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Pierres Précieuses et Astrologie
Gems and Astrology

From ancient times many people have believed in the power of gemstones. In particular the Vedic tradition of astrology in India ascribes great power to gemstones and encourages their use as a talisman against bad luck.

Vedic astrologers invoke the power of Hindu gods and planets to tell the future and to help people avoid the potential ill effects of the planets in all aspects of their lives. These astrologers believe that certain gemstones can inhibit or promote the planetary influences, and thus by wearing the appropriate stones, people can use the power of the planets to achieve success and maintain good health.

Jyotish GemsThe correct gem for a person at a particular time depends on the radiant forces which emanate from each planet. These forces will affect each person differently according to their sign of the Zodiac and the position of planets in their horoscope. Sometimes the effect is desirable but at other times planetary conditions may change and have a negative effect on your life. In this case astrologers can advise which particular gemstone you should wear to counteract the negative alignment of the planets.

The gem for this purpose used must not only be of a particular type, but for optimum effect the gem must also be clean and without any defects such as cracks or flaws. In addition, most astrologers would in insist that an astrological gem be no less than 2 carats.

Vedic astrology associates the planets with different gemstones, often known as Jyotish gems, as follows:


Sun: Ruby. Acceptable alternatives include Red Spinel, Rhodolite Garnet, Red Tourmaline and Almandite Garnet.
Moon: Natural pearl. Acceptable alternatives include with tissue nucleated pearl, South Sea pearl and Moonstone.
Mars: Red coral. Carnelian is an acceptable alternative.
Mercury: Emerald. Acceptable alternatives include Green Tourmaline and Peridot.
Jupiter: Yellow Sapphire. Alternatives include other yellow stones such as Topaz, Beryl or Citrine.
Venus: Diamond. Less expensive alternatives include White Sapphire, Danburite, Phenakite, White Topaz and White Zircon.
Saturn: Blue Sapphire. Alternatives are Tanzanite or Amethyst.
Rahu: Hessonite Garnet. Alternatives are Orange Zircon or Spessartite Garnet.
Ketu: Chrysoberyl or Cat's Eye.


These last two, Rahu and Ketu, are not planets as such but rather denote the two points of intersection of the paths of the sun and the moon as they move across the sky. These are the points at which solar eclipses occur. In Hindu mythology, Rahu is the head of the demon, which causes the solar eclipse when the sun, moon and earth align in a common zodiacal longitude. Ketu is believed to have a major impact on human lives and the whole of creation alike. In Vedic astrology Ketu represents both our good and bad karma, our spirituality as well as supernatural influences.

So if you have been feeling as if your life is not quite going according to plan, or that some ill fortune is dogging your every move, you can consult a Vedic astrologer and buy a gemstone to protect
you -- and look beautiful too.

  • First Published: May-15-2008
  • Last Updated: October-06-2010
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