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By Mar 24, 2008 Updated Jan 23, 2019

Planetary Gemology

As gem lovers, we're interested in everything to do with gemstones, including gemology and mineralogy, the history of gems, and of course their cultural significance. We especially delight in the obscure areas of the gemstone world and nothing is too esoteric to escape our interest.

Natural Yellow Sapphire - Associated with Jupiter
Natural Yellow Sapphire - Associated with Jupiter

Recently we looked into an organization known as The Planetary Gemologists Association, based here in Thailand but with members all around the world. Its purpose, we learned, is "to bring order and positive worldwide attention to the ancient science of Planetary Gemology, one of the 64 Asian arts that incorporate Vedic (sidereal) astrology, Ayurveda and elite mineralogy". The association aims to "establish high standards of professionalism and expertise as requirements for membership, which will serve as a guarantee of integrity and excellence to the public".

Natural yellow sapphire, associated with JupiterHigher standards of professionalism in the gem industry are something we strongly support. Before Robert M. Shipley founded the Gemological Institute of America in 1931, few jewelers had any systematic knowledge of gemology, and the level of public trust in gems and jewelry was low. Today there are thousands of graduate gemologists and many internationally-recognized gemological labs whose objective reports help to keep the industry honest.

Natural blue sapphire, associated with SaturnSo we were curious about the training and certification required by the Planetary Gemologists Association. The association provides certification to Planetary Gem Advisors (PGA); professionals who prescribe the use of astrological gems to clients based on their personal horoscopes. According to the Vedic tradition, using the correct gems will enhance a person's health, wealth, power and popularity. This works by strengthening the strongest planet or planets in one's horoscope; prescribing the wrong gems, or inferior specimens of the right gems, is thought to be detrimental to a person's life. So a Planetary Gem Advisor is considered to have a serious responsibility, not unlike that of a medical doctor.

Natural emerald, associated with MercuryThe Planetary Gemologists Association requires candidates to pass a 63 question exam to earn a Planetary Gem Advisor's diploma. The test is available online and the questions are multiple choice. Some of the questions deal with basic gemological knowledge (knowing that sapphire is corundum or that tsavorite is a garnet). Others require some specialized knowledge of Vedic astrology. Fortunately the test can be taken at one's leisure and all the answers are available on the Association's website, so an hour of reading or some search engine queries should enable the answers to be learned. In order to pass, 55 answers must be correct. Then, the completed test and a payment of $39.00 is sent to an address in Bangkok in order to receive the diploma.

Natural Ruby, associated with the sunCandidates who are already certified as "mundane" gemologists can earn the "rare" Planetary Gemologist (PG) certification by passing the same test. The Association assures you that "the PGA & PG Diplomas serve as a guarantee of excellence to the innocent public".

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