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Carnelian Meaning and Healing Powers

Carnelian Meaning and Uses
Natural Carnelian

Introduction to Carnelian

Carnelian is as authentic as it gets when discussing spiritual gemstones with true longevity and power. It was the first stone of the breastplate of Aaron, mentioned in the bible and the precursor of the birthstones - positioned in the top left corner. It was also worn by the architects of the Egyptian pyramids to show their power and authority and was referred to as the 'setting sun' in this ancient kingdom.

Warriors from Ancient Greece, Sumeria and Rome would wear amulets of carnelian into battle for increased courage and endurance. They have been used as seals for at least 4500 years not just for their beauty and reputation for bringing good luck and boosting motivation but for practical reasons too - the smooth finish meant that the stone did not stick to the sealing wax on important documents.

Carnelian is among the few gemstones that are recommended within the Islam religion. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had an inscribed carnelian signet ring which he used as a seal for important documents and it is widely worn by Muslims to this day.

Carnelian Virtues

  • Vitality
  • Good Luck
  • Courage and Strength
  • Motivation
  • Endurance
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Creativity

The color of Carnelian

Carnelian Color Range
Carnelian Color Range

Carnelian is usually described as orange but this color can stretch from a yellowish-orange all the way to a brownish-red. The most alluring versions are a burnt golden orange or a sunset red color.

Orange symbolizes vitality, energy, warmth, good health and happiness.

The Emotional and Spiritual Benefits of Carnelian

Carnelian is known as a motivating and energizing gemstone that will fill you with a positive attitude to work, rest and play.

Some of its emotional benefits include lessening feelings of jealousy and envy of others and their possessions.

It will boost creativity and inventiveness - especially beneficial to singers, actors and dancers or others in artistic professions as well as architects and designers.

Carnelian is also a grounding gemstone - particularly those that are redder or browner in color - helping you to feel safe and secure.

One of carnelian's lesser known attributes is its ability to help understand the circle of life, letting you accept the passing of family or close friends and face your own mortality without fear or trepidation.

The Physical Benefits of Carnelian

Physically, Carnelian deals mostly with issues concerning the central core of the body including male and female reproductive systems. It can help with matters of fertility, impotence, libido and PMS pain.

Physical Bnefits of Gemstones

Carnelian can also boost the digestive system, your metabolism, blood circulation and the lymphatic immune system.

It will help fix and possibly prevent lower back pain, arthritis and rheumatism and help you feel limber and agile.

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Carnelian and the Chakras

Chakra meditation

Chakras are seven energy centers located around your body each influencing a particular physical, emotional or mental state. Individual Chakras have associated colors and a gemstone which has the same dominant color will be connected with that color's chakra point.

Since Carnelian tends to be orange it is usually connected to the Sacral Chakra which holds sway over feelings of confidence, motivation and connection. Physically, the Sacral Chakra deals with the core of your body - spleen and kidney issues, lower back pain, reproductive system and sexual function.

Darker, almost red carnelian has more of a connection to the Root Chakra which has an influence on feelings of security and safety.

Please read our Chakra Gemstones article for more details

Can Carnelian unblock Chakras?

Yes, Carnelian can help unblock Chakras.

If, for example you are feeling unmotivated, lacking in energy or self confidence, this could be sign that your Sacral Chakra is blocked. Similarly, lower back pain, sexual dysfunction, menstrual pains, anemia can indicate a problem with the Sacral Chakra.

Find a quiet spot to relax or to meditate and place the carnelian gemstone on or around the Sacral Chakra location - just below the belly button. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while imagining a warm orange glow enveloping your body.

Is Carnelian a Birthstone?

Carnelian is a traditional gemstone for August and is a July birthstone in the UK.

Carnelian is the accepted gemstone for the 17th wedding anniversary.

Please read our Birthstone by month article for more details

Carnelian and the Zodiac

Carnelian is the birth stone for the Zodiac sign of Virgo.

Please read our Zodiac Gemstone article for more details

12 Signs of the Zodiac

How to recharge and cleanse Carnelian

Every now and then, your Carnelian gemstone should be cleansed and recharged - especially if it has had to deal with a particularly troublesome issue.

Cleansing can be done in a variety of methods including running water, sunlight, a full moon or smoke. The power of the sun, moon, fresh spring water and the smoke will not only clear the negativity but charge the gemstone with renewed energy.

For Carnelian, simply running the gemstone in the cool flowing water of a stream, spring or waterfall is ideal and even the tap at home will do in a pinch.

A word of warning about Carnelian is that it is possible to break the gemstone if the water is too cold or too hot especially if going from one extreme to another. Also avoid salt or sea water with carnelian as it can damage the surface of some gemstones.

Some gemstones should not be left exposed in the sun for too long but this is no problem for genuine carnelian - although probably best not to leave it out for the weekend, just an hour or two with fill it with its energy.

Even better would be a night under the full moon with carnelian's connection with Egyptian goddess Isis - a deity of the moon (and the sun if we move further back into Egyptian mythology).

Where to place Carnelian

You can easily carry carnelian around with all day in your pocket or purse where it can spread its influence over all aspects of your life. Similarly you could make it into an item of jewelry so it will never leave your body unless you choose to take it off.

Decorate your home with some well placed carnelian gemstones. According to the ancient practice of Feng Shui, the placement of the gemstone in certain parts of the house will have different impacts - in the center increases balance, peace and harmony, in the southern area boosts achievement, in the western part it enhances creativity and placed in the south eastern zone, it will instill self-worth.

When placed by the front door it will attract abundance and prosperity into your home.

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How to use Carnelian

Carnelian can be used in several ways throughout the day.

The simplest way for the gemstone to influence your life and thoughts is to carry one or two gemstones in your pocket or purse. If you are in need of its special powers, just reach for the Carnelian and use it as a touchstone for extra strength.

Just as easy is a piece of jewelry. Carnelian is a very durable gemstone so it can be used for all types of jewelry and makes gorgeous and eye-catching pieces such as rings, pendants, bracelets.

Carnelian can be placed about the house or workplace, just simply placed on a shelf or desk or used in a decorative way in a display or with other crystals in a bowl.

You can place a carnelian gemstone on the mat beside you when meditating or practicing yoga.

Remember carnelian is a gemstone of both motivation and creativity so keep one on your desk or place of work as it is a real boost to any day's toil.

See our Gemstones to decorate your home article here

Carnelian and wealth

We mention Carnelian in our article 'Gemstones to attract wealth', as it is such a successful stone in bringing prosperity and abundance to your life. Keep one or two with you at business meetings and negotiations as well as a gemstone on the desk or at your workplace to secure favorable outcomes in business.

It boosts motivation and enthusiasm, both of which are needed in order to bring money in on a regular basis.

See our Gemstones for Wealth article here

Can I use Carnelian for Meditation and Yoga?

Carnelian is one of the gemstones we recommend for both yoga and meditation in our Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga article.

Carnelian is perfect for all types of physical activity as it boosts strength and endurance. It is often called the Stone of Motivation for its ability to get you up and off your backside! As a manifestation gemstone it is ideal for meditation, too.

See our Gemstones for Meditation and Yoga article here

Can I wear or carry Carnelian every day?

Carnelian is a powerful and inspiring gemstone but we all react differently to crystal energy so what may be uplifting to one person may not be so encouraging for another.

Test your carnelian gemstone by perhaps wearing one every other day to begin with to tune your body to its vibration and influence. If you do not notice any adverse affects, feel free to wear one every day.

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Carnelian Goddesses

As we mentioned earlier, Carnelian has links with the most important of all Egyptian goddesses, Isis, who was linked to the sun, the moon and to life itself.

The part of the Book of the Dead which asked Isis for help in reaching the afterlife was engraved on Carnelian.

Can I help my pet with Carnelian?

One of the top gemstones in our article on gemstones and pets is carnelian. This is what we have to say about it:

'Carnelian is a great courage booster. If your pet is shy and timid, Carnelian can really help. For a dog's first day at training school or first visit to the park where he might meet other dogs for the first time, a Carnelian gemstone will give him or her all the bravery needed.'

Please take a look at our special Gemstones for Pets article here

Carnelian Elixir

Place some carnelian into a bowl of fresh drinking water - naturally sourced is best but the tap will do - and let it soak for a few hours. If you can, place it outside under a full moon for the night. In the morning pour it into a bottle or jug - you now have some gemstone elixir.

Use it to make tea, add some to your bath water, or just drink it cool from the fridge. All the physical and emotional benefits of Carnelian can be transmitted in the same way as wearing or carrying the gemstone.

Be a little bit careful of elixirs as some gemstones should not be placed in water. Carnelian is totally fine BUT make sure it is genuine carnelian and not dyed.

Carnelian and Dreams

Carnelian is a bit of an assortment when it comes to dreams. Some interpret dreaming about carnelian means a strong energy is heading your way to inspire you creatively and spur you into action. In ancient Greece it was supposed to signify your wishes coming true but in the Arab world it means look out some one is deceiving you.

Other interpretations suggest dreaming of carnelian may be a warning of coming misfortune so you should be ready to deal with it!

As a manifestation gemstone it can make your dreams come true - with some effort on your part.

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Which gemstones go well with Carnelian?

The Ancient Egyptians would often combine Carnelian with Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise because they believed each stone would enhance the powers of the others. The three stones together formed a 'divine triad' and were used to decorate various Pharaohs' jewelry for centuries.

The orange and blue color combination of these gemstones is very dynamic and energetic.

Another good combination for Carnelian is with Tiger's Eye. Both stones drive creativity and courage as well as motivation and endurance - worn together you will be unstoppable.

A final combination will almost guarantee business success - Carnelian and Citrine (the Merchant's Stone).

Carnelian and the workplace

By tradition, carnelian has always been associated with anyone involved in the building profession - architects, engineers, construction workers and the like.

It is also seen as a gemstone that stimulates creativity so writers, actors, painters, journalists, directors would benefit from its presence. One of its nicknames is 'The Singer's Stone', so take one along to the studio or on stage or even when making a video for some extra help.

All round, carnelian is a good luck gemstone that brings prosperity and abundance and we could all do with more of that at work.

Carnelian Pendulums

A pendulum is anything solid such as a piece of metal, wood, glass or, in our case, a gemstone, connected to a string or chain and can be used to answer yes and no questions to provide hidden insights into our thoughts.

Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand and let the gemstone hang freely. Ask your crystal show what 'yes' is. Whichever way the pendulum swings - left to right, round and round, right to left - indicates the answer, 'Yes'. Do the same for, 'No'. Now you are ready to ask your pendulum any question.

Carnelian will bring its powers of manifestation and protection to any pendulum session.

For other options and information about gemstone pendulums please visit our page here.

Carnelian and EMF

Electro-magnetic fields surround us in the modern world and unless you live on an island or in the middle of a forest with no phone, wifi or computer you cannot avoid their harmful waves.

Gemstones can provide some protection from this modern pollution and we deal with some of them in an article on our website - black tourmaline and amazonite for example.

Carnelian is not one that I immediately think of for EMF protection but it must be noted that Orgonite EMF protection crystals usually contain carnelian. Orgonite comes from the word Orgone which was an energy discovered by controversial scientist Dr Wilhelm Reich. We are not promoting Orgone in any way just mentioning its use of carnelian.

See our article on EMF Protection Gemstones here

Final thoughts on Carnelian

Bringing Carnelian into your life will bring with it a bit of history, an uplifting and motivating presence and a creative and inventive aura that will fill your days with light and positivity.

In the middle-ages, carved amulets of carnelian were occasionally found in the turned soil of a farm or tucked away in a cave somewhere or perhaps in the roots of an ancient tree.

The craft of carving such beautiful objects had been lost for centuries and as the dirt and dust was scraped away to reveal the sunset orange work of art beneath, the awe struck man or woman believed that they had been magically created or a gift from the gods.

We may know the geological origins of gemstones these days but whether it is a carving or a polished cabochon, Carnelian still feels spiritually enchanted when held in your hands.

Please read our Carnelian information article for more details

Handy Guide to Carnelian

Category Details


The Singer's Stone






Trad. Aug/UK July



Main Virtue

Courage and Creativity


Reproductive System

Gem Partner

Lapis Lazuli/Turquoise






Disclaimer GemSelect has been buying and selling gemstones for many years now and in that time we have built up quite a relationship with our customers and suppliers. We are not experts in the meanings and health benefits of gemstones but we have been able to speak with and take advice from people who are.

We are based in Thailand where the belief in spiritual and physical benefits of gemstones, herbs, prayers, pilgrimages, amulets, colors and the stars is common and part of nearly everyone’s daily life.

All of our employees have some experience with using gemstones or amulets in order to improve or maintain their physical or emotional health.

The powers of gemstones have been chronicled for 1000s of years and proven time and time again to be effective in improving people lives in many, many ways but we must stress that they are not a replacement for medical treatment.

If you feel unwell or are concerned about your mental health please contact qualified medical help as soon as you can.

In addition we try to research and verify information about the history and efficacy of each gemstone using the internet and various reputable books published by a number of sources.

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