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By Reviewed By Thomas Dahlberg Feb 21, 2020 Updated Sep 02, 2020

Pastel Colored Gemstones Guide with Images

Pastel Colored Gemstones


There are times when delicate pastel colors are just what you need, springtime picnics, summer barbecues and fall parties.

I am sure you know which colors match your skin tone but if you are buying for a special friend our jewelry making colleagues have some suggestions.

  • Light skins go well with the pale blues, lavenders and oranges.
  • Medium tone skin likes aquamarine, light yellow and pale green.
  • Dark skins just love pastel yellow, purple and teal.
  • The light pink goes with everything!

Take a look at our color chart and list of gemstones – the perfect guide to get just the one you are looking for.

We’ll give you the color – You choose the gemstone.

Pastel Pink Gemstones

Pastel Pink Gemstones

Pastel Blue Gemstones

Pastel Blue Gemstones

Pastel Green Gemstones

Pastel Green Gemstones

Pastel Purple and Violet Gemstones

Pastel Violet-Purple Gemstones

Pastel Yellow Gemstones

Pastel Yellow Gemstones

Pastel Orange Gemstones

Pastel Orange Gemstones

Bi-Color Pastel Gemstones

Pastel Bi-Color Gemstones

There is no doubt that a deep green emerald or a bright red ruby is a thing of great beauty but there are times when we might prefer a cool and sophisticated lighter color in a gemstone.

Pastel colored gemstones can match and enhance almost every outfit, skin tone, hair color and accessory. They are much less likely to clash with what you are wearing than their vivid cousins.

Feminine, flirty and playful, pastel colored gemstones are a subtle choice for dinners or meetings where a loud or bright color may give the wrong impression.

Pastel colors have a calming and soothing effect. Light pinks, peaches and lilacs are known to create happy emotions while pale blue and greens increase concentration and mental activity.

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