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By Jan 19, 2021 Updated Jan 19, 2021

Gemstones for Saturday

Gemstones for Saturday
Saturday Gemstones

We have all heard about the birthstones and many will be aware of gemstones linked to the zodiac but did you know there are gemstones for each day of the week as well?

If you know the day of the week you were born, this can provide a link to a special stone or you can wear a gemstone on a particular day for extra luck or confidence.

Ancient philosophers and astrologers from east to west and throughout time have linked the days to planets, gods and special festivals and we have selected two gemstones for each day based on a variety of factors.

The name, Saturday, in most countries comes from the god or the planet Saturn. Saturnalia was a festival that was from 17th - 23rd December in Ancient Rome in honor of the god Saturn and these celebrations are thought to have evolved into Christmas.

There is quite a mix of choices depending on the source of your information but with a bit of research and a chat with local experts we feel we have come up with an excellent group of gemstones with two possibles for each day.

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Saturday - Roman God Saturn/Planet Saturn


This blue to green gemstone was actually the source of the color name 'turquoise' rather than the other way round. The gemstones first arrived in Europe from Turkey (this led to its name) and was much used in antiquity, including in the death mask of Tutankhamun.

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It is now more often associated with the American southwest and Native American culture where the blue color symbolizes good fortune and protection.

In this arid area, Turquoise has a special relationship with the coming of rain. Throwing a turquoise gemstone into the river and praying to the rain god, Neinilii, was one way to end a drought.


Diamonds are usually thought of as crystal clear gemstones but in fact they can be found in a variety of colors. Some, such as the pink and blue, can be outrageously expensive but others like the yellow, gold and champagne versions can be a bit more reasonably priced.

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Spiritually, diamonds were thought of as 'master healers' and were worn into battle by ancient warriors as a 'stone of invincibility'.

In modern times they are thought to inspire creativity, imagination and innovation as well as helping to deal with anger-management issues, depression and anxiety.

Did You Know?

Most countries name Saturday after the planet Saturn but in Sweden, where our admin man, Thomas, comes from, it is called lördag. This means 'bath day' and he says he has a bath every Saturday whether he needs one or not!

Similarly, on the other side of the world in New Zealand, the Maori word for Saturday is Rahoroi, which means washing day. Did the Vikings get all the way to New Zealand? Or was it the other way round?

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