection, it will ground the energy of your home and seal it with a strong shield. If anyone enters your house with negative energy, the Black Tourmaline will absorb this adverse energy and put up a barrier so it will not affect you.

Black Tourmaline Gemstones
Black Tourmaline

In the Living Room

Lapis Lazuli

Lapiz Lazuli is not only a gorgeous blue gemstone which has decorated the lives of every culture from the Ancient Egyptians onward but it is a stone of peace, harmony and communication. Anyone with a family will appreciate the importance of those three attributes.

Lapis Lazuli Gemstoness
Lapis Lazuli Gemstones


Another gemstone which promotes balance and harmony is Fluorite. It also eases stress and anxiety so having some placed about the living room will calm any family friction and bring a relaxing atmosphere to get-togethers.

Fluorite Gemstoness
Fluorite Gemstones

The Kitchen


With a name that is derived from flesh, it is not surprising that Carnelian makes a great gemstone for the kitchen. This gemstone stimulates creativity and will get your imagination going when thinking of some new dishes for the household. It is also an energizing crystal so after a long day’s work it might be just what you need to find the strength to get dinner going!

Carnelian Gemstones
Carnelian Gemstones

In the Home Office


Citrine is known as the Merchant’s Stone so if you have an office in your home, keep this gemstone on the desk or bookshelves to ensure financial success.

Citrine Gemstones
Citrine Gemstones


Any modern office will be full of electronic equipment to keep you in touch with the world - smart phones, computers, routers, wifi and so on. With all these devices comes the inevitable EMF pollution, so protect yourself with Malachite which blocks and absorbs harmful waves like no other gemstone.

Malachite Gemstoness
Malachite Gemstones

The Bedroom


We spend at least a third of our lives in the bedroom so we should have a couple of powerful friends in there with us. You cannot get a stronger gemstone than Amethyst - protective, calming, it improves sleep and wards off nightmares - just perfect.

Amethyst Gemstones
Amethyst Gemstones

Rose Quartz

Another bedroom buddy is Rose Quartz, a well known gemstone of love, it will improve relationships, inspire romance and encourage you to enjoy the time spent with the ones you love.

Rose Quartz Gemstoness
Rose Quartz Gemstones

In the Garden


A gemstone of both good luck and abundance, Aventurine comes in gorgeous green colors that reflect the plants, bushes and vegetables of a healthy garden.

Aventurine Gemstones
Aventurine Gemstones

Gemstones that look so good they can go anywhere!


On face-value, Charoite is a purple gemstone but look deeper and you will see some lilac and violet as well as some creamy swirls and black flecks. Its beauty is not just skin deep as this gemstone is called the ‘Stone of Transformation’ as it can switch negativity to positivity in an instant.

Charoite Gemstones
Charoite Gemstones


This sturdy gemstone with a fantastic polish comes in every color you can imagine as well as a myriad of swirling patterns, patches and stripes. A striking Jasper gemstone would make a real statement as a decorative piece and its reputation as a ‘Nurturing Gemstone’ make it ideal for the family home.

Jasper Gemstoness
Jasper Gemstones

Gemstone Carvings

In ancient times, gemstones were often carved into talismans and seals and these developed into decorative animals, flowers and motifs. These carvings come in a variety of colors, sizes and gemstones and can add an interesting touch to the look of your house.

Gemstone Carvings
Gemstone Carvings

Gemstones for Home Decoration Summary

Gemstone Attribute Color

Black Tourmaline



Lapis Lazuli













EMF Protection



Good Night’s Sleep


Rose Quartz




Good Luck



Purple Beauty



Colors and patterns

All Colors

Gemstone Carvings


All Colors

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  • Last Updated: August-21-2020
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