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By Jan 15, 2021 Updated Jan 19, 2021

Gemstones for Tuesday

Gemstones for Tuesday
Tuesday Gemstones

You probably know about the birthstones and may be aware of gemstones associated the zodiac and Chinese horoscope but did you know there are gemstones for each day of the week as well?

The day of the week on which you were born can provide a link to a special stone or you can wear a gemstone for extra luck or spiritual strength on a particular day.

The days of the week have links with ancient gods or the planets of our solar system and this in turn has joined them with crystals.

In English, Tuesday, for example is named after the Anglo-Saxon god, Tiu, while Latin countries named the third day after the god of war, Mars. In India, and here in Thailand, Tuesday is named after the planet Mars.

With a history stretching back thousands of years, through many cultures from east to west and north to south, it is not surprising that each day has a number of associated gemstones. We have done our own investigation and consulted local spiritualists to come up with a couple of ideal Tuesday gemstones.

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Tuesday – Anglo Saxon God Tiu/Roman God Mars/Planet Mars


Rubies are the iconic red gemstone, in fact before scientists could chemically identify them, all high quality red jewels were called rubies. Perhaps this is why they have such a rich and gloried spiritual reputation.

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Whenever we hear the word ruby or see one of these deep red beauties we think passion, seduction, power, blood, excitement and lust. Our attraction to rubies is almost a primal instinct.

The famed symbolism of rubies include love, leadership, courage, energy, sexuality, fertility and prosperity, no wonder they have been linked to rulers and royalty since time immemorial.


It takes a particular intense green color for a beryl gemstone to be considered an emerald – too pale, too yellow or too blue and they are simply not good enough. These vivid colored gemstones with unique and charming inclusions have been loved and even worshipped for millennia.

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Emeralds have been valued highly in antiquity with ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs and Incas venerating this wonderful gemstone. The ancient Indian religious texts, the Vedas, said this of this green beauty, 'Emeralds promise good luck and enhances well being'.

Emeralds represent fertility, vitality, abundance and nature in all her glory. Like rubies, they can symbolize love but in contrast to the passion of a ruby, the emerald suggests a faithful, everlasting and pure love.

Did You Know?

Unlucky for some? In Greece and Spain, it is Tuesday the 13th that is an unlucky day, not Friday.

Here in Thailand, many people wear pink on a Tuesday for good luck.

The Japanese word for Tuesday is Fire Day, but this is still a connection to Mars - the Fire Planet.

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