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By Jan 18, 2021 Updated Jan 19, 2021

Gemstones for Friday

Gemstones for Friday
Friday Gemstones

Birthstones and zodiac gemstones are a popular way to create a special link between you and a particular gem but did you know there are gemstones for each day of the week as well?

Each day can have a significant meaning to you be it birthday, anniversary or an upcoming event so why not wear or carry the gemstone that is especially linked to that day?

The days of the week are usually named after planets, gods or festivals and this can give us a clue to which gemstone can represent that day.

Friday has a history of being linked to goddesses – most notably Venus, the goddess of love for the Ancient Romans (similar goddesses of love had various names all over the ancient world). This led to an association with Rose Quartz, the iconic gemstone of all types of love.

We have chosen two gemstones which we feel capture the essence of a Friday.

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Friday - Norse Goddess Frigg or Freya/Roman Goddess Venus/Planet Venus

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pastel pink to bright pink gemstone that is most famously spiritually connected with love, peace and harmony - its nickname is the ‘Love Stone’ after all.

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Its connection to love takes many forms, romantic love, self love, passion, recovery from a broken heart, suppression of jealousy, tolerance and compassion and the forgiveness of others.

Having a Rose Quartz gemstone in your life will benefit it in every imaginable way – possibilities and potential are endless when love is all around.


Topaz is another of the historic gemstones which have been sought after and loved for centuries, if not longer.

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Once, almost all yellowish gemstones were referred to as Topaz but these days Topaz can be found in nearly all colors with blue being, by far, the most popular although the golden yellow to pink orange Imperial Topaz is the most valuable.

Its virtues are many and include stimulating openness and honesty, good communication, motivation, good fortune, good health and abundance.

Did You Know?

The fear of Friday the 13th is known as paraskevedekatriaphobia.

In the book by Daniel Defoe written in 1719, Robinson Crusoe, finds a native on the island and calls him Friday because that is the day they meet.

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